Issue #276
Mid-Summer 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Halstead's Syndrome
Blue People
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Our Favorite New Books The Editors of RALPH [List] A Dozen or So of The Best
New Books from the Early Months of 2016
Gaudeamus Killitur
Solving the Problem of
On-Campus Guns
Jon Gallant [Article] Need for a Hitman
In the Groves of Academe
Inventing a Better Mousetrap*
200 Years of American Industry in
The Amazing World of Patent Models
Alan & Ann Rothschid (Maker Media) 750 New Inventions as Registered
In the U. S. Patent Office 150 Years Ago
One Wild Bird at a Time
Portraits of Individual Lives
Bernd Heinrich (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) A Passionate Love
For the Wild Birds of Maine
The Word Detective
Searching for the Meaning of it All
At the Oxford English Dictionary
John Simpson (Basic Books) Bringing the OED into the Electronic Age
Heroes of the Frontier
A Novel
Dave Eggers (Alfred A. Knopf) A Mother and Her Two Children on the Run to Alaska
The Only Words That Are Worth Remembering Jeffrey Rotter (Metropolitan Book) A Mindless Future in America
Making People Sick
In the Pursuit of Health
H. Gilbert Welch, M.D. et al Sean Runnette, Reader. (HighBridge Audio) The Way the New Medical Testing Machines
Are Turning Most of Us
From People into Patients
Hitler, Mussolini, and Me
A Sort of Triography
Charles Davis (The Permanent Press) Turning the Two Dictators into Comic Figures
Prayer Warriors[G]
The True Story of a Gay Son, His Fundamentalist,
Christian Family and the Battle for His Soul
Stuart Howell Miller (Alyson) The Childhood of a Gay Activist
Been There, Done That[G] Eddie Fisher / David Fisher (Thomas Dunne Books) The Real Skinny on Being America's Hearthrob
The Million Dollar Mermaid[G] Esther Williams (Simon & Schuster) The Real Skinny on Being America's Siren
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED . . . Dr. Phage [Article] Student Activists and Their Elaborate Demands
Happy Baby[G] Stephen Elliott (Picador) A Chicago Prison Novel Abetted with a
Strange PTSD: the Need to Suffer (as if He Were Back in Prison)
My Sister L. W. Milam [Article] A Story of Polio and
A Death in the Family
Frogs' Legs and BB Guns Barbara Holland [Reading] The Total Innocence of Childhood in America, 1945
Viking Breath Anatoly Kudryavitsky [Poem] How does it feel to be the Cultural Attaché
for the North Pole?
In Our Stairwell Gennady Alexeyev [Poem] "As for humankind, we should not
laugh at it but mourn it."
Living in a Whale's Belly Anatoly Kudryavitsky [Poem] The Happiest Years of Jonah's Life
Beiing the Ones he Spent in
the Belly of a Whale
* = A Book the Editors Believe to Be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #277
Late Summer 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Catherine Gildiner's Coming Ashore
Hitler, Mussolini and Me
The Men With Broken Faces
The Best Dictionary and
The Word "Callipygian"
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Astonishing Letters from the Past The Editors of RALPH [List] A Collection of a Dozen or So of
The Best Or Oddest Letters
To come into this Magazine
The Story of the BritArt Revolution
Elizabeth Fullerton (Thames & Hudson) An History of Some of the Most Bizarre, Unexpected,
Deranged, Demented, Obnoxious, and (Sometimes)
Funny Art to Come out of England
Tiger Milk* Stefanie de Velasco (Head of Zeus) Two Volatile Middle Eastern Fourteen-Year-Olds
Wired Up on the Streets of 2010 Berlin
Reading from Behind
A Cultural Analysis of the Anus
Jonathan A. Allan (University of Regina Press) Eight Poems, Films, Books and Stories Deeply Anal-yzed to
Gauge the Profundity of Pleasure Available in
That Place Where the Sun Don't Shine
Arthur & George Julian Barnes (Brilliance Audio) The Meeting of Two Figures from Nineteenth Century
England - - - George Edalji and Arthur Conan Doyle for
