A Note for Those
Who Either Want to
Search Us or Merely
Know Where We're At
RALPH has two Tables of Contents floating around in hyperspace at this time.***

There's the Modest TOC and then there's the Gargantuan TOC. Both include all our listings and all our issues from 1994 to the present.

The Modest TOC is the more colorful (and modest) one, but it's a house with many rooms. It lists all of the books reviewed --- plus articles, readings, and poems --- in your standard table format.

It's broken into more than 25 parts for faster down-loading for those of you with older, wood-burning computers. For Reviews, it includes the following:

  • Title of Book
  • Author
  • Publisher
  • Subject
For Articles, Readings, and Poetry, it is divided up into:

  • Title
  • Author
  • Type
  • Subject

You can access the appropriate year (or half-year) below. Once you call up the particular year (or half-year), click on the Number of the Issue (eg, Issue #124), to access the home page you are looking for.

The Gargantuan Table of Contents contains most the above, but squashed into five elephantine electronic trunk pages. The first two do not include links.

Using your computer's search do-dad, it's possible to do a complete search for titles, authors, publishers, and subjects.

If you call up

The Fat TOC #1 - #99


The Fatter TOC #100 - #149


The Even Fatter TOC #150 - #199


The Yet Even Fatter TOC #200 - #249


The Fattest of Them All TOC #250ff

you'll find everything in a robust, Tubby the Tuba format --- suitable for a universal search.

For example, in "The Fat TOC," to search for James Agee, type his name in your computer's search engine and it should turn up Issue # 65, the location of our review of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men. You can then find the full text of the review by calling up the issue of RALPH listed in italics at the head of that particular section.

§   §   §

***Actually there are three indices, because there is one at Google: they post almost all of our articles, reviews, poems, and readings online.

And we (shamefacedly) have to admit theirs is probably the easiest of them all.

What you do is to call up Google and type in "RALPHMAG" [it will ask you if you mean "RALPH MAG" - - - but no, that's an old smut magazine out of Australia that went belly up a few years ago. That ain't us.]

So you type in "ralphmag" [either upper or lower case] with a space and then type the name of the book or the author or whatever it is that you are looking for at RALPH.

If for instance, you are looking for the book In Gratitude by Jenny Diski - - - terrific book, by the way - - - you type in "ralphmag" and "gratitude" or "diski" and you will find:

    In Gratitude | Jenny Diski - Ralph
    www.ralphmag.org/IV/diski.html - - - Translate this page
    I have been in love with Jenny Diski for almost ten years now. It all began when I read her article on Arachnophobia in The London Review of Books. She was ...

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