On S. J. Perelman and
Silvia Molina


I just read your review of The Love You Promised Me by Silvia Molina.

Why don't you just come right out and say that your reviewer is a racist, hates Mexicans, and be done with it?

Ms. Molina is one of the promising lights in Latino writing. For you to try to destroy her with cute words and show-off comments ("Reading this, we must ask if Ms. Molina is being paid as Dickens was --- by the word...") is arrogant, not to say stupid.

Why don't you pick on someone your own size?

--- G. F. W. Walters

On Perelman:

Enjoyed it. But the author was too unappreciative of Sid's later pieces.

"I Am Not Now Nor Have I Ever Been A Matrix Of Lean Meat" is a marvel. Though it is true that Sid's early stuff has an unforced bubbliness that's lacking in his later stuff.

I too was initially disappointed by Sid's letters. But they're still pretty good. My all-time fave piece is probably "Is There An Osteo In The House".

--- Ray Stogenwich

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