R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Number 101

Late Mid-Summer 2003


The Dust of Empire:
The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland,

Hitler Came for Niemoeller, and
From Toad Slime to Ecstasy

Rainbow's End
The Crash of 1929
"Rock-a-bye, trader, on the tip top.
When the Board meets, the market will rock.
When the rate rises, quotations will fall.
And down will come trader, margins and all."

The Life and Death of Minneapolis's Skid Row
"Twenty-five blocks of
19th and early 20th century buildings
fell to the wrecking ball.
It represented more than 40%
of downtown Minneapolis.
The press of the time called it
an occasion for civic rejoicing.
By 1965, most of this area
had been turned into parking lots
and buildings of pure glass and steel."

Pieces of Payne
"She hummed.
She scanned the sky all night and
kept the stars from falling asleep by
serenading them with
The British Grenadiers and
The Galway Piper.
They may have sung back to her
in return. "

Great Reviews of the Past
The Night Torn with Mad Footsteps
"They rise up hotly
out of the sweaty, jism-encrusted beds
(no sheets; no pillowcases) and,
without bothering to shower
or even wash their hands
they pry open a can of tuna
with a pocket-knife and
pick it out and
stuff it in their mouths and
somehow score a case of
Mickey's Wide-Mouth."

Henry James' In the Cage,
A. L. Barker's Gooseboy, and
Sleeping with the Dictionary

The Paris Review

Paul Krassner at the 1968 Democratic Convention
"Hey, Abbie said,
are you guys following us?
Are you local or federal?
We're plainclothes officers
with the Chicago Police Department.
You're under 24-hour surveillance.
I said, with perverted pride,
three shifts, just for us."

Paul McCarthy Interview

"I collect telephones.
Send me your phones.
Some days I like my shoes.
Some days I hate them....
If you squint it muffles my voice ---
wipe yourself on the carpet,
and yoga is good for you.
Hold your knees and scoot forward."

Zombie Hat
"Statistics show the zombie hat
helps to maintain social stasis.
With the right fit,
you'll brim with social graces."

The Queen is in Her Countinghouse
"In Crematoria Park, they've set up tables
Lunch will be served at noon
The bodies will be shown at one.
There will be pig's feet, boiled turnips,
Fried herring and marshmallows.
They say that the subaltern
Will give a speech on the new order
Of the new economy, or the state
Of the state of the unions
Or the coming of night."


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