R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXIII, Number 4

Late Winter 2001


Lindbergh: Triumph and Tragedy
"He was known as a practical joker.
Strange turn of phrase; there was nothing practical about the time he
poured mouthwash into a decanter of rare Burgundy wine,
or the times he blew his nose without a handkerchief.
Nothing could be more irritating to the rich, aristocratic
Morrow family that he married into."

Gandhi The Man
"We come, over time, to believe that
the greatest saints do not need noise, power
and martyrdom to manifest their good works.
They can proffer their beliefs without
endangering lives, nor creating violence."

Discovering the Power of Self-Hypnosis
"Fisher has sold jillions of copies of this one
but be forewarned --- it is largely a commercial for Stanley Fisher,
including a tedious listing of all the people who have
come to him with their bad habits."

Great Reviews of the Past
A Field Guide to American Windmills
"For if we stop, for a moment,
out there on the darkening plain,
stop in the keening aroma of moist wheat,
the waves of sea-passioned essence,
we can, too, hear the mermaids,
crying into the darkness of us,
with voices of steel grating against steel."

Village and Country Residences and How to Build Them,
John Dewey, Melvil Dewey, and Boobs, and
Alfred Kazin's New York Jew.

A Geezer in Paradise
The New York Times, The Police Gazette,
and Fox TV

Part I
"The photographs are three columns wide,
and I found they made a surprisingly rich accompaniment
to my bacon and eggs, tortillas, jam and coffee
at the Cafe Tia Marķa, my usual breakfast nook."

Part II
"Lugubrious Lu was not averse to selling her wares
to the electrical man for an hour or so ---
after all, that was her chosen trade ---
but she wasn't quite ready to take off
for the golden isles with him."

Headaches and Hypnotherapy --- A Case Study
Part I

"Following this half hour of sleep,
she was then to spend at least an hour, preferably more,
in mentally reviling, denouncing, condemning and criticizing
anybody and everybody she wished, giving free rein
to her fantasies as she did so."

Part II
"This was in the form of a
post-hypnotic suggestion to the effect that on a certain day,
at a specified hour, she was to develop a severe headache."

Because You Want Love
"You've known for the last forty miles
on Interstate-95 that by the time you get
to Aramingo Avenue you'll be angry
at General Motors for burning up
all the Mack busses and the green striped trolleys."

When Home, in the Cocoon
"Those damn bakery trucks on Krams Avenue.
Those damn back-up beepers shriving my soul.
Then it's that bread you hate the most ---
when you wonder what crazy would eat such stuff,
When you wish their ovens would get blown up."

I'm a Discouraged Man, and
Where'd That Adidas Come From?


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