R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXVII, Number 1

Early Mid-Fall 2001

Ancestor Worship in China,
Masturbation and the Atom Bomb, and
The Beaches of Florida

California Crazy
"What they did was to stick
a big dog or shoe or airplane or castle
or mushroom or wigwam out there,
and you would see it and you would stop and fill up
on food, coffee, gas, ice cream, doughnuts before you
resumed your voyage."

My Friend, You Are Legally Blind
"Any kind of disability (physical, mental)
is hideously, wearingly, nauseatingly repetitive.
It brooks few delusions."

Of Beetles and Angels
"He tells of his fellow Ethiopian, Fisoom,
who mistook the refrigerator for a clothes dresser.
He organized his trousers and shirts on the shelves,
even placing his underwear and socks in the pull-out drawers
on the bottom."

Great Reviews of the Past
The Gaudy Spree
(Literary Hollywood When the West Was Fun)
"What the author obviously needs is
an ego-trim, an honest editor and, perhaps,
a scholarship to the Writer's Summer Workshop in lowa
where he could work on his syntax, adjective phrases, and,
if time, his soul."

Gay Life in the 1940s,
The Autobiography of Abbie Hoffman, and
Neville Chamberlain and Appeasement.

Being Psychoanalyzed

(At the Hyatt Regency Hotel Bar)
"Those therapists! They never stop
practicing their craft, do they?
Do surgeons come home and cut up their children?
Do plumbers come home and take the hot water heater apart?
Do attorneys come home
and cross-examine their wives?"

The Listener
"A non-judgmental hearer,
there to ease us out of the midnight of feelings,
ease us into freedom,
with our own words. It is magic."

No Tooth Fairies in Cuba
Part I

"It begins with my mother in Habana, Cuba,
taking tetracycline during her pregnancy.
She didn't know it at the time, but this would
have a terrible effect on my teeth, turning them yellowish green.
It was my name and my teeth
which gave me the most trouble during my adolescence."

Part II
"I'm a sick man ... a mean man.
There's nothing attractive about me.
I think there's something wrong
with my ... teeth."

"I can no longer think of heaven
as any place I want to go,
not even dying. I want
to shovel it in.
I want to keep on eating,
drinking, thinking."

Great Poems from the Past
I Finally Figured Out About Dying
(And I Wanted To Tell You Before It Was Too Late)
"The way it happens is this: we are allowed
To vacate the premises at our leisure.
We can check out today or in a week
or year or in fifty years or so
Depending on our agenda..."

Concerning the events of
11 September 2001.

Concerning the events of
11 September 2001.

Concerning the events of
11 September 2001.


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