The Freedom of the Former, the Latter to Become a Sherlock
The Walls of Delhi*
Three Novellas
Uday Prakash (Seven Stories Press) Three Great Stories out of India Concerning
Corruption, Honor, Passion and Kafkaesque Shenanigans
All This Gold Hurts My Mouth Katherine Leyton (Icehouse/Goose Lane) Feminist Poetry - - - with Vengeance - - - from Canada
All Is Not Forgotten* Wendy Walker (St Martins Press) A Psychotherapist Turns Deceptive, Conniving
And Scheming (To Shield His Family)
Garden Insects of North America[G]
The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs
Whitney Cranshaw, Editor (Princeton) 2,000 of the Scary Beasties Given Ample Showtime
Of Two Minds[G] Tanya Luhrmann (Vintage) The Training, Practice (and Imperfection)
of American Psychology
An American Summer[G] Frank Deford (Sourcebooks Landmark) An Exceptionally Vulgar Novel about
A Young Lady in an Iron Lung
Getting Old and Hoary L. W. Milam [Article] What It's Like When the Grad Students
Send You a Ten-Page Questionnaire on Something Your Did
(and Forgot) Decades Ago
Ultrasound & Fury Natalie Angier [Reading] What to Do When the Doctors Tell You that
Your Child Will Be Born Severely Handicapped
My Favorite Chickens L. W. Milam [Reading] Raising Strange Looking Birds
from What They Call the Fancy
A Special Present for Sister Angelica C. A. Amantea [Reading] A Present for the Saintly Nuns Who
Work in the Far Trenches of the Desert
A Petition on Behalf of Saddam Hussein Rev. A. W. Allworthy [Reading] A Petition Filed Long Ago to
Spare Saddam Hussein's Life So
He Could Be Tortured by Graduate Students
This Beautiful Pool Henry James [Poem] A Poem Drawn from the Novelist's Prose
Lower Forms of Life
Photograph of Mother
Katherine Leyton [Poems] Two from All the Gold Hurts My Mouth
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #278
Early Fall 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Christian/Holiness vs.
All This Gold Hurts My Mouth
American Candide
Patricia Smith Poetry &
Carlos vs. Lolita
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Eighteen Great Books of Photography The Editors of RALPH [List] A Collection of a Dozen-and-a-Half of
The Best Books
on Art or Photographs
The Mindful Writer Dinty W. Moore (Wisdom) Fifty-eight mots from
Fifty-Eight Writers on Writing
A Song to My City
Washington, D. C.
Carol Lancaster (Georgetown University Press) One Person's Somewhat Biased
View of Our Center of Government
Show Me All Your Scars
True Stories of Living with Mental Illness
Lee Gutkind, Editor (In Fact Books) Twenty People Who Suffer from a Number of
Mental Difficulties Tell Us What It's Like
Lithium Jesus
A Memoir of Mania
Charles Monroe-Kane (Wisconsin) One Who "Hears Voices" Explains
What That Is Like
Concrete Carnival* Danner Darcleight (The Permanent Press) One Who Is Serving "Twenty-Five Years to Life"
Explores, in Detail, the Culture of Living in the Joint
Don Juan*
A Satiric Epic of Modern Life
George Gordon, Lord Byron
Jonathan Keeble, Reader
(Naxos) Seventeen Cantos from 1825
Read Expertly by a Master
Hurricane Street Ron Kovic (Akashic) The Author of Born on the Fourth of July
Tells of a Strike Against the VA
Over Hospital Care for the Disabled
See Also Deception
A Marjorie Trumaine Mystery
Larry D. Sweazy (Seventh Street Books) Some Oddballs Living in the Wilds of
North Dakota Beset by a Mad Killer
At the Ends of the Earth[G]
A History of the Polar Regions
Kieran Mulvaney (Island/Shearwater) Things You Possibly Don't Want to Know
About the Top and Bottom of the Earth
Haiku[G] R. H. Blyth (Heian International) A Terrific Overview of Japan's National Poetry
With Copious (and Great) Samples
Sacred Pain[G]
Hurting the Body for
The Sake of the Soul
Ariel Glucklich (Oxford) The Tried-and-True Techniques of Those Who
Torture the Rest of Us in the Name of the Divine
Enemy Agents
In My Kitchen
