The Lamed-Vovnik, Buddha, Priests, and Dogs

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The Lamed-Vovnik
"Into them, as into one receptacle,
pour all our griefs."

The Notebooks
"It's the will to happiness which matters. Everything else ---
Women, art, worldly triumphs --- are just so many pretexts."

Another Doggie
"He breathed out and I breathed in.
It was like a gust from a buzzard's nest."

The Whisky Priest
"Well, You're going to be a martyr --- you've got that satisfaction."
"Oh no. Martyrs are not like me. They don't think all the time"

"Even today the oldest ones still talk about the famous collective whippings
that used to be administered here at the Morro Azul."

The Buddha of Boystown
"They believe in the 'Cup of Forgetfulness.'
One sip and your remembrances are all wiped away."

The Meaning of Life
Voice: "What is madness?"
Yudhishthira: "A forgotten way."

The Dead
"The dead can go on foot," I said, "and if they don't want to walk
kick them in the ass. Don't you agree?"

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