R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 134

Early Late Mid-Summer 2005

Night Soldiers
"Ah, the great they.
The fine secret spring
that makes a spy novel work.
Every character, every locale,
every passing car, every passer-by.
They all may be a threat. One must always be
looking over one's shoulder."

Prints from the
New-York Historical Society

"This 1932 lithograph
includes the representation
of a newspaper ---
you're looking over a man's shoulder
to read the headline ---

Funny Vehicles
"The text is fairly pedestrian,
but the shots more than make up for it,
especially the Los Angeles Shoemobile,
the Mufflermobile of New Jersey,
the Russell Stover Candies rolling bungalow,
and a ladybug car from Japan."

Words Brushed by Time
"His infant older brother who never
Came home, two cousins lost in war, an uncle
Who captained his ship over the flat world's edge,
And one fleece-lined pilot lost years now inside
The stilled weather of a relative's box camera."

Folk Furniture
Of Canada's Doukhobors, Hutterites,
Mennonites, and Ukrainians

"Is it possible that
there can be a luxury in simplicity?
If so, it is reflected in
this delicious volume from
the University of Alberta."

Great Reviews of the Past
Mao T'se-tung
"But lest you think
they are being too snooty,
just below Buddha
you'll find Marlon Brando,
just above Robert E. Lee
there's Andy Warhol,
and cheek-by-jowl with
Virginia Woolf, we can find
Elvis Presley."

Robert Wilson's
The Vanished Hands
My Life in CIA
The Heart is a Lonely Hunter

Zen Koans
Cutting Tools
Leonard Garment

September Song
Edweard Muybridge
Horse Photos

The Starmaker
Part I
"Olafson invents
an immense galactic history
of a jillion different planets,
surveyed by a narrator who
simply floats into them by some
ill-defined kind of telepathic tourism."

Part II
"Here on our own planet,
we need only contemplate
Lenin's embalmed corpse in 1924,
preserved under glass
for worship like
the bones of a
medieval saint."

Stealing a Little Bit of Beethoven
"Wonderful music like this
was the worst hurt there could be.
The whole world was this symphony,
and there was not
enough of her to listen."

Frogs' Legs and BB Guns
"This was my project,
and I was going to make something,
a little purse for coins,
with satiny soft furs sewn together.
Did I trap and kill moles?
Or use mice from the kitchen mousetraps?
I must have skinned them myself,
and then tried to cure the skins,
and I suppose they stank
and I was persuaded to bury them."

Maquis and Makhorka
"Once divided between
Greece and Yugoslavia,
a country presently
occupied by Germany,
with willing assistance from
the Croatian minority,
except for those Croats
who are communist
and fight with Tito,
whose father was a Serb
and mother a Croat.
And yes, I like
the tobacco quite well."

Talking Big
"We are sitting here at dinner talking big.
I am between the two dullest men in the world
Across from the fattest woman I ever met.
We are talking big. Someone has just remarked
That energy equals the speed of light squared."

The Animals You Eat
"The animals you eat
Leave footprints in your eyes.
You stare, four-year-old pools
Troubled. 'They don't have souls,'
I tell you, in defeat."


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