Issue #222
Late Winter 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
Florida's Ocean Railroad to Key West
Long Way Back to the River Kwai
If You Hear Bells
Get Your Ears Checked
Your Diplomat Has Arrive
Letters We Never Finished Reading
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Ten Years AgoThe Editors of RALPH[List]A Look at Reviews, Poems and Readings
from the Year 2002
A Flotilla of Boobs Ralph Magazine [List] One of the Dying Wheezes
From the Other RALPH
Soldiers of the White Sun
The Chinese Army at War 1931 - 1949
Philip Jowett (Schiffer) Photographs from the Sino-Japanese War
Changing Genres Dean Young [Poem] Looking for a Russian
Novel Life
Great Journeys
The World's Most Spectacular Routes
Andrew Bain, et al.
(Lonely Planet Travel) Following Seventy or So
Routes in Travel Around the World
A Thousand Lives
The Untold Story of Hope,
Deception, and Survival at Jonestown
Julia Scheeres (Free Press) A Look at the Early --- and Final ---
Days of Jim Jones Temple
Kohlrabi Soup Floyd Skloot [Reading] The Last Days of Ike
A Holocaust Victim
Cream of Kohlrabi*
Floyd Skloot (Tupelo Press) A Variety of Stories, Including
Life in a Nursing Home for
Survivors of the Holocaust
Un Oiseau Chante Guillaume Apollinaire
Donald Revell, Translator
(Wesleyan University Press) Songs of the Birds in the
Trenches of World War I
Smart Ass Cripple Mike Ervin (Lulu) Stories about the Perils of
Being Disabled in a World
Of "Verts" (Verticals)
On the Ground
An illustrated Anecdotal History
Of the Sixties Underground Press
In the U. S.
Sean Stewart (PM Press) Interviews with the Founders of
Dozens of "Underground" Newspapers
A Novel
Thomas Mallon (Random) A Fictinal Account of the Famous
Break-In and Cover-Up from 1972ff
A Winter in Arabia*
A Journey through Yemen
Freya Stark (Tauris Parke) Six Months in One of
The Most Barren Spots on Earth
During the Early 1930s

Issue #223
Early Spring 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
Books on Disability
Stone Houses
Laundry Trucks
Letters We Never Finished Reading
From Bed to Worse in Libya
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Testy EmailsThe Editors of RALPH[List]A Sample of the Sassiest Emails
Sent to this Magazine over
The Last Fifteen Years
50th Anniversary Edition
John Cage
Kyle Gann, Editor
(Wesleyan) Cage's Great Study of Music,
Art, Zen, and the Lack (and Excess)
of Sound --- from 1960
That's Disgusting
Unraveling the Mysteries Of Repulsion
Rachel Herz (Norton) Fifty or So Absolutely
Repulsive Things to Make You
Feel Like Throwing Up
Kentucky Derby
Andrea Cohen (salmonpoetry) Fascinating Bits on Jell-O,
Train Tickets, and
the Iowa State Fair Butter Carvings
A History of My Body
A Novel
Sharon Heath (Genoa House) The Unsettling Tale of
a Thirteen-Year-Old Autistic (and Genius)
James Riely Gordon
His Courthouses and
Other Public Architecture
Chris Meister (Texas Tech University Press) Twenty-One Georgeous Turn-of-the-Century
Texas County Courthouses
Awake in the World
Teachings from Yoga and
Buddhism for Living
An Engaged Life
Michael Stone (Shambhala) Twenty Lectures on
a Proposed New and
Engaged Life of a Yogin
Children in Reindeer Woods* Kristín Ómarsdóttir
Lytton Smith, Translator
(Open Letter) An Enchanted (and Enchanting) Tale
of a Soldier/Farmer and
His Young Friend Billie
Reticence Jean-Philippe Toussaint John Lambert, Translator (Dalkey Archive) Another of those Neo-ExistentialstStories of Men Who Don't React
The Last Hundred Days[B] Patrick McGuiness (Seren) The Dying Days of the Dictator
Ceausescu of Romania
Worm: [B]The First Digital World War Mark Bowden (Atlantic Monthly) The Threat Posed by a Great Computer Worm Called Conficker
The Brick Murder:[B]
A Tragedy
Kurt Jose Ayau (Livingston Press/Univ. of W. Alabama) Four Great (and
Several Not-So-Great)
Short Stories
A Queen's Journey[B] James D. Houston (Heyday) Queen Lili'uokalani of Hawai'i Tries
to Save Her Country
Margaret Sanger:[B]
A Life of Passion
Jean H Baker (Hill & Wang) The Woman Who Made
Birth Control (and
Planned Parenthood) Possible
It Calls You Back:[B]
An Odyssey Through Love,
Addiction, Revolutions, and Healing
Luis J Rodríguez (Touchstone) A Chicano Journalist Survives the Ghetto
Patagonia:[G] Land of Giants Alejandro Winograd Dan Newland, Translator (Terra Australis, Editorial) A Romantic Look at the World at the End of the World
The Rooster In the Wristwatch[G] Dr. J. Phage [Article] How to Tame those Electronic Beasts
That Are Taking Over Our Lives
The Starting Train V. Nabokov [Reading] The Train Begins Moving
Suicide & Yoga Michael Stone [Reading] A Different Way to
Treat the Suicidal Patient
The World Is in Pencil,
The Hindenberg
Todd Boss [Poems] Two Poems about Love
And a Labor of Love
Saturn Rings about
The Alambra
C. K. Swann [Poem] A Poem about
Love in Spain

