R  A  L  P  H
   The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities  
Volume XIV, Number 4 --- Mid-Fall, 1998

Books that have been sent to us
within the last fortnight or so, including:
Landscapes of Wonder,
Performing Without a Stage,
and new works of Lawrence Ferlinghetti
and Charles Bukowski.

Discovering the Secrets of the Red Planet
"Mars would go forward across the sky every night,
and then stop, and then back up some,
and then stop again, and then move forward again.
That's the way a crazy planet and a good soldier do."

The Elements of Crime
"It has been pretty well established that criminals,
taking one with another, are not inferior at all,
but rather above the general average,
and that in most prisons they are clearly
better men than their keepers."

Dorothea Lange:
Photographs of a Lifetime

"You force yourself onto strange streets, among strangers.
It may be very hot. It may be painfully cold.
It may be sandy and windy and you say, "What am I doing here?
What drives me to do this hard thing?"

Peter Coyote, The 60's, New Mexico, Atomic Bombs;
Annie Dillard, Jane Goodall, Alice Walker on Women's Travel

"In West Point, there are words which have overt
(or not-so-overt) sexual overtones. A roommate is called
a 'wife.' To study is to 'bone' (a 'file boner'
being an overly conscientious cadet). A cadet officer
is called 'a make,' and 'to skin'
is to be reported for delinquency."

Letter from Uppland
"Well, they are all very polite, these Swedes,
and I think they are kindly, sympathetic to the
mentally challenged. They are aware that we
monolingual Americans belong in that category."

Malraux, Nehru, Gandhi, and Elephants
"Japan has many reasons to be sad,
and elephants are almost unknown there, I don't know why.
So in order to revive the smiles of yesterday, I wanted
to take an elephant with me. But I was prevented from doing so."

Violet Pearls at the Hippodrome
"I would see a fluorescent chalk and blinking landscapes streaked with showers;
it always rained, even when the sun shone brightly, even in apartments.
At times, an asteroid in flames would shoot across
the drawing room of a baroness without her seeming to be surprised.
I liked that rain, that restless anxiety which played on the wall."

Head of a White Woman Winking
"She has one good bumblebee
which she leads about town
on a leash of clover.
It's as big as a Saint Bernard
but also extremely fragile."

Me viene, hay dias
"There comes over me some days an urge, abundant, political,
an impulse to kiss passion itself on both cheeks,
and from somewhere deep down that urge overwhelms me
to stroke, flagrantly, with consent or by force,
whoever detests me..."

"Your reviewer Lolita Lark is a cruel
stupid, insensitive bitch."

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