Issue #247
Early Spring 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
My Bloody Life
Bob Poole & Poole's Paradise
The Tale of an Old Bay Fisherman
Offer to Buy RALPH!!!
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Oddest Books The Editors of RALPH [List] A Selection of Titles
That We've Received
Over the Years
That Some May Consider a Bit Strange
A Novel
Jean Echenoz (The New Press)
The Terrible First Months of WWI.
A Sense Sublime Richard Quinney (Borderland Books) Meditation (with Simple, Elegant Photographs)
On Living in the Modern Rural Middle West.
The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka
Stanley Corngold Translator and Editor
(Modern Library) Wretched Excess in the Form of a Great Story
Dolled Up with What the Kids Call "TMI."
Poets Translate Poets
A Hudson Review Anthology
Paula Deitz, Editor (Syracuse University Press) Twenty-five Different Languages Represented in
Over Two Hundred Poems.
Sex Is Forbidden*
A Novel
Tim Parks (Arcade) A Vamp Takes Over a Buddhist Retreat.
My Year of Hypnosis, Hormones,
Dark Chocolate, and Other Adventures in
The World of Anti-Aging
Lauren Kessler (Rodale) The Author Spends a Year Learning to
Try to Put off the Inevitable.
Riverbanks Zoo and Garden
Forty Wild Years
Palmer "Satch" Krantz and
Monique Blanchette Jacobs
(The University of South Carolina Press) Putting Together an Entire Zoo (from Scratch).
The Chrysler Building[G]
Creating a New Icon
Day by Day
David Stravitz (Princeton Architectural) Old Photographs Reveal how
The Great Building Was Done.
Pushing the Limits:[G]
New Adventures in Engineering
Henry Petroski (Knopf) Some of the Most Repulsive
Structures in the World Deified.
My Bloody Life[G]
The Making of a Latino King
Reymundo Sanchez (Chicago Review Press) A Young Latino on the Streets of Chicago
Becoming Part of the 'Hood.
Why Is Beethoven So Different? Jon Gallant [Article] Trying to Figure Our What Separates
Beethoven from Haydn and Mozart.
The Deserter Jean Echenoz [Reading] A Young Soldier in 1914
Accused of Deserting the Front.
In Siberia Colin Thubron [Reading] Eastern Russia after the Latest Economic "Reform."
A Guide for
Puzzled Mexicans
Jon Gallant
L. W. Milam
[Reading] This Side of the Border
Explained for the Innocent.
Pity the Lady Diana Boernstein [Poem] Madness and the Moths.
Obituary Weldon Kees [Poem] The Death of Boris the Parrot
[G] Great Reviews (or Articles) from the Past
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #248
Mid-Spring 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
Getting Shortlisted
Civil Wars
Kinda Talking, Kinda Wanting
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Mind Your Transactions
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Stars The Editors of RALPH [List] A List of Some of the Best New Books
That Have Come into Our Offices
Over the Last Six to Eight Months
The Antidote
Inside the World of New Pharma
Barry Werth (Simon & Schuster)
A Look inside an Upcoming Pharma Company
To Understand the Trials and Tribulations
Of Bringing a New Drug to Market
Inside the Rainbow*
Russian Children's Literature 1920 - 1935:
Beautiful Books, Terrible Times
Julian Rothenstein,
Olga Budashevskaya,
(Redstone Press)
The High Years of
Soviet Children's Literature
(With Great Pictures)
The Race for the World's
Most Seductive Metal
Matthew Hart (Simon & Schuster)
The Brief and Pungent Story of
The Search for Gold
Then and Now
All Men Are Brothers Mohandas K. Gandhi (Bloomsbury)
Several Hundred Excerpts of
Gandhi's Speeches on Topics
Ranging from Birth Control
To Murder and War
The Hungry Eye
Poems of Food & Drink
Kevin Young (Bloomsbury)
A Hundred or So Poems All Having ---
Presumably --- to Do with
Eating and Drinking
The United States of Paranoia
A Conspiracy Theory
Jesse Walker (Harper)
Everything You Didn't Want to Know
About America's Real and Mythical Operations
Against Its Own Citizens
Proof of Heaven
A Neurosurgeon's Journey
