R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXX, Number 2

Early Summer 2002

The Bullet Meant for Me,
Lorraine López and the Avon Lady, and
Weird Frogs, Toads and Bush Babies.

Dream Street:
W. Eugene Smith's Pittsburgh Project

"It is entirely possible
that Smith was driven to distraction
by the bitter contrast between
the dream of an Ideal Post-War America and
the black-and-white reality so exquisitely limned
in these duotones."

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches
"I started it,
almost dropped it around page 25 ---
but something in the weirdness of it
kept me going on, so I got into it,
got into it too much, got into it
so much that I didn't want to stop ---
and once I reached the end,
I turned around and read it again."

Iridescent Light
The Emergence of Northwest Art
"This is a mediocre selection
trying to save money on color reproductions.
But the real tragedy is that this is
the first monograph dedicated to
Pacific Northwest artists --- so now
the facts are set, mistakenly,
in stone."

Great Reviews of the Past
How to Think like a Millionaire
"Do we really want to think like a millionaire?
If so, which one?
Donald Trump? H. Ross Perot?
The guys running Pacific Lumber,
chopping down all our redwoods?
Or that man who just built those repulsive townhouses
up on the hill where I used to run and play
and lie under the stars in the fields at night?"

No Bones,
Subha Chandra Bose,
Love Is Stronger than Death, and
A Naturalist and the O'odham Indians

The Owl and the Bluejays

"He said that the Bluejays
will always surround a hungry bird,
even an Eagle, and feed it.
I said I would give him a picture of a Bluejay
the next time I saw him.
Then the Indian sitting next to me
who had been silent, turned and said,
I can hear the Bluejays talk."

A Buddhist between the Israelis and the Palestinians
"If they would let me go with an ambulance crew,
I could act as a shield. It would be a little safer for them.
And if I do get shot, at least
it'll raise more of a stink because I'm Israeli.
But the ambulance team is being a bit protective of me;
they keep leaving without me."

Interview: W. Eugene Smith

"But what of the photographer
who does not have financial means?

I don't. Sometimes it seems I financed it
from the lining of my stomach.
As for others --- if asked,
I will advise them not to do it ---
and I will hope they do."

Interview: Chuck Close
"LK: Many stories about you
still focus on the overcoming tragedy angle.
CC: I'm not interested in that,
it's boring as hell
I had a long, successful career as an artist,
long before anything happened to me."

Three by Lâm Thi My Da
"Each of us wears her own small moon
Glittering on a carpet of gold rice.
We are the harvesters of my village,
Twelve white hats bright in the long night.
We are not frightened by bullets and bombs in the air ---
Only by dew wetting our lime-scented hair."

Three by Charles Krafft
"A week ago I bought some cheese
And put it in the cooler.
Now I have to separate the mouse turds
From the caraway seeds
Every time I want a sandwich."

The International Water Crises, and
The King Crane Report (again)


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