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Complete List of
Readings, Reviews, and Poetry
Appearing in RALPH:
[Arranged in Chronological Order]

Volume XI, Number 4 ---Winter 1995 - 1996
Index #A

A Portrait of Lost Tibet
Rosemary Jones Tung
(Snow Lion)
"100 lashes is not considered severe for a misdemeanor.
For thievery, armed brigandage, or murder,
the penalty is loss of one or both hands or legs,
which are cut above the knee."

Who Goes First:

The Story of Self-Experimentation In Medicine
Lawrence K. Altman
(Random House)
"Doctors and researchers chowing down on
staphylococci-infected sponge cake, plugging diseased mosquitoes
into their arms, nibbling on scabs like potato chips..."

Snake Handling and Redemption in Southern Appalachia

Dennis Covington
"If there's a witchcraft spirit in the church,
it could zap your anointing and you'd
be left cold turkey with a serpent in your hand."

Ellis Island:
A Pictorial History
Barbara Benton
(Facts on File)
"It was designed primarily to provide extra-cheap labor
for the nascent factories and industries of turn-of-the-century America..."


Natural Order on the African Plain
Mitsuaki Iwago
"Gazelles eviscerated before our eyes by wild dogs,
lions feasting on the skulls of baby zebras,
hyenas being quite piggy over the bloody guts of some wildebeest...

Untamed Alaska
Edited by Elizabeth Brown
and Carolyn Clark

The Complete Guide to Safe Sex
Ted Mcllvenna
(The PreVenT Group)

Pesticide Alert:
A Guide to Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables
Lawrie Mott and Karen Snyder
(Sierra Club)

Confessions of a PR Man
Robert J. Wood

Portraits of Earth
Freeman Patterson
(Sierra Club Books)

Russian Art at Hillwood
Katrina V. H. Taylor
(University of Washington)

The Partial Vapor Pressure of Khometz
By Jon Gallant
"Unlike snooty khometz,
matzo just sits there, mild, plain, and flat,
wishing only to be of help."

Sand Dancing in Rio
Douglas Cruickshank
Our intrepid reporter gets whipped
by a long broad braid broad
on a long broad beach at Rio

L W Milam
Being the tail of one who gives his master a fit
and comes down with fleabitus and Barkinson's Disease

Three real tales from a Rhode Island psychiatrist
who cares (and knows how to write).

Cousin Hans
C. Amantea
"I think on him, my young friend, getting
beaten so very much, with that heavy, black, shiny black belt."

The Lamed-Vovnik
Andre Schwarz-Bart
"Into them, as into one receptacle,
pour all our griefs."

The Notebooks
Albert Camus
"It's the will to happiness which matters.
Everything else ---
women, art, worldly triumphs are just so many pretexts."

Another Doggie
From All The King's Men
R. P. Warren
"He breathed out and I breathed in.
It was like a gust from a buzzard's nest."

The Whisky Priest
Graham Greene
"Well, You're going to be a martyr you've got that satisfaction."
"Oh no. Martyrs are not like me. They don't think all the time"

Blaise Cendrars
From Le Lotissement du ciel
"Even today the oldest ones still talk
about the famous collective whippings that used to be administered
here at the Morro Azul."

The Buddha of Boystown
"They believe in the 'Cup of Forgetfulness.'
One sip and your remembrances are all wiped away."

The Meaning of Life
Voice: "What is madness?"
Yudhishthira: "A forgotten way."

The Dead
Curzio Malaparte
"The dead can go on foot," I said, "and if they don't want to walk
kick them in the ass. Don't you agree?"

January 1940
Roy Fuller
"Blake saw a flea and an elf..."

Fly Love Poem
Leslie Seamans
"I carefully consider their fat yellow-brown thoraxes,
filled with ugly juices..."

Judson Jerome
"...clacking, hard, hollow bodies scraping
as legs worked them through bodies..."

Paul Celan
"Black milk of daybreak we drink you at night
we drink in the morning at noon we drink you at sundown..."

Three by Mark O'Brien
Lifestyles of the Blind and Paralyzed
A Time for Cursing
"The pay is lousy, no vacations or sick leave,
and the compliments...You'd rather do without them."