Into the Afterlife
Eben Alexander, M. D. (Simon & Schuster)
A Doctor's Own Journey
Into the Other World
A Long Way from Verona*
A Novel
Jane Gardam (Europa Editions)
What It's Like to Be 12-Going-on-13
(And Too Smart for Your Own Good)
The Empty Chair
Two Novellas
Bruce Wagner (Blue Rider/Penguin)
Two Stories About Westerners Besotted
With Matters Out of the East
The Practical Guide to Aging[G]
What Everyone
Needs to Know
Christine K. Cassel, Editor (New York University)
Too Much about What You Shouldn't
Even Think about Knowing
About Death and Dying
Abbott Awaits[G]
A Novel
Chris Bachelder Louisiana State University Press)
A Fine Tale about Raising a Child
Lady Di, This Is Burger King
And Batman, Meet Harry Potter ---
And His Side-Kick, Scrotum
[Article] (The Editors)
Recent Moves to Limit the Choice
Of Names for the Newly Arrived
Joining the Navy Suzanne McMinn [Reading]
What to Do When Your Son
Announces that He Is about
To Join a Submarine Crew
The Monster at The End of this Book Jesse Walker [Reading]
The Varieties of Conspiracies
(Real and Imagined)
In the US
The Philosophy Of Consciousness Thomas Metzinger [Reading]
What Do You Think When
You Think about Consciousness
For a Living
The Bell from Europe Weldon Kees [Poem]
The Various Songs
Of the Bells of Europe
Song of Resignation Yehuda Amichai [Poem]
How to Surrender after You've
Looked into Your Son's Eyes
(and Seen Your Own
Looking Back at You)
Obituary Weldon Kees [Poem] The Death of Boris the Parrot
[G] Great Reviews (or Articles) from the Past
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #249
Late-Spring 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Wrath of God!
Edible Gelatin
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Forgive my indignation
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twenty-One Beautiful Pages
The Editors of RALPH [List] A Compilation of Those Pages that
Our Editors Believe to be the Most Comely
Chickens in the Road*
An Adventure in Ordinary Splendor
Suzanne McMinn (Harper One) In which Our Writer Leaves the Big City
and Settles in a Godforsaken Corner of
West Virginia --- and Prospers
This Place, These People
Life and Shadow on the Great Plains
Nancy Warner,
David Stark
(Columbia University Press) A Visit (in Words, in Photographs)
To a Dying Village on the Plains
Junkyard Planet
Travels in the Billion-Dollar Trash Trade
Adam Minter (Bloomsbury) He Grows Up in a Junkyard, and now
Explores the New Frontiers of Junkery
The Severed Head
Capital Visions
Julia Kristeva (Columbia University Press) An Extended Study of the Separation
of Head from Body
On the Cancer Frontier
One Man, One Disease,
And a Medical Revolution
Paul Marks, M.D.
James Sterngold
(Public Affairs) New Dimensions on the Frontiers
of Science: Specifically, Cancer
Men in Prison* Victor Serge (PM) One of the Great Anarchist Writers on
The Reality of Prison
Black Vodka
Ten Stories
Deborah Levy (Bloomsbury USA) Ten Definitely Oddball Stories Written in a Rich, Spare Style
Young Skins* Colin Barrett (Stinging Fly Press) The New Ireland of Tedium,
Easy Violence, Easy Love
The Guy Davenport Reader* Erik Reece, Editor (Counterpoint) Essays on Love, Secret Caves, the Odder Face
of Franz Kafka, and Great Painters
Poetry of the First World War
An Anthology
Tim Kendall (Oxford) Thirty English Poets Who Came from the Crucible of the Trenches
A Life
Paul Johnson (Viking) A HoHum Life of a not at all Ho-Hum Composer
Under a Glass Bell*[B]
And Other Stories
Anaïs Nin (Swallow) The Lovely and Mysterious Nin in
Her Days on a Barge in Paris
Flyover Lives[B]
A Memoir
Diane Johnson (Viking) The Famed Writer in a Rather Self-
Adsorbed Recounting of Her Life
The Third Son[B]
A Novel
Julie Wu (Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill) An Escape from Taiwan into the
Equally Inescapable Mid-West
Of Grisélidis Réal[B][G]
Days and Nights of An Anarchist Whore
