The Review of Arts, Literature,
Philosophy and the Humanities

  Number 197

Mid-Winter 2009 - 2010

Inner Peace
Going Green
Florida Rivers
Yellowstone Drift
In the American Grain

Dream Street
"When any hitch arises
the underpaid, uninvolved workers
are more than happy to
take a long break.
It has a name:
beer o'clock."

The Ascent of Money
"Was it worth the huge
moral gamble that the Chicago
and Harvard boys made,
of getting into bed with
a murderous, torturing
military dictator?"

Live Nude Model
"The naked people
are not disempowered
because they are naked;
rather they are naked because
they are disempowered."

Diario de Oaxaca
"They gave us their Bible
and told us to close our eyes
and pray to their God.
When we opened our eyes
we found they had
stolen our land."

The Amos Oz Reader
"He can sew together a plot
that will knock your socks off.
He knows hearts, old and young.
He shares the good and the bad
of love --- old love, new love ---
and loves to tell.
Most of all, he,
or rather he and his translator,
are dynamite with words."

The River Flows North
"If you live
in the Southwest and
if you are fond of
going to pick the flowers
in the springtime in
the Anza-Borrego Desert,
don't read this one."

"It's like picking up
an already-opened soft drink
and after the first slug,
realizing far too late that
someone has dumped
a half-smoked cigarette in it."

American Salvage
B Is for Bad Poetry
Translation is a Love Affair
Getting Away with Murder on the Texas Frontier
The Little Black Book of Grisélidis Réal

Peoples of the Plateau
Revolution in Seattle
Black Glasses Like Clark Kent
Through the Eyes of the Astronauts

Great Reviews of the Past
"As an inhabitant of
Mexico City
would opine,
'A ella le gusta
bastante crema en
su taco.'
(She sure likes
a lotta cream
on her taco.)"

The Black Room at Longwood
"Captivity is first of all a smell.
Napoleon had an extremely
sensitive olfactory sense."

Twisted Spoon Press
Bob Poole & "Poole's Paradise"

My Bloody Life

Cryptic Letters of the Month
Cock Cages
Gravitation and the Stars

Letters We Never Finished Reading
A Wicked Uncle

Great Articles of the Past

"For our trip to Dr. Feelgood's,
he plants his forepaws on the front seat,
and rests his sweet little pin-head
on my right shoulder.
Since he thinks he is a people,
on top of his other chores
he has to supervise
my driving."

A Friend in Zagreb
"He tells me that
he is an old man because
he almost forgot his hat,
but, with the same smile
both deep and wide, and
the same genteel stare
into my eyes,
that I should not forget
to live well."

Abraham Lincoln
"Brancusi should make his statue ---
of wood --- after the manner of
his Socrates, with the big hole
in the enormous mass of the head,
save that this would be a woman."

"Where can I go
without my mount
all eager and quick
How will I know
in thicket ahead
is danger or treasure
when Body my good
bright dog is dead?"

Bathurst Street
"we pretend as if nothing change we,
make rum punch and sing, with bottle and spoon,
song we weself never even sing but only hear when
we was children."

Great Poems from the Past
Marilyn Monroe Is Dead

"When I saw Marilyn's shimmering legs,
I was ashamed of my dark skin
and ashamed of the Latinas
and their sweet-fifteen debutante parties,
where girls became women,
without ever touching a man's body,
without ever touching my brown body."


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