Issue #224
Mid-Spring 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
Bird of Dawning
Apt. 301
Stone-inscriptions with
the Thulth Style of Script
Your Time on Me
Bad Uncles
The Price of Pleasure
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Bibles for Souls
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Ten Stars
The Editors of RALPH [LIST] The Best Books from
the Last Few Months
Barn Owl David Chandler (Firefly Books) Disgusting Habits of
Some Beautiful Night Birds
Scenery, Curiosities, and
Stupendous Rocks
William Quesenbury's Overland
Sketches 1850 - 1851
David Royce Murphy (University of Oklahoma Press) Drawings from 150 Years Age
By a Certified Scoundrel
Fup* Jim Dodge (Heyday) Droll Happenings of a 99-Year-Old Drunk
His Grandson, and their Rabbit
History of a Pleasure Seeker Richard Mason (Alfred A. Knopf) Poor Boy Moves in with Rich Family
and Everyone is Traduced (if not Seduced
Beside the Sea Véronique Olmi (Peirene) A Mother, Her Two Small Boys,
the Sea, and Madness
Comet Scar James Harms (Carnegie Mellon) Poems about Cary Grant, Red Foxx,
Bill Murray, and Losing Your Son
Lying in Bed Polly Samson (Virago) Several Stories about Motherhood,
Old Gardners, and Surprises
For Your Old Husband's New Wife
In So Many Words
Ellen Wade Beals (Weighed Words) Almost Too Many Words about
Loss, and Strength in Loss
Married But Looking Daniel S. Libman (Livingston Press /
University of West Alabama)
More Short Stories ---
Including a Knock-Out about
The Hills of Guatemala
Pushing the Limits:[G]
New Adventures in Engineering
Henry Petroski (Knopf) Some Doubtful Triumphs
In Modern International Engineering
Appeasing Prince Charles Mike Ervin (Article) Disabled Man Finds
Dope-Smoker (and Son) to Care For Him
Lunch in Romania, 1989 Patrick McGuiness [Reading] Going Out with a Top Operative
In the Last Days of Ceausescu
The Angel of Death Stanley Elkin [Reading] The Last Hours of
An Innocent in a Liquor Store
We Started Home,
My Son and I
James Harms [Poem] A Short Visit with
A Son (Now Lost)
[G] = Great Review of the Past
* = A book we believe to be of special merit

Issue #225
LateSpring 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Mythic Death of Carlos Amantea
Multiple Personality Disorder
Married but Looking
Dan Libman
Cryptic Letters of the Month
Windmills and Birds
Attendant Beds
Letters We Never Finished Reading
a rainfall of information
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Vagabond's Breakfast*
Richard Gwyn (Alcemi) A Derelict Raving through Europe
Hidden Seminoles
Julian Dimock's Historic Florida Photographs
Jerald T. Milanich
Nina J. Root
(University Press of Florida) Four Years of Photographs from
The Early Years of the Twentieth Century
Selected Short Stories of William Faulkner William Faulkner (Modern Library) Sixteen Stories from Faulkner's Eraly Days
The Plots against the President FDR, A Nation in Crisis, and
the Rise of the American Right
Sally Denton (Bloomsbury) Plots --- Yes, But Only Two
And They Were Minor
The FSG Book of
Latin American Poetry
An Anthology
Ilan Stavans, Editor (Farrar, Straus and Giroux) 160 Poems --- Mostly
Rather Bland
Asylum on the Hill
History of a
Healing Landscape
Katherine Ziff (Ohio University Press) One of the Great Post Civil
War Buildings for the Mad
A Hanne Wilhelmsen Novel
Anne Holt (Scribner) A Rather Haphazard Account of
A Murderer on the Loose
In an Idylic Mountain Retreat
Building One Fire
Art + World View in
Cherokee Life
Chadwick Corntassel Smith
Rennard Benny
Smith Strickland
(Cherokee Nation
University of Oklahoma)
More than 200 Gorgeous
Works of Art from
Pre- and Post-"Resettlement"
Joining the Resistance Carol Gilligan (Polity) How Girls are Coopted,
and Pulled into the System of Patriarchy
God Breaketh Not
All Men's Hearts Alike
New & Later Collected Poems
Stanley Moss (Seven Stories Press) Over 300 Poems from the
An Old Wife's Tale[G]
My Seven Decades
In Love and War
Midge Decter (Regan/Harper/Collins) The War is Pretty Well Expressed;
The Love Is Almost Completely Hidden
Classic K:
Jan Ladislav Dussek and François-Joseph Gossec
Dr. Phage [Article] Some Thoughts about the New
Forms of Classical Background Music
The Great Land Giveaway C. A. Amantea [Article] How Zoning and Planning Commisions
Have Sucked Our Cities Dry
Jimson Weed Richard Gwyn [Reading] A Few Days in the Arms
Of a Super Hallucinogen
The Fiction of Oil Pollution James Hamilton-Paterson [Reading] How the Earth Will
Heal Itself of those Pesky Spills
The Dead Horse Cecilia Meireles [Poem] Romance of the Dead Horse
On the Hill
Nursing Home Doctors Richard M. Berlin [Poem] An Imaginary Medico
In an Imaginary Clinic

