R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 114

Late Spring 2004

The Mrs. Dalloway Reader,
The Poetry of Langston Hughes, and
Poems about Parenting
Grown Children

Where Stuff Comes From
"Erotic imagery
in black-and-white films
was accomplished by
sequins, net, and lace
to depict sexuality and glamour.

Pre-technicolor films
encouraged black-and-white furniture,
especially in crisp deco style,
which implied luxury in furnishings."

"As the Sephardim
of the 15th Century and
their kin from the 20th Century
have made so very clear ---
all is fragile ... very, very fragile."

Vintage Ford
"His style of writing is
wandering, understated;
he noodles about with the facts,
coming back to them,
then pushing them away.
He is a stylistic worrier."

Great Reviews of the Past
Tales from Rhapsody Home
there is Gould's approach:
neither surrender,
nor sputtering outrage,
nor mysticism.
Rather, a timid anger,
which, in his case,
translates into carping."

The Life and Music of Hoagy Carmichael, and
Acts of Love on Indigo Road

Great Letters from the Past
Malignant Self Love


Writers and Their Own Works
"Once a book is
printed and published
it ceases to be the property
of the author;
he commits it
to the care of other people;
all his attention is claimed
by some new book."

Great Articles of the Past
Obscenity, Television and the FCC
"Since, according to
the FCC's own records,
American broadcasters enjoy
well over 25% return, annually,
on invested dollar
(one of the highest of any industry),
they should welcome this
relatively elegant method
of self-regulation."

The Nun's Tale
"In America
a woman is worth as much
as a man, if not more.
There women smoke in public,
wear trousers, drive a car
to their office, and divorce
when it suits them."

Bicycles, Cars, and High Art
"The bicycle brought on
important technical innovations like
the pneumatic tire, breakthroughs in ball bearings,
seamless steel tubes (for the bicycle's frame)
and the first use of stamped sheet metal (in 1890)."

Prior Configurations and Tipping Points
"The Roman road measurements
stemmed from the rear-end widths
of the two horses pulling war chariots.
Now it turns out the same dimension
carries into the solid rocket boosters
used to launch the U.S. space shuttle."

Three by Langston Hughes
"They took me out/ To some lonesome place.
They said, 'Do you believe/ In the great white race?'
I said, 'Mister,/ To tell you the truth,
I'd believe in anything/ If you'd just turn me loose.'"

Three More by Langston Hughes
"The Negro/With the trumpet at his lips
Whose jacket/Has a fine one-button roll,
Does not know/Upon what riff the music slips
Its hypodermic needle/To his soul."


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