R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XX, Number 2
Sometime late in the spring,
Towards the beginning of the 21st Century

Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria,
Geeks and the Internet, and
Mao T'se Tung

Colors of the Mountain
"At times, it puts us in mind of J D Salinger ---
all the characters, forever and a day, lighting, smoking,
or putting out a cigarette. There is even a smoking contest,
which his friend's grandfather won."

The Boy on The Green Bicycle
"This is but one passage out of 309 pages of the supposed
thoughts, impressions, feelings, musings, interior dialogue
of a child going on and on and on until we
want to throttle her ass just to shut her up."

You Can't Win
"Jack Black was your quintessential thieving bum.
Starting at age fifteen, and for thirty years, he stole his way
through turn-of-the-century United States and Canada."

Mockingbird Years
A Life In and Out of Therapy

"Some people in America take on various addictions:
some are addicted to mountain climbing, some to playing the stock market,
some to gambling. Ms. Gordon grew up to be
a psychotherapy junkie."

Washington D.C. in 1877,
Darwin's Shooter, and
Guru Yoga

A Geezer in Paradise
I: The Crash of the Mangoes
"There are not only mangoes and bananas,
but oranges, grapefruit, zapote and --- best ---
a large nectarine fruit that appears to be some sort
of a tumorous green scrotum."

II: The Witch's Magic
"Word was that a child was born in a nearby community.
The babe had blue eyes, a full beard, teeth --- could even speak.
He proclaimed that earthquakes, a deluge, and
three more hurricanes were on their way."

Terence McKenna on Death
"Hipparchus, in the second century BC, was asked
what he feared most about death, and he said,
Not being able to follow the latest discoveries in astronomy.
Well, that's precisely my position."

Find Jovial Squaw by Aquarium
"The Bell Laboratories test the volume of a new telephone with
Joe took Father's shoe bench out and
She was waiting at my lawn.
Lots of vowels, you see."

The Chocolate Soldier
"It's not just./ You dead.
Me, the Chocolate Soldier/ (That's what you called me)
Filled with bullets,/ Dying of love."

Letter to a Substitute Teacher
"Dear Miss Miller,/ You are someone
too sweet to sleep alone/ And I can't help myself.
sitting here hearing/ your soft voice so
I must tell you/ I like you..."

"Ms. Molina is one of the promising lights in Latino writing.
For you to try to destroy her with cute words
and show-off comments like Reading this, we must ask
if Ms. Molina is being paid as Dickens was --- by the word...

is arrogant and childish ---
not to say just plain stupid."


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