R  A  L  P  H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXI, Number 3

Late Late Summer, 2000

The Best of Fine Art
Being a selection of some of the best art books
that have come our way in the last year or so.

Abraham Lincoln: Villain,
The World's Most Dangerous Places, and
Beggar's Velvet, House Moss, and Slut's Wool

Strange Foods: Bush Meat, Bats, and Butterflies
"I am not so sure you are prepared for the closeup
of a young fellow chowing down on duck placenta
(they don't get cooked until they are aborted at mid-term)
with bits of yellow you-don't-want-to-know
all over his puss."

Rescuing Jeffrey
"When fathers shut off life support,
they don't rescue their sons from life.
They kill their sons....When I wake in the morning,
I may kill him."

Jorie Graham
"They tell us that she teaches at Harvard.
They don't say what.
Let's hope it is something useful, like nuclear physics,
molecular biology, or chiropody. Something hot like that.
If it is English, or Creative Writing,
god help the future teachers and writers of America."

The Tipping Point,
My Friend is Struggling with...
Unplanned Pregnancy,
Bukowski's Ham on Rye.

The Ruination of the Child Labor Laws
"On the other hand, the average American juvenile,
is in a school designed along the lines of a prison ---
complete with IDs and guards --- or sitting at home
eating pizza and watching Jerry Springer or Survivor."

A Quadriplegic in Mexico
"The freedom for the disabled that we push in the United States
--- with all our independent living centers --- has a price.
That price is loneliness.

"I never saw anybody go under the needle like that,
said one of the men. He gives no sign at all,
said the other man. Why don't you guys go out
and pinch some nurse's ass?
I asked them."

Herbert Hoover in Los Angeles
"He waved. We cheered. A band played. Seagulls
circled overhead as if they too knew it was the President.
And there were skywriting airplanes too.
They wrote words in the sky like
Prosperity is just around the corner."

A Guide to Signs in the Garden of Eden
You are now entering/ the Garden of Eden.
No food or beverages allowed./ Fig leaves required
past this point.

Why the Ancient Chinese Poets Remained Unmarried
my teenaged son/ who has come back from his previous life
barely disguised as a pig who drops underwear,
socks, books, video games anywhere

Bruckner, Mahler, and
Bruno Walter


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