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  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities  
Volume XIV, Number 3 --- Early Fall, 1998

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Man Ray,
Main Street Blues,
Buddhist Poet Monks of China.

The Starr Report
"This novel is so wet and overloaded that we found ourselves
gasping for air, and would advise readers seeking tales of
love and laughter inside the Beltway
to look elsewhere."

The Fortune Sellers
"Of the sixteen types of forecast, only two ---
one-day-ahead weather forecasts and the aging of the population ---
can be counted on: the rest are about as reliable
as the fifty-fifty odds in flipping a coin."

21 Recettes Pratiques de Mort Violente
"In the United States there are fashions in suicide,
as there are in hats, drinks and religions."

Never To Return
"Sharon Janis...began talking practially hot from the womb,
did a course in hypnotherapy at age seven...
Her IQ was off the chart --- then she decided
to throw it all up and run off and become a student
of Muktnanada, in upstate New York."

New Widows, Machos, Augustus Saint-Gaudens,
Nebuchadnezzar, and Carl Jung revealed

"He that is wounded in the stones,
or hath his privy member cut off,
shall not enter into the congregation..."

The Uses of Rubber Bands, or "Var Är Min Paraply"
"It went on like that for hundreds of years,
until finally King Karl the Potato
founded the University of Lund
in what is now Southern Sweden,
and they replaced the wars with faculty meetings."

I Am That
Questioner: What if somebody offers to build you a beautiful Ashram?
Maharaj: Let him, by all means. Let him spend a fortune,
employ hundreds, feed thousands....
Questioner: But do you want it?
Maharaj: I do not want it.

The Worst Journey in the World: Part II
Custodian: Who are you? What do you want?
This ain't an egg-shop. What call have you to come meddling with our eggs?
Do you want me to put the police on to you? Is it the crocodile's egg you're after?
I don't know nothing about no eggs. You'd best speak to Mr. Brown;
it's him that varnishes the eggs.

Confessions of a Former (I Hope) Super Crip
"So there I was when the Soviet agent asked me to procure a top secret document,
and there I was when the CIA asked me to go to the Congo.
The Soviets will never suspect
that we have an agent in a wheelchair out in the black."

Returning Home
"Last winter I went down to my native town,
where I found the streets much narrower and shorter
than I thought I had left them, inhabited by a
new race of people, to whom I was very little known."

Lot's Wife
"But I could have had reasons other than curiosity.
I looked back from regret for a silver bowl.
From distraction while fastening the latchet of my sandal."

Hitler's First Photograph
"And who's this little fellow in his itty-bitty robe?
That's tiny baby Adolf, the Hittler's little boy!
Will he grow up to be an LL.D.?
Or a tenor in Vienna's Opera House?"

"There is no other alternative to being duped in this world or the next.
In fact, being duped continually
is the very essence of this world and of all other worlds.
Samsara can be nothing other than Nirvana."

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