--- L. Milam

Dear Friends ---

A very large part of any life is the friendships that develop over the years. As many of you already know, my life is now over. The reason you're getting this letter is that yours is one of the friendships I've treasured, and I want you to know that.

I'm a little saddened to be leaving a little earlier than expected, but feel no sense of tragedy. I've lived a lot longer than I ever could have or would have predicted thirty-six years ago after the helicopter crash. I have no fears for my children, who are all embarked on their own roads and doing it with astounding style and grace. I've had love overflowing, impassioned careers, a life of adventure and everything I've ever wanted. Nothing missed and no regrets.

So dear friends, enjoy the memories, keep them alive, then let them fade when it's time. Live on in peace, health, and happiness. Look for meaning where you can, and cherish mystery where you can't.

My love to all of you.

--- Barry
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