Seth Glickenhaus,
Al Qaeda

Q.Are you worried that we'll invade Iran or Syria?

A.The public thinks we won the war and that it is over. They don't realize we are going to keep more troops in Iraq than we thought. The deficit will grow. We are not going to win the peace. Iraq is so divided internally it makes Afghanistan look like one unified group. Do you think soldiers know how to straighten out a country? They know how to make war. Do you think the State Department has the people and the training to help the country rebuild? Do you think we have anything like that?...

Q. What do you expect to come fall 2004?

I expect we will be sitting here and having the same interview. I don't see any change in sight. I don't see the Demnocratic Party trying to revolutionize itself. The Democrats have all become sheep. Young people have the expression about living outside the box. No one is living outside the box here. There is only one great country: Norway. I didn't come from Norway, but I lived there. It is monolithic. There are 3.5 million people. It is the most constructive country in the world. They're for peace and they were just named as part of the enemy by Al Qaeda. If you want a wonderful country, it's Norway. In my next incarnation, I hope to be born a Norwegian.

--- From an interview with
Seth Glickenhaus,
89-year-old investment manager
As conducted by Sandra Ward for
Barron's Magazine,
June 9, 2003

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