R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 115

Very Very Early Summer 2004

Abraham Lincoln & Walt Whitman,
Global Disasters,
Katharine Mansfield's
German Pension

Vintage Murakami
"Remember that book
Peel My Love Like an Orange.
Well, here it is, in fine detail.
Yamamoto slowly gets stripped
of his epidermis
as the narrator (Mamiya)
and the reader (me),
slowly get rather barfy."

The American People in World War II
"If the tangled skein
of events that eventually
led to war between Japan
and the United States could be
summed up in a single word, it would be

Bodies and British Romanticism

"Birth got Byron off
on the wrong foot.
He required fake boots
to maintain his social standing.
But that conclusion
might be a misstep."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Seminal Guide to Ashtanga Yoga
"Never 'cheat someone
with sweet words.'
And don't talk so much,
because 'speech related to
mundane matters destroys the power
of the tongue, and shortens
our life spans.'"

Brilliant Intervals of Horrible Sanity:
One Season in a Progressive School

The French Revolution,
Fatty Arbuckle,
Facts about Finland,

Making Contact with Eddie Fisher,
"Taffy Was a Welshman,
Taffy Was a Thief"

Hard Times at the It'll Do Tavern
Part I

"I wasn't impressed by her
nor her nor her clothes nor her house
when I first came through the door ---
especially those yappy miniature poodles.
I know from poodles:
my neurotic, why-must-you-
do-this-to-me? mother always
had four or five (or six) around."

Part II

"'What are you doing?' she asked.
'Playing pinball,' I said.
'Playing pinball?'
'That's it. Playing pinball.
At the It'll Do Tavern.
Playing pinball and drinking beer.
Looking at the wall some.'"

The Little Match Girl
"There was
a good deal of that in
Hans Anderson --- the feeling of
morals lurking like fish eyes
peering out from between stones
in the depths of clear water. "

Fast Times at the New Millennium
"This was the moment
when he would lean across the table,
and take my, hand,
and whisper softly:
How do you feel about men
in pink garter belts?

Or, Do you love Goebbels
the way I do?"

Two on Parenting Grown Children
"I am tossing, it is no dream
she pushes her belongings through night rain
to someplace wet and cold she will belong.
How have I let this happen?
I wish I could put her in the birdhouse."

Three More on Parenting Grown Children
"His head was a little bit squashed, pliable bone dented by forceps.
He hadn't much chin.
I gave up my separateness to protect him, we were one.
And now in the blue green water between sleeping volcanoes,
I can't see his future."


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