Issue #251
Mid-Summer 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
From Mr. Warren Buffett
Science Fiction Writers
Letters We Never Finished Reading
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Our Most Beloved Pix
The Editors of RALPH [List] A Compilation of Those Pages that
Have Photographs or Drawings that
Our Readers Return to Again and Again
Urgent Architecture
240 Sustainable Housing Solutions
For a Changing World
Bridgette Meinhold (W. W. Norton) Unusual Structures --- Some Familiar,
Some Bizarre --- That Serve as
Emergency Shelters after a Disaster
Things I Don't Want to Know*
On Writing
Deborah Levy (Bloomsbury) A Short, Odd, Punchy
Reflection on Her Life
As it Grew from Her Novels
The Art of Dying S. N. Goenka (Vipassana Research) A Memorial to the Master and
Reflections on the Vipassana View of
Death and Dying
100 Poems
Old and New
Rudyard Kipling (Cambridge) Some Great (and
Controversial) Verse from
the Colonial Master
My Life with Cerebral Palsy
Fran Macilvey (Skyhorse) Reflections on Forty Years of Disability
Kumasi Realism
--- 1951 - 2007
An African Modernism
Atta Kwami (Ghana Denmark Cultural Fund/
Hurst & Company)
Hundreds of Drawings, Paintings,
Road Signs and Popular Art
From Ghana
Barry Lopez (Trinity University Press) Six Stories from Native Speakers with
Introductions by Lopez
Shakespeare's Language [G] Frank Kermode (Farrar Straus) Brilliant Exegesis from One of
The Great English Critics
Pop-Left Notes
A Thousand-and-One Nights of the Ukraine
Jon Gallant [Article] Some Revealing Insights into
The Present Crises
The Snowman of Johannesburg
Deborah Levy [Reading] Growing Up and Learning to Be a Writer
in South Africa, England and Elsewhere
After the Fall
Fran Macilvey [Reading] Part of the Day-to-Day with
Muscular Dystrophy
Iowa & Other Accidents
Kate Northrop Poem Driving, and the Snow, and
The Mississippi and the Accident
The Vision
Leslie Seamans [Poem] A Classic Tribute to Royalty, and Love, and
The Pain of Them Both
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #252
Late Summer 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Committee Against Bonsai Abuse
St Denys' Church Colmworth
Letters We Never Finished Reading
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Top Pop Hits
The Editors of RALPH [List] A Compilation of Fifteen Reviews, Readings,
Poems, or Articles that Our Readers
Find Most Gratifying
A Unicyclist's Guide to America
Mark Schimmoeller (Chelsea Green) One man on a one-man unicycle
travels from North Carolina to
New Mexcico
The Remedy
Robert Koch, Arthur Conan Doyle,
And the Quest to Cure Tuberculosis
Thomas Goetz (Gotham) A Study of a 19th Century Genius ---
And his Failed Attempt to Cure TB
Wake Up and Laugh
Dharma Teachings of Zen Master Daehaeng
Daehaeng Kun Sunim (Wisdom) Five Talks Given by a Korean Zen Master
Best New Poets --- 2013
50 Poems from Emerging Writers
Brenda Shaughnessy, Editor (Rector and Board of Visitors of
The University of Virginia)
Fifty Poems Drawn from Over 4,000 Submissions
Faces in the Crowd*
Valeria Luiselli (Coffee House Press) The Story of a Writer Who Discovers
Gilberto Owen --- and, Possibly, Herself
Stars Go Blue
A Novel
Laura Pritchett (Counterpoint) A Novel about the Effects Alzeihmer's on a Family
Tibetan Peach Pie
A True Account of an Imaginative Life
Tom Robbins (Ecco) Tom Robbins' Memoir which ---
He Tells Us ---
Is Not a Memoir
The Last Sideshow [G] Hanspeter Schneider (Dazed) A Visit to Gibsonton, Florida ---
where old carney folk go to retire
The Immense Machinic Phylum Maurizio Lazzarato [Article] Machines We Are Allowed to Use
That Use Us
The Mordida [G] C. A. Amantea [Article] A Device to Rid Us of
Lawyers, Courts, Judges
The First Day of
My Unicycle Trip Across America
Mark Schimmoeler [Reading] How to Start
a Cross-Country Journey
on a Unicycle
Kimchi Tom Robbins [Reading] The National Condiment of Korea
Banning the Orgasm [G] Jonathan Margolis [Reading] The Power of Sexual Taboos
Denigration [G] Harryette Mullen [Poem] Poem on Unseen Racism
What Would Freud Say? Bob Hicok [Poem] Poem on Self-Inflicted Injuries
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #253
Early Fall 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
Two Hotties
Bach Blows His Wig
Where Will We Live?
