R  A  L  P H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities

Volume XXII, Number 2

Early Fall, 2000


Tales from Rhapsody House,
The Biography of George Mallory, and
Dancing Alone in Mexico

My Father and Myself
"The portrait we end up with is
that of a balding, toothless old 'twank,'
patrolling the streets in desperation,
knowing he will never ever find
the 'Ideal Friend.'"

A Living in the Number One Country
Reflections from a Critic of American Empire
"Schiller has a problem getting his message across.
The reason: He's a dogmatist of the first water.
Reading this reminded me of that old wheeze,
When the only tool you own is a hammer,
every problem begins to resemble a nail."

Alberto Moravia
"I was looking at her mouth
as one sometimes looks at a fruit
before putting one's teeth into it...
like a shellfish whose valves open
at the pulsating movement of some
living creature wet with cool sea-water."

Great Reviews of the Past
How Now Shall We Live?
"In none of his writings, for example,
will you find reference to the wonderfully earthy
back-and-forth between God and Moses that appears in
Exodus --- in which Moses ends up getting mooned."

Adventures from the Pilgrimage Trail,
The Buddha Scroll, and
The Last Days of Napoleon

Sex and Violence
"I suggested that the FCC create a fee schedule
which would be applied to each program
that involved mayhem or explicit sexual content.
I called it a Sex and Violence Fee."

A Russian Prophecy from 1844
"Artificial lights are made from electricity;
hostile impulses are deadened by 'magnetic baths,'
in the course of which all secrets are revealed;
Love of humanity has become so great that
all tragedy has been eliminated from literature."

St. Petersburg
"The city is, and always has been, a tragic city,
artificially created, geographically misplaced,
yet endowed with a haunting beauty, as though an ironic deity
had meant to provide some redemption
for all the cruelties and all the mistakes."

"My old friend's betrayal lumped in my neck,
my old love walking away thirty years ago
stuck in my lower back, father's death, mother's
lovelessness lodged in so many parts..."

Forbidden Books
"Sister reminding us it took Satan nine days,
not a split-second, to drop from Heaven to Hell,
the hands of the big clock above the door
clicking toward twelve."

Viennese Types, and
The Zen of Oz


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