R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 105

Mid-Fall 2003

Strange Facts of Life,
Growing up in New York City, and
Growing up in the Worst Family Possible

My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance
"Anyone who can bring off this
high-passion throb act should have us hanging
on her every word. The bonus is
her mastery of simple, good, funny writing."

The History of the Oxford English Dictionary
"The last word in the dictionary?
I thought you'd never ask:
A Kentish word, past participle of the verb
to see. Is it possible that there are
people out there who do Scrabble
using only the OED?"

New Directions Anthology of
Classical Chinese Poetry

"The best translators,
as Williams points out,
and this anthology proves,
must brush aside
purely grammatical conformations
by creating a new language."

Great Reviews of the Past
Learning to Fall
"Suffering is all about us ---
always has been, always will be.
What you and I do with it is certainly
important to us and those around us ---
but, in the long run, it makes no difference.
Because suffering (no matter how ghastly)
is just another part of the dance."

Chinese Ceramics,
San Diego, Texas, 1900,
California Labor Art, and
The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook

The Devil's Brew,
Larry, Moe and Curley,
The California Governor's Race, and
RALPH Violates Federal Copyright Law

Ticks, Blackflies, and God's Other Punishments
"What designing genius fashioned the mosquito?
Who decided that it needed seven mouth parts ---
no more, no less --- to grip and drill and pump and suck?
And who developed the tag-team format whereby,
just as the mosquitoes tire in July,
the deerflies arrive to burrow through
our sun-warmed hair and chew our scalps?"

The Return of the Time Machine
" I turned and saw that
I had grasped the antenna of another monster crab
that stood just behind me.
Its evil eyes were wriggling on their stalks,
its mouth was all alive with appetite,
and its vast ungainly claws,
smeared with an algal slime
were descending upon me."

Young Love
"The day Rosie Burdock decided to
take me in hand
was a motionless day of summer,
creamy, hazy and amber-coloured,
with the beech trees standing
in heavy sunlight
as though clogged with wild honey."

Post Op
"A-tisket, a-tasket
I'm out of my casket
Into my hospital room
With a view of Riverside Drive
Where the snow is a feathery shawl
My children plump as chestnuts by the fire..."

"my baby / pushing off
with his black / feet
from the dark / shore, heading
out, not / knowing
which way and trusting, / oarless and eyeless, so
hopeless / it didn't matter."


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