The Ants
Bert Hölldobler and Edward O. Wilson

Disciplinary Readings and Challenges
Mark Poster

How to Make Money in Stocks:
A Winning System in Good Times or Bad
William J. O'Neil

Finding Ways:
Recovering from Rheumatoid Arthritis through Alternative Medicine
Barbara J. Nies

The Ultimate America
Building Our Perfect World
Roger Malcolm Mitchell
(Roger Malcolm Mitchell Advertising)

The Portable Writers' Conference:
Your Guide to Getting and Staying Published
Stephen B. Mettee, Editor
(Quill Driver)

Wall Street Words:
Tips and Terms from the Experts
David L. Scott

The Career and Courage of Christopher Reeve
Adrian Havill

Poems Have Roots
Lilian Moore

Floating Kingdom
George Rabasa
(Coffee House)

The Hammon and the Beans
And Other Stories
Américo Paredes
(Arte Público)

Battlefield Ghosts
B Keith Toney

The Raven
Peter Landesman

Only the Good Times
(Arte Público)

History and Legends
of the Alamo and other Missions
in and around San Antonio
Adina de Zavala
(Arte Público)

A Practical Guide for Men
Joseph R. Jablonski
(Technical Management Consortium)

The Eagle Soars
Royal LaPlante
(Black Forest)

Radio Monitoring:
The How-To Guide
T. J. "Skip" Arey

They Say That I Am Two
Marcos McPeek Villatoro
(Arte Público)

Lesbian Configurations
Renée C. Hoogland

Volume XII, Number 1 --- Spring, 1996
Index #B

Don't Tread on Me:
The Selected Letters of S. J. Perelman
Edited by Prudence Crowther

Swiss Family Perelman
S. J. Perelman
"The violet hush of twilight was descending over Los Angeles.
In the distance a glow of huge piles
of burning motion-picture scripts lit up the sky.
The crisp tang of frying writers and directors whetted my appetite."

Spared Angola:

Memories from A Cuban-American Childhood
Virgil Suárez
Arte Público
"I am a sick man...a mean man.
There's nothing attractive about me.
I think there's something wrong with my...teeth."

Middle East on a Shoestring

(Lonely Planet)
"You probably have to be going something to keep up
with the Lonely Planet people. We're awaiting their guide to Antartica.
Yikes! I just looked it up.
There it is for all the penguins in the crowd."

Memoirs of My Nervous Illness

Daniel Paul Schreber
"As proof of this statement I will at present
only mention the fact that the sun has for years
spoken with me in human words
and thereby reveals herself as a living being."

In Flanders Fields

Leon Wolff
World War I Posters
Libby Chenault
(University of N. Carolina)
"It had meant nothing, solved nothing, and proved nothing;
and in so doing had killed 8,538,315 men
and variously wounded 21,219,452."

Arizona Traveller's Handbook
Bill Weir

The Stranger
Albert Camus
(Matthew Ward, translator)

Full of Life
John Fante
(Black Sparrow)

James Wines

Conversations With Anorexics
Hilde Bruch

Endangered Species
Malcolm Penny
(Facts on File)

The Man Behind the Pictures
Andrew Sinclair
(Little, Brown)

Beautiful Summer at Camp Alton

Michal Ingall
"The sparkling lake, the towering pines,
the air as sweet as fragrant vines,
The swellest Chief you'll ever know,
his wife who sets the Camp aglow."

Deep in the Land of Ultimate Projection
"Lo, the poor Indian, who would be devastated
by the sicknesses that ran in the blood, through the hearts,
of the Spanish men of god."

Hindoo Holiday
J. R. Ackerley
Flies, ants, and robbing dead soldiers.

Virgil Suárez
"My father brings home the blood of horses on his hands,
his rough, calloused, thick-fingered hands."

The Scariest Place on Earth
David E Fisher
"Columbus evidently saw no conflict
between the desire to save their souls for God
and use their bodies for Spain."

My Own Country:
A Doctor's Story
Abraham Verghese
"There are so many distinct smells in medicine:
the mousy, ammoniacal odor of liver failure...
the rotten-apple odor of gas gangrene;
the freshly-baked-bread odor of typhoid fever."

The Concerts of Hofmann and Kubelik
0sip Mandelstam
"It was commonly said of Witte
that he had a golden nose, and the children,
who blindly believed this,
looked at nothing but his nose."

The Rituals of Anorexia Nervosa
Mara Selvini Palazzoli
Trans. Arnold J. Pomerans
"Just look at me: I am nothing but skin and bones
and I might easily die. And if death is the price I have to pay
for my power, then I shall willingly pay it."