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
A Dozen Hoots The Editors [List] Twelve Articles, Readings, or Reviews that
We Find to Be Rib-Tickling Funny
Mommy Man*
How I Went from
Mild-Mannered Geek
To Gay Superdad
Jerry Mahoney (Taylor Trade) The Complete Adventures of Seeking, Finding, and
Impregnating a Surrogate Mom ---
And Getting (in This Case) Twins
Time and Again
The Classic Illustrated Novel
Jack Finney (Touchstone) The Classic Story of
Returning to New York City
As it Existed 21 January 1882
The Secret Keeper* Kate Morton (Brilliance Audio) A Saga of a Sixty-Year-Old
Mystery of Love, Family, and
A Fatal Stabbing
Debt Resisters'
Operations Manual
Malav Kanuga, Series Editor (PM Press) How to Deal Sensibly with
the Plight of Owing Too Much
and Having Too Little
The Free
A Novel
Willy Vlautin (Harper Perennial) The Plight of a Dying Veteran
And His Assorted Caregivers
A Russian American Photographer
In Tlingit Country
Vincent Soboleff in Alaska
Sergei Kan (University of Oklahoma Press) A Photographer on Angoon Island,
Alaska (1890 - 1920)
San Francisco Lithographer
African American Artist Grafton Taylor Brown
Robert J. Chandler (University of Oklahoma Press) An Expert African-American Lithographer
in Northern California, 1860 - 1880
A World of Watchers[G]
An Informal History of
The American Passion for Birds
Joseph Kastner (Sierra Club) 150 Years of Bird-
Watching in America
Family Reunion:[G]
Poems about Parenting Grown Children
Sondra Zeidenstein, Editor (Chicory Blue) You Think Parenting Stops When
They Go Out the Door. Think Again.
Middle Finger on a Stick Mike Ervin [Article] How Does One Who Has Little
Use of Arm, Hand (or Finger)
Offer the Universal Sign of Disapproval?
A Matriarchal Society
A A Gill [Article] A Close Study of the
Making of a Pornographic Movie
Living on the Margins of
The Debt System
P. M. Press [Reading] The Art of Dumpster Diving
Buying a Baby Stroller Jerry Mahoney [Reading] How Do Two Gay Guys
Casually Purchase Something
Special for Their Upcoming Toddler
Theodore Roosevelt:
An Intimate Biography
William Roscoe Thayer (Constable & Co.) A Superb Example of
Virginia Woolf's Talent
For Book Reviews
Ballad of The Bread Man Charles Causley [Poem] A Treatise on
The Second Coming
(In the English Outback)
Tootie-Fruit ME &
Ass-Grasp LA
L. L. Lark [Poem] "They say we were part of
the Breadfruit Conspiracy"
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #254
Mid-Fall 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
Gutzon Borglum
Six Wars at a Time
Nekkid Coworkers
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Ghastly Poetry The Editors [List] Thirteen Reviews from the Past
About Ghastly Books of Poetry
Emaho Tibet!
