R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXX, Number 1

Very Early Summer 2002

Hermann Ungar's The Maimed,
Exposed: Naked Victorian Art, and

Every Drop for Sale
"The water-wars like those in Cochabamba ---
and its historical predecessor, the Lake Owens theft ---
are just the beginning. Already bruising legal battles
and sword-rattlings are erupting across the globe.
The Six-Day War was just such a water-war."

The Bible in Translation
"Psalms 50:9 had previously stated,
I will accept no bull from your house.
This became, I will not accept a bull from your house.
In a slap at pot smokers, 2 Cor. 11:25 went from
Once I was stoned to
Once I received a stoning."

Perfect Madness
"On the one hand,
we may be reading the words of one who has, in her words,
experienced the most absolute experience
that any human being can have.

On the other hand, it's totally possible that
over that nine month period Gorrell
went around the bend."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Castle: A New Translation
"By saving these manuscripts, Brod did a major disservice
to long-suffering college students the world over,
adding exponentially to their misery. It was bad enough
that we had to slog our way through The Aeneid,
or The Confessions of St. Augustine, or Hamlet.
No, now we had to make our troubled, yawning way
through The Castle or Amerika or The Trial."

Plum Village Meditations with Thich Nhat Hanh,
The Invention of the Compass, and

Three from "The American Scholar"

"If the skyscraper, with its crudely phallic thrust,
is male, the airplane is female.
Entering, we pass into a place that promises ---
if rarely quite delivering --- all the amenities of the womb:
shelter, nourishment, warmth, dimness, sleep."

Teaching the Very Angry
"This is not what I expected
when I found out I would be teaching Girl Scouts.
These girls are going to challenge me.
Their whole attitude is, well,
I don't want to say bad, but it is totally defiant.
I know they are testing me."

The Last Days of Edward Teller

"In his prime, Teller's vindictiveness
was ugly and frightening; now it's ugly
and a little pathetic. It is an unintended,
but nonetheless considerable, achievement of this
mean-spirited book so fully to expose
the sadness of megaton man."

Hydrothermal Vents
"There was movement everywhere,
constant, undulating movement.
It seemed that the Lost City was made up of
thousands and thousands of kinetic parts
each creating ecosystem after ecosystem, rhythmically pulsating
in concert as if they were enlivened by a drumbeat
that no one else could hear, building
a steamy hothouse from which life could emerge."

Vietnam Scrapbook
"We clipped the jungle's blooming fireballs
with safety scissors, smeared minty paste
on the screaming napalm victim's back,
pressed the blood- and mud-spattered soldiers
into clean white pages, a little ink
smudging off on our soft, sticky fingertips..."

Beanstalk Country
"You know how the mad come into a room,
too boldly,
their eyes exploding on the air like roses,
their entrances from space we never entered.
They're always attended by someone small and friendly..."

The King Crane Report
British Wood-Engraved
Book Illustration, 1904 - 1940,
and Testicles.


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