Issue #226
Early Summer 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
Cryptic Letters of the Month
You're a Donkey
Letters We Never Finished Reading
$10,000,000 in Iraq
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Editors of RALPH [List] A Dozen Pages
That Our Editors
Consider to Be Beautiful
War and Ideas*
Selected Essays
John Mueller (Routledge) Some Thoughts on
The Terrorist Industry
War, and (eek!) Rambo
From Here to Infinity
A Vision for
the Future of Science
Martin Rees (W. W. Norton) Four Reith Lectures on
Science and the Humanities
The Best American Magazine Writing 2011*
Compiled by the American
Society of Magazine Editors
Sid Holt, Editor (Columbia University Press) Twenty-four essays, reports, interviews,
articles and poems from
some of the best magazines.
Shockaholic Carrie Fisher (Simon and Schuster) A Bit of a Rant from
"Michael Jackson's Best Friend"
Rez Life
An Indian's Journey
Through Reservation Life
David Treuer (Atlantic Monthly Press) He Lives in LA ---
But Hails from
the Ojibwe in in Minnesota
The Human Body Close-Up John Clancy (Firefly Books) Almost 300 very close-ups
of all your private inner parts
José Saramago (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) He slayed his brother and then
Spent the rest of his life dealing
With the madman from above
Measuring the World Daniel Kehlmann (Pantheon) Alexander von Humboldt says that
Numbers banish disorder
Recherche du Temps Perdu
Dr. Phage [Article] In which our good doctor
Finds a monster in his lab
Is Civil War Going out of Style?
John Mueller [Reading] The historian decides that
Wars are passé
Rambo's Vital Statistics
John Mueller [Reading] Four Movies Analaysed
For their Mean Distribution
Last Spring
Static Poems
Gottfried Benn [Poetry] Poems of Dissection
and Cadavers

Issue #227
Mid-Summer 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Slave Trade
A Letter from Timothy Geithner
Cryptic Letters of the Month
A Sound Lady
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Thirteen Hits [The Editors] Thirteen Great Books from the First Half of 2012 Selections drawn from our readers and editors.
The Fish that Ate the Whale
The Life and Times of
America's Banana King
Rich Cohen Farrar, Straus and Giroux The Man Who Invented United Fruit Revealed
Isaac to Be Sacrificed
by His Father
Josél Saramago [Reading] Abraham Readies Himself
To Bring Down the Knife
Old Havana
La Habana Vieja
Spirit of the Living City
(University of Alabama Press)
Chip Cooper
Néstor Martí
(University of Alabama Press) An Up-to-Date
Picture Book of Modern Havana
Black Elephants
A Memoir
Karol Nielsen (Bison Books) Life and Love in Modern Israel
Midlife Crises
Joseph Millar [Poetry] On Being a Grandfather
In the 21st Century
Ill Fares the Land
Tony Judt (Penguin) The Long Slow Death of
European Center-Left
The Long and Short of It
From Aphorism to Novel
Gary Saul Morson (Stanford) A Man Fond of fond of Apothegms,
Witticisms, Maxims, Dicta, Aphorisms,
and Short Pithy Mots
The Murderer Ray Bradbury [Reading] A Prescient Look at
Our Dependence on Electronic Do-dads.
Why Is the Penis Shaped Like That? Jesse Bering (Scientific American /
Farrar, Straus and Giroux)
An Eclectic Enquiry into
The Private World of the Privates
A Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry (L. A. Theatre Works/
Audio Theatre Collection)
A Live Performance of the Play from the Late 1950s
The Woman in the Row Behind[G] Francoise Dorner (Other Press) An Odd Story from Paris
Of a Man and His Fetish
There but for the* Ali Smith (Pantheon) A Girl Genius and
A Man Who Came to Dinner
The Man on
The Third Floor
Anne Bernays (Permanent Press) The Chauffeur on the 3rd Floor
And His Love Downstairs
Welcome to Paradise Mahi Binebine (Tin House Books) Fleeing from North Africa
Dying on the Coast

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