Blessings from
The Land of Snows
Simhananda (Orange Palm and Magnificent Magus Publications) An Odd If Not Endearing
Photographical Album of
A Tibetan Monastery
The Disillusionment of
An American Physician
Sandeep Jauhar (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) A Doctor Reveals the What and the Why
Of American Medicine Gone Wrong
Beloved Strangers
A Memoir
Maria Chaudhuri (Bloomsbury) She Goes from Bangladesh to an America
College --- and Tries to Figure Out
Why Her Life Is So Miserable
A Fighting Chance* Elizabeth Warren (Metropolitan) A Strong Attack on Those Who
Control American Finances and Politics
By a Newly Elected Senator
The First Roman Emperor
Adrian Goldsworthy (Yale University Press) Augustus, Rendered Anonymous Because
He Was Just Too Benign
The Fixer*
The Notorious Life Of
A Front-Page Bail Bondsman
Ira Judelson (Touchstone) You May Not Want to Known Any of This ---
Unless You Need to Get Out of Jail Free
Or Maybe Not-So-Free
Zen Cancer Wisdom*
Tips for Making Each Day Better
Daju Suzanne Friedman (Wisdom) Advice from One Who Has Been There
--- and Alas, Did Not Survive
Manhood, Marriage, and The Tumor that Tried to Kill Me
Bryan Bishop (Thomas Dunne Books) A Somewhat JuvenileTale of Cancer and Survival
Combat Trauma[G]
A Personal Look at Long-Term Consequences
James D. Johnson (Rowman & Littlefield) Thirteen Combatants Tell What It Is Like
To Live with the Actuality of
Being in the Fields of War
Reading Lolita in Tehran Azar Nafisi
Read by Livette Lecat
(Recorded Books Unabridged) A Long Rambling Account of Reading Books that Are Banned
Terence McKenna on Death and Dying Erik Davis [Interview] How It Feels When You
Know that Your Are Dying
Letter from
Dr. Phage [Article] Sweden As Seen Through the Eyes of
An Intrepid Comic-Book Reader
A Fire-Spouting Toaster Elizabeth Warren [Reading] How a Toaster Tried to Set Warren's
Kitchen on Fire, and How
It Inspired Her to Set Up the CFPB
The Origins of The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Elizabeth Warren [Reading] Setting Up an Oversight Committee to Protect Us
From Overweening Banks and Corporations
The Inauguration of Franklin D. Roosevelt Hugh Gallagher [Reading] The Inauguration of FDR
In the Midst of the Depression
Bluebird Charles Bukowski [Poetry] "there's a bluebird in my heart that
wants to get out
but I'm too tough for him"
Self-Portrait So Chongju
Translated by Peter H. Lee
[Poetry] "I was a mother's son with dirty fingernails
Under a lamp by the mud wall
With bushy hair and staring eyes."
[G] = Great Reviews, Readings, or Poems of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #255
Late Fall 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
Consumers Report and the Upcoming
Battle with the Geezers
I want to have a common relationship with you . . .
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Hits The Editors [List] The Reviews, Readings, Poems
And Articles from the Last 20 Years
That Commanded the Most Hits
Over the Last Month
Debt to the
Bone-Eating Snotflower*
Sarah Lindsay (Copper Canyon Press) Sixty Great (but Gooshy) Poems Dedicated to
Whales, Squid, and Cephalopods
The Unknown Bridesmaid Margaret Forster (Europa Editions) A Psychotherapist Confronts Her Own Demons
As She Confronts theDemons of Others
How Analogies Reveal Connections,
Spark Innovation, and
Sell Our Greatest Ideas
John Pollack (Gotham Books) The Case for Analogies --- the Joining of Dissimilar Ideas
As a Creative Force --- that Can Easily Turn to Disaster
Newcomb Pottery:
A Visual Treasury
John Canaday
Suzanne Ormond
and Mary E. Irvine
(Pelican) Revelations of New Orleans Art Pottery as
Developed by the Ladies' Decorative Art League Starting in 1885
Signs and Machines*
Capitalism and the Production of Subjectivity
Maurizio Lazzarato (Semiotext(e)) An Astonishing Investigation of Machines:
How They Own Us, Drive Us (Sometimes Mad) --- All While
We Pretend to Own and Drive Them
The Vegetarian Cook's Bible Pat Crocker (Robert Rose) The Controversial Cookbook that May
(Or May Not) Be Pure Vegan
Metaphysical Odyssey into
The Mexican Revolution*
Francisco I. Madero and His
Secret Book,
Spiritist Manual
Catherine Mansell Mayo (Dancing Chiva Literary Arts) The Father of the Mexican Revolution
Revealed to Be a Committed Spiritist
America's U-Boats Terror Trophies of World War I Chris Dubbs (University of Nebraska) How Six World War I Submarines