Jean-Luc Hennig (Semiotext(e)/MIT) A Lady of the Night Who Has Her Own Proper Rules
The Cost of Lunch, Etc.[B]
Short Stories
Marge Piercy (PM) Twenty Stories of American Life
Apparently Thrown Out at Random
Edward Lear[G]
Egyptian Sketches
Jenny Gaschke (National Maritime Museum) Terrific Drawings from Egypt by the Master of Limericks
Scenes from La Cuenca de Los Angeles[G]
Y Otros Natural Disasters
Susana Chávez-Silverman (University of Wisconsin) An Almost BiLingual Rendering of a Definite BiLingual Character
Belinda's World Tour Guy Davenport [Reading] Franz Kafka Comes to Save Young Girl
from the Loss of Her Doll
A Boston Panic Attack Daniel Smith [Reading] A Panic Attack in the Midst of the Boston Holocaust Museum
The Life of Richard Wagner[G] (Alfred A Knopf)
Volume One (1813-1848)XYZ
Ernest Newman
H G Mencken, Reviewer
[Reading] One of the Early Reviews of Mencken
Landing Eleanor Wilner [Poem] The Beauty of a Fallen Parachute
At the IGA --- Franklin, New Hampshire Jane Kenyon [Poem] A Breakdown in Front of the Grocery Store
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

Issue #250
Early Summer 2014
Title Author Publisher Subject
RALPH's Issue #250
Angry Letters from the Past
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Reviews
The Meaning of Everything,
Learning to Fall
Whatever You Do, Don't Run,
The Making of a Tropical Disease,
[The Editors][Reviews] A Dozen Classics Chosen from the over 4,000
We Have Put On-line Since 1995
Twelve Articles
Grandma Moses with Pompadour and Peggers,
Doing the Tarantella At the Barnes Foundation,
The Partial Vapor Pressure of Khometz,
Hugh Gregory Gallagher,
[The Editors][Articles] Articles on a Variety of Topics,
Drawn from the More Than 400
We've Put up at RALPH over the Years
Twelve Readings
S. J. Perelman, Gregory Bateson,
H. L. Mencken, Annie Dillard,
Elizabeth Gold, H. G. Wells,
Laurie Lee, Harvey Molotch,
Warren Hinckle, Ellsworth Huntington,
[The Editors][Readings] A Dozen Readings ---
Mostly from Books Under Review
Twelve Poems
Not Exactly a Poem,
Brooklyn College Brain,
Coming of Age in Palo Alto,
Five Men,
[The Editors][Poems] A Dozen Poems from the More Than
500 We Have Put Online since 1995
Great Letters
Letters of Love, Hate, Vituperation, Praise, and Despair
[The Editors][Letters] Letters Drawn from the Many Thousands We
Have Received Over the Years
Those Angry Days:
Roosevelt, Lindbergh, and America's Fight over World War II, 1939-1941
Lynne Olson (Random House) The Controversies that Plagued the United States
During the Nerve-Wracking Two Years Leading up to Pearl Harbor
The Skin* Curzio Malaparte (New York Review Books) A Most Revealing Picture of Americans in Europe
During the Closing Days of WWII
Behind the Beautiful Years
Life, Death and Hope in a Mumbai Slum
Katherina Boo (Portobello) A Jarring Picture of Life in One of India's
Most Desolate, Clotted, Disease-Infested Slums
Woody Guthrie's Wardy Forty
Greystone Park State Hospital Revisited
Phillip Buehler (Woody Guthrie Publications) An Intense Picture of Guthrie's Last Years
In Various Northeastern Hospitals
The Conditions of Hospitality
Ethics, Politics, and Aesthetics on The Threshold of the Possible
Thomas Claviez (Fordham University Press) A Close Examination of What Makes Us Hospitable ---
Or, as Easily, Unreceptive --- of "Foreigners" or "Immigrants"
A Letter from
The Department of
Human Services
Mike Ervin [Article] That Sinking Feeling in Your Heart When
A Government Agency Writes to Tell You
They Really Care
Eating the Fish-Girl For Dinner Curzio Malaparte [Reading] A Blow-by-Blow Account of Feasting
On the Fish-Girl at a Fancy Dinner in Naples, 1945
Precision Laurie Duesing [Poem] Watching YOur Life Go Up in Smoke
When Your Love Has
A Motorcycle Accident
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past
[B] = Brief Reviews
*A Book that the Editors Believe Merits Your Attention

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