R  A  L  P H
 The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities 

Volume XX, Number 1 --- Early Summer, 2000

Flyboy Action Figure Comes with Gasmask,
Serving Up A Woman's Arm for Lunch, and
Paul Krassner on a Slow Bicycle

A Frozen Hell
"The Finnish army may have been motley,
but they were perfectly suited for the landscape ---
many were farmers from the region,
and they fought a guerrilla war not unlike
that of Indochina 25 years later."

Florence Nightingale
Avenging Angel

"It was hardest, we suspect, to survive her inclusion
in the children's hero stories category. That designation
arouses doubt in even the dullest child ---
George Washington with his hatchet,
Betsy Ross with her flag,
Florence with her lamp."

Nagarjunas' "Seventy Stanzas"
A Buddhist Psychology of Emptiness

"Nagarjuna gave lectures to a large audience of seekers.
Two of his students always smelled of sandalwood, and,
it turned out, were not only sweet-smelling,
but were water serpents. Only in Tibet."

A Boy with Loaded Gun,
Peeling Your Love Like an Onion,
and a Daffy Old Woman Named Glorie.

A Geezer in Paradise
I: Bob Marley and the 3AM Blues
"I open the door to look out at the world
before I say adieu. It's dark, very dark.
They've turned off the moon. Most of the stars
are fading fast. There is a bird nearby, in the arroyo,
singing, "It's real, it's real, it's real." Funny, I never heard that one before."

II: Death in the Mountains
"Pedro Sanchez died yesterday.
No big deal. Except to his family ---
wife Sarah, and the three kids: Emiliano aged 8, Juana, 4-1/2,
and the esquincle, the one they called Junior ---
barely six months old."

Garcia-Lorca's Afro
"He had a great big afro. That's where he kept his money.
He just picked it out of his hair." "That's where he kept his dog leash," someone added.
"When he wanted to walk his dog,
he just reached into his afro." "That's where he kept his chicken!
When he was hungry he reached into his afro!"

Three from Teachers & Writers
"The sun as a light bulb, the stars as
fireflies, and the sky as blueberry juice
Does it exist at all?"

"Why don't you put new reviews and articles
in your ratty little magazine? I get tired of looking
and finding only the same articles week after week.
Salon changes its articles.
Back when A. W. Allworthy was running things,
things were better."


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