The Stars®Us
Peter Dodge
"If you go out (they say) some quad rillion dodecathillion miles
out over there(they say), you could find
a corner of the universe where
there is no light..."

The Battle at Little Bull Run
T. F. Bierly
"My family eats love for dessert
topped with nutmeats and cherries.
When asked, they smile out of the past
and crush the small rebellions We bring from school"

Eulogy on the Death of
Dickie Dickinson

(Who weighed in at 335 pounds)
G. J .Fogerty
"For snacks, a thousand tons or so of Victorian lace panties;
For dessert, an entire army platoon of silky parachutes"

The Vivisection Mambo
P J Weise
"She does bite the blade, doesn't she? By my white god
I miss her, and her thighs lurking there at the edge
Of my taste."

I Never Told Anybody:
Teaching Poetry Writing to Old People
Kenneth Koch
(Teachers & Writers)

Two Guys Four Corners
Don Imus & Fred Imus

All-New Hints from Heloise:
A Household Guide for the '90s

Food Festivals of Northern California:
Traveller's Guide and Cookbook
Bob Carter

Glenn Gould:
The Ecstasy and Tragedy of Genius
Peter F. Ostwald

Volume XII, Number 2 --- Summer, 1996
Index #C

The Key to Understanding Business Cycles
Michael Zahorchak
(Tide Press)
"Australia and Bolivia have the least population density,
the former having two people per square mile,
some of whom have not actually backpacked around the globe."

Touched By Fire:
A Photographic Picture of the Civil War
William C. Davis, Editor
(Little, Brown)
"Everyone has his favorite war. For classicists,
it's the Trojan War; for neo-classicists,
it's The War of the Roses. Those into insensate slaughter
find it a toss-up between WWI and WWII."

San Diego:
A Pictorial History
Raymond G. Starr
"Some of San Diego's contributions to the universe
have been the KGB Chicken and
the first annual American flea infestation."

Mexico in 22 Days
Steve Rogers and Tina Rosa
(John Muir)

A New History
of Early English Drama
John D. Cox and David Kasten, Editors

Vim & Vinegar
Melodie Moore

A Letter To Jesse Helms
Carlos Amantea
"I've heard that there are special subsidy programs for tobacco growers,
and I understand that you help fund these programs,
which means I can have a crop coming along by next fall."

To Orgasm or Not To Orgasm
R R Doister
"In short, Mr. Editor, you have taken a lovely noun
and made it into an obscene verb. Viz, 'to orgasm.'"

The Ghost Writer
Philip Roth
"I turn sentences around. That's my life.
I write a sentence and then I turn it around.
Then I look at it and I turn it around again.
Then I have lunch."

Mother Tongue:
English & How It Got That Way
Bill Bryson
"By variously pursing our lips and flapping our tongue around in our mouth
rather in the manner of a freshly landed fish,
we shape each passing puff of air into a series of loosely differentiated
plosives, fricatives, gutturals, and other minor atmospheric disturbances."

Aquiles Nazoa
"I believe in Charlie Chaplin
Son of violets and mice
Who was crucified, died, and laid in the grave by his era,
but who each day is revived in the hearts of men"

Song of the Forget-Me-Not
Cynthia Weiss
"The word 'cystic' has a garden of meanings.
Can you smell the peppermint, the basil,
the marjoram?"

Volume XII, Number 3 --- Fall, 1996
Index #D

Thursday's Universe
A Report from the Frontier on the Origin,
Nature, and Destiny of the Universe
Marcia Bartusiak
"Neutrinos are, obviously, not unlike bureaucrats.
Not only are they indifferent, and invisible they are everywhere,
indecently so, and are always taking long lunch breaks."

The Undertaking:
Life Studies from the Dismal Trade
Thomas Lynch
"Where was Thomas Lynch when we needed him?
Funny, compassionate and looking like an Irish leprechaun,
he makes the undertaking business seem almost human."

Nixon: A Psychobiography

Vamik D. Volkan, Norman Itzkowitz,
and Andrew W. Dod
"At times Volkan creates a reductio ad absurdum
such as 'Leaks from the White House aggravated Nixon
because they represented anal insufficiency and loss of bowel control.'"

Honey, Mud, Maggots,

and Other Medical Marvels
Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein
(Houghton Mifflin)
"We could let sugar and honey cure pressure sores,
maggots cleanse intractable wounds, and drink down
a glassful of urine each morning as a pick-me-up."

