R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 106

Late Fall 2003

The Poetry of Dylan Thomas,
The Dirt Cheap Desert Homestead,
The Flight of the Garuda, and
Tobias Wolff's Old School

The Art of Tattooing
"The sensuality of it:
we become part of her skin,
our pores infused with the ink,
the smell of the shop, the blood,
the vaseline used to soften and
hold the image."

Bertha Alyce: Mother exPosed
"The photographs and the writing come together
in a spiral of images and words that
spin out hate and love and fear and hurt and
pain and delight and the sheer cruelty of it all,
being born of a powerful charming funny flirtatious woman,
one who could only really love men."

Churches of Minnesota
"The ugliest,
we are sorry to report,
is located in Collegeville.
The St. John's Abbey Church
was designed in 1954 by a refugee from
South Las Vegas named Marcel Breuer."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Lake of Dead Languages
"We made it to page 204
and the only reason we made it that far
was that we got stuck in the airport
without anything else to read except
The Lake of Dead Languages and USA Today.
It seemed as if our plane
would never get off the ground ---
just like this turkey."

Richard Avedon at Work,
Kipling's "Just So Stories," and
The Sea Around Us

Being a Good Catholic and
"Gracie on the Roof"

Great Letters of the Past
"Terrorism works
by standing on its head the normal
military objective of
killing the maximum number of enemy soldiers
while taking minimal casualties oneself...
The terrorists assume a
100 per cent casualty rate among their own soldiers
and happily take their losses up front."

Zionism and The Shoah
An Historical Perspective
"We had no idea
what dangers threatened the Jews.
Nobody had, or could have.
Even in the benighted pogrom-ridden corners
of Carpathian Europe and
the Polish-Ukrainian plains
from which the first-generation immigrants
came to Vienna, systematic genocide
was inconceivable."

Five for Lunch
"'You won't ask us to believe,' said Pierre Lyautey,
'that all that Malaparte relates in Kaputt
actually happened to him. Is it really possible
that everything happens to him?
Nothing ever happens to me!'"

A Glass Full of Girls
"There is something young about supposing,
supposing and a car and a glass full of girls.
A house where empty places
are clean and the full places
are borrowed and nothing blue.
A wristwatch lying looped around
a fountain pen and a dog
irritated by the night."

Two by Dylan Thomas
Do Not Go Gentle into that Good Night
"And you, my father, there on the sad height,
Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
Do not go gentle into that good night.
Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

If I Were Tickled by the Rub of Love
"My Jack of Christ born thorny on the tree?
The words of death are dryer than his stiff,
My wordy wounds are printed with your hair.
I would be tickled by the rub that is:
Man be my metaphor."


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