Dr. Phage [Article] The Ability of So-Called Passive Objects to
Take Over (and Ruin) Our Everyday Life
Cold Water in Warm Springs L. W. Milam [Article] Revealing the Take-Over of
One Great Rehabilitation Center by Those
Who Do Not Wish It (or Us) Well
My Friend Emma[G] C. A. Amantea [Article] A Paean to "The Mother Teresa of Oaxaca"
The Year They Tried
To BlockThe Deputy
Warren Hinckle [Article] One of the Great Essays of
The Late Rabble-Rouser Writer
The Sunne Rising John Donne [Poem] One of the Great Metaphysical Poems

From the Seventeenth Century

Cambridge Ladies E. E. Cummings [Poem] A Tribute to Those Who Live in Furnished Souls
Are Unbeautiful and Have Comfortable Minds
After the Persian Louise Bogan [Poem] Yes, Love - - - But I Do Not Wish to Know
The Depths of Your Terrible Jungle
Marriage Chris Rock [Paradox-of-the-Month] Nelson Mandela Before (and After)
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #279
Mid-Fall 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Infantilizing the Geezers
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The October Surprise The Editors of RALPH [List] Ancient Review, Articles and Readings from RALPH
Brought back to life by new readers of the magazine
Observations on the History and Habitat
Of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants
Robert Sullivan (Bloomsbury) An extended exegesis on those seedy little suckers
who hide in the lower reaches and waste our precious resources
(and who didn't come from Norway)
The Ascent of Money[G]
A Financial History of the World
Niall Ferguson (Penguin) The wonderful thinking of one of our most provocative economists
on the origins of capital and assets
Courthouses of Minnesota[G] Mary Logue
Doug Ohman, Photographer
(Minnesota Historical Society) 100 or so great old buildings dedicated
to bureaucracy and guilt (and greed)
Pepys' Diary[G] Samuel Pepys
Kenneth Branagh, Reader
(HighBridge Classics) Memoirs of the lusty man of the Admiralty of 18th Century England
Vogue Women Georgina Howell (Thunder's Mouth Press) 100 photographs drawn from the magazine
from the last fifty years
Spanish Places[G] B. E. Marsh (Syren) Memories of an American on
the Iberian peninsula fifty years ago
All the Fishes
Come Home to Roost[G]
An American Misfit in India
Rachael Manija Brown (Rodale) Unsettling memoirs of one who grew up with
a hippy mother and father in India many years ago
What I Think I Did[G]
A Season of Survival In Two Acts
Larry Woiwode (Basic Books) An ego-filled reminiscence of
a lifetime of writing and hero-worshipping
The Blast[G] Alexander Berkman (AK Press) A history of the radical anarchist monthly
Terrors of the Table[G]
The Curious History
of Nutrition
Walter Gratzer (Oxford) Things you don't want to know
about the food you put in your mouth
Triumph and Tragedy
Richard Bak (Taylor) Things you don't want to know
about America's great hero
Peoples of the Plateau[G][B]
The Indian Photographs of Lee Moorhouse, 1898 - 1915
Steven L. Grafe (University of Oklahoma Press) Great shots from southern Plateau Indians
of the Columbia Basin and
the Umatilla Indian Reservation
The Little Black Book Of Grisélidis Réal[G][B]
Days and Nights of An Anarchist Whore
Jean-Luc Hennig (Semiotext(e)/MIT) Just like it says: the rules and
strictures of an anarchist whore
Radio in the Dark Ages
L.W. Milam [Article] Memories of the days when
American radio was diverse (and diverting)
Through the Eyes Of the Astronauts
Robert Jacobs, et al, Editors (Abrams) Gorgeous photos of the various missions
Speech Before the Last Graduating Class
of L'École du Néant
C. A. Amantea Article Life Science in 25 easy steps - - -
with recipes for great eatings
Man's Search For Meaning Viktore E. Frankl [Reading] The secret of success - - -
don't aim for success
Belief Douglas Cruickshank [Reading] A surprising cure for a fatal illness
Did I Know You Back Then?
