R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 104

Early Fall 2003

Canadian Trains,
The Mountains of Arizona,
Lizards, Geckos, and Chameleons,
Flash Floods in the Desert, and
Ralph Steadman's Alice

The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers
"The Virtual Birth Center
tells us how to prepare Placenta Cocktail,
Placenta Lasagna, and Placenta Pizza.
The latter suggests that someone other than Mom
will be partaking."

A History of the British Empire
"The English criminals
who got shipped off to Australia
between 1787 and 1853
did so mostly for petty offenses.
Thus Australia literally started out
as a nation of shoplifters."

The Roots of Buddhist Psychology
I don't know if I am enlightened.
I'm a tree. Sometimes the birds
come to rest in my branches.
Sometimes the leaves fall.
Sometimes people use me for shade.
Who knows if I am enlightened?"

Great Reviews of the Past
"People remind me of ants
only when seen from so far away
that they no longer resemble people;
in the movie Titanic,
the passengers scrambling up the sinking hull
seemed to behave like ants."

Trekking through
the Moroccan Sahara, and
Taoist Sexual Teachings

Memories of Radio of the 40s:
Bob Poole and Poole's Paradise

For the Future Governor of California

"We will appoint John Ashcroft
head of the California Budget Department.
This will have a dual purpose:
it will bring a faith-based approach
to California's monetary problems
and at the same time will
get him out of Washington, D.C.,
a major relief for everybody concerned."

Franz Kafka in Riga
"When at last I reached
the vantage point so laboriously striven for,
I beheld, instead of Riga and
the waters of the Baltic,
only unbroken fog,
as dingy as an old newspaper
under the clouded sky."

"There are no windows,
and the clever arrangement of
powerful white lamps and reflecting screens
and shades has the effect
of diffusing a silvery glare,
a brightness such as a full moon might project
upon a quiet lake on a cloudless evening. "

Twenty-two Books on Disability
"A worthy writer must show us
the good as well as the ghastlies ---
infections, aging, the unexamined hostility of society ---
without getting maudlin,
without descending into fake heroics,
without the chill of unrelieved anger."

"the highway's jammed with broken heroes...
till these badlands
start treating
us good."
Cartalk: A Love Poem
"Both of us came as is,
with dented fenders, and random
detritus in the trunk, and I said,
'It's as if we both broke down
outside the some gas station
at the same time.'"


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