Ich Kuss Die Hand:
The Letters of H. L. Mencken to Gretchen Hood
Peter W. Dowell, editor
(University of Alabama)

The Definitive Original
Four-Act Version
Of "The Importance of Being Earnest"
Ruth Berggren, Editor

The Kundalini Experience
Lee Sannella

The Ultimate Game
R. Strelley
(Harper & Row)

Fielding's African Safaris
Jane and Leah Taylor

Tales of Texas and Beyond
Charles A. Watson
(Cedar Elm Publishing)

The Florida Keys:
From Key Largo to Key West
Joy Williams
(Random House)

Horn of the Moon Cookbook:
Recipes from Vermont's Renowned Vegetarian Restaurant
Ginny Callan
(Harper & Row)

The Psychology of Spiritual Growth
Mary E. Carreiro
(Bergin & Garvey)

Permanent New Yorkers:
A Biographical Guide to the Cemeteries of New York
Judi Culbertson and Tom Randall
(Chelsea Green)

Posters of the WPA
Chris DeNoon
(University of Washington)


I Feel Like Stephen Hawking Must Feel Like
After A Bad Night
L W Milam
"Here I am on the telephone, with some geek
from the University of Nowheresville Media Department,
and he wants me to talk about the fever
and those weeks when they had to tie me to the bed."

Die Liedersinger

Michall A Ingall
"One night, in desperation, I exhorted him to
look up and talk to me. In a tremulous voice,
he wailed, I used to sing Schubert lieder!
His sobs gave way to gales of laughter."

Travelling Alone

Carlos Amantea
"The food looks good enough to eat,
but it could lay you out for a week.
A mosquito bite could give you a lifelong disease."

Kicking Doors

Richard Wright
"Wherever I found religion in my life I found strife,
the attempt of one individual or group to rule another in the name of God.
The naked will to power seemed always to walk in the wake of a hymn."

Granny Wallon's Wines

Laurie Lee
From The Edge of Day
(Morrow) "Granny Wallon made wine as though demented,
and no doubt, if given enough sugar and yeast,
could have made a drink out of a box of old matches."


Laurie Lee
From The Edge of Day
"Serenely unkempt were those final years,
free from confict, doubt or dismay,
while she reverted gently to a rustic simplicity as a moss rose
reverts to a wild one."

The Bath

From Honey, Mud, Maggots And Other Medical Marvels
Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein
(Houghton Mifflin)
"Wonderful and most EXCELLENT agaynst all diseases of the body
proceeding of a MOIST CAUSE as Rhumes, Agues,
Lethargies, Apoplexies, The Scratch,
Inflammation of the Fits, hectic flushes,
Pockes, deafness, forgetfulness, shakings and
WEAKNESS of any Member
Approved by authoritie, confirmed by
Reason and daily tried by experience."

Paris Painters

Everett Gee Jackson
From Burros & Paintbrushes: A Mexican Adventure
(Texas A & M University Press)
"Lowelito said the buildings were leaning that way
because the artist had complete freedom.
He said the artist could lean his buildings any way he pleased,
because once they got into his painting they belonged to him."

Remember You Must Die

Muriel Spark
"One factor is constant in all your reports.
The words, 'Remember you must die.'
It is, you know, an excellent thing to remember this,
for it is nothing more than the truth."

A Love Poem

for Wally Miller Who, in a Fit of Despair,
Drove His Electric Wheelchair
Into the Family Swimming-pool
"Well, Wally. You certainly made a splash.
I think you should have gotten the Olympic Gold
For that classic one-and-a-half gainer."


Ted Hughes
"His words were occupying armies
Her laughs were an assassin's attempts
His looks were bullets daggers of revenge
Her glances were ghosts in the corner with horrible secrets..."

Song to SuppHose

Ignacio Schwartz
"You turned to me and said, They gave us the script,
But they forgot to give us the plot line,
And they have yet to tell us who the author is..."

The Reader

Bernhard Schlink
(Translated by Carol Brown Janeway)

Before the Beginning:
Our Universe and Others
Martin Rees

Spies, Black Ties, & Mango Pies:
Stories and Recipes from CIA Families All Over the World
The Family Advisory Board of the CIA
(Community Communications)

Birds of San Diego
Chris Fisher and Herbert Clarke
(Lone Pine)

Hired Pens:
Professional Writers in America's Golden Age of Print
Ronald Weber

Extraordinary People with Disabilities
Deborah Kent and Kathryn A. Quinlan
(Children's Press)


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