Fade to Black
Colleen J. McElroy [Poems] Memories of life
in St. Louis and at Antioch
Cuando era tigre Lisa Rappoport y Sasha Ryerson [Poem] Growing up as a tiger
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #280
Late Fall 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Vladimir Volfovich Zhirinovsky
The Least Tern
Learning to See
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Great Disability Literature The Editors of RALPH [List] Thirty-three writers on the fate of all mankind
with reviews of their several titles
Jack London
The Paths Men Take Photographs, Journals and Reportages
David Sapienza, Editor (Contrasto) A selection from some of the thousands of photographs
that London took - - - along with a brief biography
Sightings of the Sacred
Cattle in Uganda, Madagascar and India
Daniel Naudé (Prestel) Photographs of the Zebu cattle of Madagascar and the Ankole of Uganda - - -
with some thoughts on their spiritualism
The Huntress
The Adventures, Escapades, and
Triumphs of Alicia Patterson
Alice Arlen and Michael J. Arlen (Pantheon) The life adventures of the one of the first aviatrixes In America
founder of the highly successful Newsday of Long Island
Blood Memory* Colleen J. McElroy (University of Pittsburgh Press) Over fifty poems of growing up Black in St. Louis
Fire and Blood:*
The European Civil War, 1914 - 1945
Enzo Traverso (Penguin/Verso) A theory that the bloodshed in Europe
should be seen in terms of a civil - - -
e.g., familial conflict
The Whole Earth Field Guide Caroline Maniaque-Benton
Meredith Gaglio, Editors
(MIT Press) A contemporary recasting of the famous catalogue
from forty-five years ago
War and Turpentine* Stefan Hertmans (Pantheon) A superb study of Hertmans' grandfather who
lived through the idyls of the Edwardian period and
the ghoulish trench warfare of WWI
Enlightening the World[G]
The Creation of the Statue of Liberty
Yasmin Sabina Khan (Cornell University Press) The story of the why and how of the American landmark
The Exploding Whale Bernd Heinrich [Reading] How to deal with the new dead whale on your favorite beach
Belinda's World Tour Franz Kafka [Reading] Postcards from an imaginary world trip that Kafka
sent to a favorite young girl
Becoming Amerikanskiy Gary Shteyngart [Reading] A Russian family's life-changing trip to Florida
Bodies and British Romanticism
Paul Youngquist (Minnesota) Tales from days "when it was OK
to gawk at strange-looking people"
Body, Remember[G] Kenny Fries (Wisconsin) Memories of growing up disabled
You Can't Be Too Careful Dr. Phage [Article] Warnings to those who want to continue to use old,
outdated programs on old outdated comupters
Still Quiet on the Belgian Front Stefan Hertmans [Reading] The exact (and doleful) experience of trench warfare from WWI
With Albert Schweitzer
(And Adlai Stevenson)
h In Darkest Africa
Alica & Michael Arlen [Reading] What it must have been like - - -
perhaps disconcerting at best - - -
to visit the good doctor's hospital in Africa
Blue Exits Aaron Smith [Poetry] Poetry about contemplated suicides
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #281
Early Winter 2016
Title Author Publisher Subject
Mae Sarton
Jack London
A Letter from Timothy Geithner
The Foresaken
The Moscow Trials
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Why of Whys The Editors of RALPH [List] A Myriad of Puzzling Paradoxes to
Puncture Your Paradigms
Surviving the Gulag*
A German Woman's Memoir
Ilse Johansen (University of Alberta Press) Ilse Survived Four Years in a Variety of
Gulags in Russia During and After WWII
Dog Years*
Melissa Yancy (University of Pittsburgh) Nine Sterling Short Stories - - -
Mostly about the Ill and the Dying
The History and Uncertain
Future of Handwriting
Anne Trubek (Bloomsbury) Stories about the Growth and Change of Penmanship
Over the Last Four Thousand Years
A Thousand Miles from Nowhere John Gregory Brown (Leo Boudreaux/Little Brown) A Laconic Ex-High School Teacher
Survives Katrina (By Leaving Before It Hits)
White Trash John King (PM Press) The Nurse of Nurses Meets
Her (and Our) Opposite
Sleeping on Jupiter A Novel Anuradha Roy (Graywolf) A Visit to the Indian Temples by
Five of the Most Laconic Characters in
Modern Literature
Snowball in a Blizzard
A Physician's Notes on Uncertainty in Medicine
Steven Hatch, M. D. (Basic Books) A Mildly Interest Accounting of What to Believe
And What to Disbelieve in Contemporary Medicine
But What If We're Wrong?*
Thinking About the Present As If It Were the Past
Chuck Klosterman (Blue Rider Press) Dozens of Counterintuitive Ideas about
Where We Think We're Going
And Where We Think
We Are and Have Been
In the American Grain[G] William Carlos Williams (New Directions) Several Dozen Essays About America
From One of Our Best Poets
Primeval and Other Times[G] Olga Tokarczuk (Twisted Spoon) The Much Overrun Polish Town
(With Magic and Spirits)
O Bitter, Bitter Gall L. W. Milam [Article] A First-Hand Recounting of the Internal
Adventures of Belly and Bladder (Gall)
The Octomom vs. The Subprime Mortgage Crisis Ben Eastham [Reading] How the Octomom Was Bested
By the Mortgage Breakdown of 2009
The Face Transplant Man Melissa Yancy [Reading] A Tale of Those Who Are
Willing to Replace Your Face
In the Time of The Lime Trees Olga Tokarzuk [Reading] A Winsome Story out of
Primeval and Other Times
Without Vodka
Adventures in Wartime Russia
Aleksander Topolski (Steerforth) Life and Hunger in the Gulag
When Tony Hoagland Says
My Maternal Instincts
Are Impressive
Jenny Browne [Poem] I don't know what he means.
