R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXVI, Number 4

Very Early Fall 2001

Wildfire: A Reader,
James Thurber and Dogs, and
Larry Woiwode's Name-Drop Parade

Under the Skin
"Now, to take a story-line like this,
and make it work, and make us want
to turn the page, and not throw up,
is going to take some doing.
Author Michael Faber has what it takes."

An Old Wife's Tale
"Ms. Decter obviously enjoys
being a spokeswoman for the right ---
laughingly telling us that liberals refer to her
as the dragon lady. Her book is jam-packed with
opinions on pre-marital sex, hippies,
American schooling, women's liberation,
U. S. foreign policy, civil rights, Viet-Nam,
political protests, and AIDS."

"Chance had so arranged things
that this solitary German soldier,
representative of the power and might of Germany,
now stood before four Jews,
who had the opportunity to treat him
with the same senseless barbarity and malice
that the Germans had used on
millions of Jews."

Great Reviews of the Past
Intervention in the Caribbean:
The Dominican Crisis of 1965.
"El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Cuba were
and are countries with their own laws, their own citizens ---
presumably with the ability to run their own affairs.
But somewhere, somehow, it's been decided that
the United States had the right, duty, and obligation
to move in and take over whenever
we don't like what's going on."

Sex Tips,
Highwire Moon,
The Art of Studying Garbage

Animal Quackers
"They've grown like weeds
and have taken over my back yard.
They're less like ducks, however,
more like old ladies in a retirement home:
they hate strangers --- even me ---
and they bitch endlessly if they don't
get fed exactly at six in the morning and
six in the evening."

Great Articles of the Past
Memoirs of the Eenie-Weenies
"I began to notice
little furry but indistinct creatures
at the edge of my field of vision,
always scurrying from the barely-glimpsed to the
just out-of-sight.
I call them the Eenie-Weenies."

The GULAG at Magadan

"If one were to collect the energy of suffering
emitted by the millions of people here and
transform it into the power of creation,
one could turn our planet into
a flowering garden"

Rebuilding the Church of the Novgorod Kremlin
"I feel as though I were a witness,
in this cold and dusty underground,
to the birth of the sky and of the earth,
and of all the colors and shapes,
angels and kings,
light and darkness,
good and evil."

Juancito's Wake
"Rosita rubs rheum off black eyes
like wilted grapes --- asks, 'In your
country are there many poor like
here?' 'Poverty is relative,'
I answer
stupidly, leaving her puzzled."

Two from Copper Canyon
"I've known the pleasures of being
fired at least eleven times ---
most notably by Larry who found my snood
unsuitable, another time by Jack,
whom I was sleeping with. Poor attitude,
tardiness, a contagious lack
of team spirit..."

How Old Are You?
5 years old? Or are you retarded?
I Hope You...
...will open your mind a little
and not be such an arrogant, narrowminded twit.

Also, more on National Public Radio, and
The Deregulation of Broadcasting


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