R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXIV, Number 3

Early Mid-Spring 2001


The Art of the Pre-Raphaelites
"In Millais' Ophelia one can identify
the flowers in her hand, count the ruffles
in her floating dress, see the spiderwebs
on the reeds growing near her head.
The details are so rich that we know (we think)
that the artist (and the viewer) are right there."

In The South Bronx of America
"The burning of the South Bronx
didn't just happen by accident, but was the result of decisions
made by politicians, businessmen, government officials,
and urban planners."

Radio in Mexico 1920 - 1950
"To hear, however, corny band music
and off-key mariachi as we do on most Mexican
broadcast outlets means that the desire to destroy
creativity and life, now an accomplished fact to the north,
has a way to go before it reaches that country."

Great Reviews of the Past
Family Kaleidoscope: Images of Violence and Healing
Salvador Minuchin
"Incomplete dialogues destroy family systems.
Family therapists with a concern for the whole system insist on
meeting with everyone --- father, mother, sons, daughters,
important "others" --- participating in their wrangles, angers, insights,
watching their unspoken hates and prejudices."

RALPH's Top Pop Hits
The most popular book reviews, essays and readings
from Ralph's first seven years --- being those
that have received the most number of hits
over the last few weeks.

The Japanese War Crimes Trials,
The Poetry of Lucille Clifton,
Three Old Ladies Selling Pot

The Happy Years
Part I
"The school fathers knew that unleashing
several hundred co-eds on our campus for
forty-eight hours could lead to a series of fire bombs
from students' explosive, pent-up libidos.
Rather than fight it, they set the weekend up
in such a way as to let us get our rocks off
in acceptable fashion."

Part II
"Regret, they say, is a continuing unwillingness
to forgive the self. If so, I'm probably guilty.
But my pride at survival may well be
the mirror image of that."

Jet Skis, Progress, and A Minnesota Lake
"The neighbors are spraying their land with herbicide
and the haze drifts over our quarter acre.
This is as much as I can stand, and I commence ranting
and ruining the mood of my gentle companion.
What if you were to consider these people
to be your dearest spiritual teachers?
he suggests.
Anyway, how do you know it's herbicide?
Maybe it's liquefied organic compost."

Disability Writer Appears before 40,000
(In the Buff)

"Recently, I had the temerity to appear on the cover
of the disability magazine New Mobility buck naked. Since then,
not a few agonized letters have come to the magazine, calling my display
trash, disgusting, ignorant, pointless, an embarrassment,
not suitable for children,
for the wastebasket."

Blue Cloud Rides Horses
"blue cloud rides cellblock horses/made of steel bars and thick walls
and when he gets out he rides horses again/ blue cloud rides his baby's horse
and it makes him cry and it makes him cry/and it makes him want to forget
and makes him want and want and nearly die of want"

Paul Krassner, and
A Steamy Letter About
Dancing Alone in Mexico


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