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Volume XI, Number 3 --- Fall, 1995

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The Diving Bell and the Butterfly
By Jean-DominiqueBauby
"One eye was sewn shut, the other goggled like the doomed eye of Cain.
For a moment I stared at that dilated pupil, before I realized it was only mine."

The Old Man Who Read Love Stories
by Luis Sepúlveda
"He's the kind of writer you and I want to be...
He moves effortlessly into the tale
then it moves on its own, and you (and he)
have to do nothing."

Proslavery: A History of
the Defense of Slavery in America
By Larry E. Tise
"The 'Oracular Decisions' of God have positively declared
that the Slave-Trade is intrinsically good and licit..."

Joyce Carol Oates, Penguins, The Titanic,
Gnostic Scriptures --- and The Harlem Renaissance

"A tremendous man skipped up the steps as lightly as Fred Astaire.
He was tremendous, obese --- just plain fat.
'Name's Arbuckle,' he said, 'Roscoe Arbuckle. Call me Fatty!'"

Beautiful Summer in New Jersey
"But I could never forget, can never forget, will never forget you, Paul
--- the smears of blood down the hallway,
and on the edges of the white porcelain tub."

Free Land
A radical plan for bringing inner cities back to life
which, for a change, will directly benefit the poor and the homeless.

Love in the Canals of Venice
By Luis Sepúlveda
"The business of the gondolier, the gondola,
and all that ardent kissing became a little clearer
after two hours of discussion spiced with juicy anecdotes."

By J. Gallant & L. Milam
"All Mexicans and Latinos are welcome to the USA
as long as they bring their Visa cards."

The Buddha of Boystown
By Ignacio Schwartz
"I didn't want to be born. But all I could do was try to stop it,
or perhaps, at worst, pretend it didn't happen."

The Black Book
By Lawrence Durrell
"Next door Miss Venable is powdering her harelip.
The gas fire is playing its mute jazz.
The snow is falling."

"The girl of gold bathed in the water
and the water turned to gold."

"The Ladies of the School of Bliss
Have announced
They are preparing to crush thyme
Against the Dying Stars."

"Through open doors, the dining-room declares
A larger loneliness of knives and glass
And silence laid like carpet."

"Here's to this old digit named Peter
(As in Peter, Paul, John, Matthew
And Mary Magdalene, she Ms Thumb)."

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