Some people will eat anything.
(Poem on the Death of Elvis the Cat)
Jon Loomis [Poem] sprayer, shredder of chairs, backhanded gift
from a breakup - - - your ex moved in with her girlfriend,
no pets allowed.
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

Issue #282
Mid-Winter 2016 - 2017
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Holiday Spirit
Ants (or Scorpions) in the Pants
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Fifteen Suicides The Editors of RALPH [List] Readings and Reviews (and Poems) from
Past Issues on a Vexing Subject
America Chartres
Buffalo's Waterfront Grain Elevators
Bruce Jackson (Excelsior Editions/ State University of New York Press) A Look at an Unusual Found Art Construct
The Abandoned Grain Elevators in Buffalo
The Wetback*
And Other Stories
Ron Arias (Arte Publico) Fourteen Stories from a New
Magical Realism School
The Golden Age
A Novel
Joan London (Europa Editions) A Hospital Romance between
Bookish Frank and Ethereal Elsa
Falling into the Mob* Steve Zousmer (Permanent Press) He Drifts into the Mob by the Back Door
And Becomes the Klutziest Mafioso of Them All
Accidence Will Happen
A Recovering Pedant's Guide
To English Language and Style
Oliver Kamm (Pegasus) An Odd Appeal for Us to Honor the Language of
The Streets and Ignore the Pedants
Dance of the Jakaranda* Peter Kimani (Akashic Books) On Building Kenya's "Lunatic Express"
And the Echoes from Sixty Years On
A Diary of My Sixty-First Year
Ian Brown (The Experiment) A Despairing Document of Our Sixth Decade
The Drowned Detective*
A Novel
Neil Jordan (Bloomsbury) An Off the Wall Detective Story of
Mitteleuropa - - - Filled with Mystics, Failing
Marriages, and Improbable Reincarnations
Bugs, Bites, and Bowels[G] Dr. Jane Wilson-Howarth (Cadogan Guides) What You Should Fear on Your
Next Visit to Foreign Lands, and
What You Should Ignore
Paris Review Interviews[G] Introduction by Philip Gourevitch (Picador) Fourteen Authors Quizzed - - -
Proving that Those Who Write
Should Mostly Do Only That
Old School[G] Tobias Wolff (Knopf) A Heap of East Coast Prep School Stuff
With Wonderful Takes on Ayn Rand and Robert Frost
Homeless in Academe Dr. Phage [Article] Moving from the Ivory Tower Directly to the
Homeless Tents in the University Parking Lot
The End of Democracy D. Runciman [Article] The Hidden Destructive Violence in America:
Young Blacks in Jail, Older Whites in
Alcohol and Drug-Related Suicide
So You Want to Be a Mobster
A Primer
Steve Zousmer [Reading] A Innocent Corporate Schill Is Asked
To Lead a New York Mafioso Gang
On Finding a Lion in Your Bedroom Lt. Colonel J. H. Patterson, D.S.O. [Reading] Owners of the "Lunatic Express" Find
The Lions Are Eating Up All the Prophets
A Guide for Spiritual Tourists Hannah Faith Notess [Poem] It told us whether to cover our heads,
where to remove our sandals.
It told us not to wear shorts if male
and if female to be careful.
Sonnet for My Backyard Crickets
Two Weeks Gone
Jacqueline Osherow [Poem] Well, crickets, you're gone again
and again I haven't gotten around
to thanking you properly - - - a habit of mine.
The same thing happened with my ex-husband,
though, at least, in his case, I tried.
* = A Book the Editors Believe to be Exceptionally Worthwhile
[G] = Great Reviews or Great Readings from the Past

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