R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 129

Spring 2005

Snakes and Earrings
"Lui also finds herself
smitten with the idea of being
half-strangled to death
in the bed of love,
the ultimate coitus interruptus."

Wales Half Welch
"We have here stories about thieves,
drunks, feckless do-nothings, fat murderers,
idiots, tired ex-rads --- all presented
in a language that would
curl your granny's hair."

Tropical & Subtropical Trees
"For space nuts, there's the Langsat;
for rat lovers, the Pamplemousse;
for Scrabble fans, the U'a;
for those hungry for sheer aroma:
Stinking Pea, Stinking Toe, and

In the Shadow of Fame
A Memoir by the
Daughter of Erik H. Erikson

"This was, she tells us,
yet another proof that specialists
in family psychotrauma don't know
from squat when it comes to
their own families."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Poetry of Dylan Thomas
"Not only did he deliver his lines
like a Southern Baptist preacher,
like a Southern Baptist preacher he drank incessantly and,
we were told, spent his days traveling about,
giving readings, fondling the college ladies
who flocked to hear him."

Bury the Lead
Death of An Effendi

Jorie Graham
For the Love of God

A Letter from Beyond the Grave

"As many of you already know,
my life is now over.
The reason you're getting this letter
is that yours is one of the
friendships I've treasured, and I want you
to know that."

Some Further Notes on
Lady Catherine Dyer's

My Dearest Dust

"It is in a poor state,
and the parishioners can't afford
the cost of conservation.
I hope to write a letter to the
Times Literary Supplement,
where I shall make this point!"

Dye the Ice
"There was a plan
to color the ice fields
of the Arctic and Antarctic.
A senior department head
at the Pentagon,
known as the Prince of Darkness,
expressed an interest
in the project."

A Strange Hole
"Under the South Atlantic,
beneath the crust of the sea bed,
the layer of the sluggish, slumbering
metal, which moves an inch
in the course of three months and
displays a deep hollow or dent. "

I'm an Angel
"This is a shriveled life.
I've shut my eyes to all other women.
My shoulders feel peculiar.
Wings must be sprouting!"

Great Poems of the Past
Bumblebees and Women
"She has one good bumblebee
which she leads about town
on a leash of clover.
It's as big as a Saint Bernard
but also extremely fragile."


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