R  A  L  P  H
 The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities 

Volume XI, Number 4 --- Winter, 1995 - 1996

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New titles that have been sent to us within the last fortnight,
including books on ants, how to make money in stocks
and curing rheumatoid arthritis the natural way.

A Portrait of Lost Tibet
By Rosemary Jones Tung
"100 lashes is not considered severe for a misdemeanor.
For thievery, armed brigandage, or murder, the penalty is
loss of one or both hands or legs, which are cut above the knee."

Who Goes First
By Lawrence K. Altman
"Doctors and researchers chowing down on staphylococci-infected
sponge cake, plugging diseased mosquitoes into their arms,
nibbling on scabs like potato chips..."

Snake Handling and Redemption
in Southern Appalachia
By Dennis Covington
"If there's a witchcraft spirit in the church,
it could zap your anointing and you'd be left
cold turkey with a serpent in your hand."

Ellis Island: A Pictorial History
By Barbara Benton
"It was designed primarily to provide
extra-cheap labor for the nascent factories and industries
of turn-of-the-century America..."

Serengeti: Natural Order on the African Plain
By Mitsuaki lwago
"Gazelles eviscerated before our eyes by wild dogs,
lions feasting on the skulls of baby zebras
hyenas being quite piggy over the bloody guts
of some wildebeest...Burp."

AIDS, Russian Art, Untamed Alaska,
PR, Psychotherapy, Pesticides, Earth

The Partial Vapor Pressure of Khometz
"Unlike snooty khometz, matzo just sits there,
mild, plain, and flat, wishing only to be of help."

Sand Dancing in Rio
Our intrepid reporter gets whipped by
a long broad braid broad on a long broad beach at Rio

Being the tail of one who gives his master a fit
and comes down with fleabitus and Barkinson's Disease

Hugh  Madeline  Paul
Three real tales from a Rhode Island psychiatrist
who cares (and knows how to write).

Cousin Hans
"I think on him, my young friend, getting beaten
so very much, with that heavy, black, shiny black belt."

Saints, whisky priests, mystics, Buddha,
Smelly dogs, the dead, and slaves.

Keats as a midget, burlap bags (bunching and clicking),
fly love poems, "Your lovely hair, Margarette,"
and "Lifestyles of the Blind and Paralyzed."

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