The Review of Arts, Literature,
Philosophy and the Humanities

  Number 250

Early Summer 2014

In the honor of issue #250 we have collected
a passel of our favorite reviews, articles, poems
and readings --- those that have been lurking about
lost in hyperspace for, lo, these last
twenty years or so.

We offer here a dozen reviews from
the more than 4,000 online that
should knock your eyes out
(or your socks off).

The 400 articles
we've published since 1995
explore a world we believe to be
ignored by other media.
Here are links to twelve
that may well be
our most lapidary.

Here are a dozen readings ---
mostly drawn from books under review ---
passages that will shed further light on their subject,
yet ones that can stand as great literature
on their own.

Each issue features two or more new poems,
a different breed than those appearing in the
old and tired and hoary literary journals.
Out of over 600 we've published online,
here are a few that managed
to stay around long after
the sell-by date.

Over these many years,
we have received the usual salty letters of
complaint and vituperation, as well as
you're-mad ... and we-love-you.
Here is a rich selection of those
that have made our day.

Those Angry Days
"When the Japanese attacked us, and
when their Axis Allies in Europe
declared war on us,
this nation was better prepared,
spiritually as well as militarily,
than it had ever been for any war
in our history."

The Skin
"It is a literary work
whose aesthetic intention is so strong,
so apparent, that the sensitive reader automatically
excludes it from the context of accounts
brought to bear by historians,
journalists, political analysts, memoirists."

Behind the Beautiful Forevers
"When I was a kid
one of the favorites on radio
was the Mills Brothers singing
Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall
(But Too Much Has Fallen in Mine.)

Here, we are awash
in rain, tears, sewage, blood,
snot, sweat and smegma.
Man the bilges!"

Wardy Forty
"In the beginning,
no one knew anything.
Even my dad thought that he
was suffering from alcoholism,
or God knows what.
Woody didn't know that
what he had was genetic."

Conditions of Hospitality
"To share food and offer gifts to a stranger
was considered the highest form of civilization.
By contrast, a monster like Cyclops
preferred to devour his guests."

On Our 250th Issue

Angry Letters
From the Past

A Letter
From the Department of Human Services

Did you ever get a letter from the IRS?
Your heart sinks and you're afraid
to open the envelope, right? Because you
automatically assume that whatever
the IRS wants from you,
it ain't good."

Eating the Fish-Girl
"In the middle of the tray was a little girl,
or something that resembled a little girl.
She lay face upwards on a bed of green lettuce leaves,
encircled by a large wreath of pink coral stems.
Her eyes were open, her lips half closed;
and she was gazing with an expression of wonderment
at Luca Giordano's painting of the
'Triumph of Venus'
which adorned the ceiling."

"The day you flew in perfect arc
from your motorcycle was the same day
I broke the perfect formation of your women
at the railing, leaving behind
your grandmother and mother, to run
and jump the fence."

(Still Hot Off the Press)

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two-volume set, which one critic called


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