Three by
Charles Krafft

In Fishtown
Carrying one candle home.
The shadows of the trees
Follow the light along the path
Like dark cats at my feet.
I turn and find two moons
Above my head,
One of them turns to ash
The other gently falls back
Into the sky.
Very near me,
I can hear four hundred frogs
Doing their algebra.


Walking home through the woods.
I didn't see that porcupine at the gate.
When I passed the spot,
I heard insects
At work on top of its body,
Changing it back into the earth.

A Moth at My Window
A moth at my window,
Graceful Japanese dancer,
Beating itself
For just a minute
Against the glass
And light

A Week Ago I Bought Some Cheese
It was so cold yesterday
That to write,
I had to thaw out the ink bottle
To remove my pen.
Paint brushes are frozen
To the cups
I dipped them in the last night to clean.
Still I don't light a fire,
But sit here watching
Hungry sparrows pick brown rice
Out of the snow.

A week ago I bought some cheese
And put it in the cooler.
Now I have to separate the mouse turds
From the caraway seeds
Every time I want a sandwich.

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