Made Their Way to America for
A Rather Dubious Mission
Sometimes a Great Notion[G] Ken Kesey
Tom Stechschulte
(Recorded Books) Kesey's Great Novel about
The Great Stamper Family of
The Great Northwest
Communion[G] Whitley Strieber (Morrow) The Original (and Very Successful)
Raped-By-Aliens Book
My Life is Ruined Mike Ervin [Article] A Malfunctioning Voice-Recognition Machine
Changes a Disabled Man's Life Forever
The Death of Poetry Robert Littell [Reading] Osip Mandelstam, a Man Who Died for a Single Poem
Mexican Buses[G] Sybille Bedford [Reading] The Adventure of the Century: Bus Journeys
Across Mexico Seven Decades Ago
Cephalopod and Star and Sea Sarah Lindsay [Poem] One Hand a Starfish,
The Other an Octopus
Medicine Woman[G] Cheryl Savageau [Poem] "Now white women come into my shop
and ask me to bless their houses
(what's wrong with them, I want to ask)"
[G] = Great Reviews, Readings, or Poems of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #256
Early Winter 2014 - 2015
Our 20th Year
Title Author Publisher Subject
Grafton Tyler Brown
Metaphysical Odyssey into
The Mexican Revolution
Francisco I. Madero and his Secret Book
Spiritist Manual
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Internal Medicine
A Doctor's Stories
Terrence Holt (Liveright Publishing Corporation)A Doctor Tells of His Initiation
into the New World of Medicine
Singing Bronze:
A History of Carillon Music
Luc Rombouts (Lipsius Leuven)The Great Steeple Bells
From the 13th Century until Now
Vowels to the Ukraine Anon [Reading] The Need to Export Large Numbers of Vowels to The Ukraine
(Because They Don's Have Enough)
Resident On Call[B]
A Doctor's Reflection on His First Years at Mass General
Scott A. Rivkees, M.D. (Lyons Press)Another 'So Now You're a Doctor' Book
The Minotaur's Head[B]
An Inspector Mock Investigation
Marek Krajewski (Melville International)Polish Murders, with Herrings,
Horseradish and pickled cucumbers for Breakfast
Sex After . . . [B]
Women Share How Intimacy Changes As Life Changes
Iris Krasnow (Gotham Books)relationships and self-realization
and sex and sex
War of Attrition[B]William Philpott (Overlook)The Early Days of WWII
To Know the Revolution Tony Judt [Reading] Memories of Being on the Streets of Paris Back in 1968
Advice Malgorzata Skalbania [Poem] avoid scientific phrases
A Father Rebukes His SonAmos Oz[Poem]"Listen carefully. This is your father speaking.
A simple man, a rather grey man, and so on and so forth, but still your father."

Category Representative Titles, Subjects or Authors
PHOTOGRAPHYThe Library of Congress, Canadian Railroads, Mississippi Juke Joints, The Smithsonian Institute, Bloomsbury, Camping, Lizards and more.
SEXZen Sex, Paul Krassner, Pornography and the Politics Of Fantasy in America, Sex, Monsters, and The Middle Ages, The Victorian Nude, Going Down, the FCC
ART BOOKSLeopoldo Méndez, Lois Greenfield, British Wood-Engraved Book Illustrations 1904 - 1940, 2,500 Works from Cave to Contemporary, The Crucifixion in American Art, The Texas Post Office Murals, James Ensor
TERRIFIC BOOKSWhere Stuff Comes From, Breath Sweeps Mind, The Curious Lives Of Human Cadavers, EMPIRE, My Late-Life Adventures In Sex and Romance, Tattoos, the Disappearing West, Very Bad Men, and My Deep Love for them All
ANIMALSJames Thurber, Rats, Lice, and History, Bonobo Handshake, Millions of Monarchs Bunches of Beetles, Nabokov's Butterflies, A Fly for the Prosecution
RELIGIONThe Lamed-Vovnik, Essential Listening from the Alan Watts Audio Workshop, Padre Serra Sells Baja, We're All Doing Time, Padre Serra Sells Baja
POETRYGuillaume Apollinaire, Allen Ginsberg, The Angel, Paul Celan, How Poor a Thing Is Man, English Con Salsa, Amos Oz, Why I Am A Whore
PSYCHOLOGYSigmund Freud, William Halstead, And the Miracle Drug Cocaine, Manet & Monet & Marx & Freud, Couples Therapy For the Disabled, Samovars and Bedlam, Psychic Healers, The Psychotherapist Is Always Late
THE CLASSICSFrank Kermode, To Die and Go We KnowNot Where, Robert Browning, Jean Racine, Vanity Fair, A Doll's House, Hard Times
INTERVIEWSSri Nisargadatta Maharaj, L. L. Doctorow, Paul McCarthy, Terence McKenna on Death and Dying, S. J. Perelman, The Automobile Is a Wheelchair
[G] = Great Reviews, Readings, or Poems of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

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