R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 124

Early Winter 2004 - 2005

Earth from Space,
Eskimo Architecture,

What to Do in Case of
Absolute Disaster

"Is there a new oeuvre perhaps,
stories of disfunctional and aberrant families,
expounding on the roots of their blues,
making them attractive in such a way
that we sometimes wonder how we came
not to be included?"

John Howard Griffin
"He imbibed a chemical
that turned his skin black,
and for six weeks he traveled
through the Old South,
experiencing a world that
he and many of the rest of us
had never known,
had never expected."

The Last Sideshow
"When your father
is an 8' 4" giant and
your mother is 2' 6' with no legs,
some outsiders must think
you have a really weird home life."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Art of War on Land
"You cannot develop
grand strategy on the battlefield
if you can barely stand to stay
on your horse for more
than a couple of hours. Thus, Napoleon
may not have been all that able ere Elba
because he forgot his daily dose of
docusate sodium."

Deserts: The Living Drylands,
The Original 1908 Edition of
Scouting for Boys,

The Autobiography of Amos Oz

Ralph Ginsburg
Go Back to Canada

Learning to Read (Passionately)
"My parents were
unable to separate me from books,
from morning till evening and beyond.
They were the ones
who had pushed me to read,
and now they were
the sorcerer's apprentice."

The Children's Realm Private Elementary School
"She was a loud, jolly,
broad woman in her forties,
with a hairy mole that looked
like a stray cockroach
above her upper lip."

Suicide and Motherhood
"She left us and broke the family
and the sorrow was released
and we saw its wings
and saw it fly
a thousand ways into the hills,
and sometimes I think sorrow
is a predatory thing
because birds scream at dawn
with a marvelous terror."

Death Is Sitting
At the Foot of My Bed
"Ms. Death announces she'll make up the bed.
I beg her not to bother: just leave it like that.
She insists and replies that our date's for tonight,
snuggles down and adds that she's in love and in the mood."

Looking for Trouble
"The night of my first cell meeting it was pouring rain
Four or five characters out of the world of Goya
were very impressed with the way I dripped
Everyone there seemed somewhat bored
perhaps from the persecution and the daily nightmares of torture."


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