Issue #216
Late Summer 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Pen & Ink Press
Driving Instructors at RALPH
Animal Lovers
The Rejection Slip Blues
Outdated RALPH
Kurt Vonnegut, A Life
Are You DEAD?
Letters We Never Finished Reading
600 million U.S Dollars in Iraq
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Hits from 2001 The Editors of RALPH[List]Some of the Books
Reviewed in RALPH
Ten Years Ago
Baghdad Sketches*
Journeys through Iraq
Freya Stark(Tauris Parke Paperback)A Woman's Lone Trips
through The Middle East ---
The Early 20th Century
The Bell JarSylvia Plath(Recorded Books)The 1960s Manual on
A College Girl's Life
on the Way to a Slow Suicide
The Bestiary*
Or, Procession of Orpheus
Guillaume Apollinaire
X. J. Kennedy, Translator
(Johns Hopkins University Press)Twenty-Six Animals
Remembered by the Contemporary Poet
Crossing with the Virgin
Stories from the Migrant Trail
Kathryn Ferguson, Norma A. Price, Ted Parks(University of Arizona Press)Thirty-Two Essays on Trying to
Save Lives on the
Arizona-Mexico Border
The Colossus, DaddySylvia Plath[Poems]Two Great Poems by
a Great Poet
Death is
Not an Option
Suzanne Rivecca(Norton)Short Stories about Teachers,
Social Workers and Nuns
Transformers 3:
Dark of the Moon
Ralph H. Blum
Dr. Phage
[Film Review]Monsters Who Return
Disguised as Our Cars
Reading with the Stars
A Celebration of Books and Libraries
Leonard Kniffel(Skyhorse/ALA)Fourteen "Stars" Interviewed
about the Worth of Libraries
Woodcraft Manual
Christopher Bursk [Poem] His Father Remembered
Smells, Samarra Freya Stark [Reading] Remembering Iraq and Kuwait from
Eighty Years Ago
Stieglitz, Steichen, Strand
Masterworks from the
Metropolitan Museum of Art
Malcolm Daniel [Metropolitan Museum of Art/
Yale University Press]
Three Great American
Photographers and their
Place in History
A Novel
Jean Echenoz (The New Press) A Thinly Disguised Biography
of the Eccentric Inventor, Nikola Tesla
The Tiger*
A True Story of
Vengence and Survival
John Vaillant (Vintage Books) The Amur Tiger of Siberia
Who Occasionally Feeds on People
Bound and Gagged[G]
Pornography and the Politics
of Fantasy In America
Laura Kipnis (Duke University Press) The Rhyme and the Reason of
Lurid Books and Movies
The Truth about Marie* Jean-Philippe Toussaint (Dalkey Archive) An Independent Woman,
Her Two Lovers, and
A Very Independent Horse

Issue #217
Early Fall 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Students on Drugs
Down Syndrome and
Early Childhood Stimulation Programs
Use of the Word "Hopefully"
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Your Loving and Caring Angel
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Editors Hits for Tomorrow The Editors of RALPH[List]Some of the Books
Proposed for our
Upcoming Anthology
Barrio Boy*
40th Anniversary Edition
Ernesto Galarza University of Notre Dame Press Memories of Crossing the Border
In the Early Years of the Century
The Comedy of Charlie Chaplin
Artistry in Motion
Dan Kamin (Scarecrow Press) Rare Insight into the Films and
Personal Life of Charlie Chaplin
Daughters of the Revolution
A Novel
Carolyn Cooke(Knopf) A Collection of
Balmy Stories about the
Balmy Residents of a New England
College Town
The Drowned Carsten Jensen [Reading]Young Danish Sailors off to the
Islands of Paradise
Otherwise Known as the Human Condition
Selected Essays and Reviews
Geoff Dyer (Graywolf Press) A Fat Volume of Essays on
Writers, Photographers, Morocco and
The Best Doughnut in the World
History Thieves Zinovy Zinik (Seagull Books) A Short Autobiographical Sketch
About Leaving Russia, Going to
Israel, and Thinking about a Creative Worm
Homo Habilis:
The Tool-Maker
Kevin Ducey [Poem] What Happened When Angels Appeared
To Contemplate Our Toolbits
A Lamp in the Darkness
Illuminating the Path through Difficult Times
Jack Kornfield (Sounds True) A Series of Guided Meditations
Connected to the Earth
Marshall McLuhan
You Know Nothing of My Work!
Douglas Coupland (Atlas & Co.) A Brief, Highly Subjective
Life of the Media Master
Capital of the World
A Portrait of New York City
In the Roaring Twenties
David Wallace (Lyons Press) A Highly Subjective
(And Quite Racy) View of
Manhattan Nighty Years Ago
Say Butterfly Ernesto Galarza [Reading] Learning to be Part of the
USA in 1900s Sacramento
Ode to My Socks Pablo Neruda
Translated by W. C. Williams
[Poem] The Comfort of a Newly Knitted
And Quite Warm Pair of Socks
Sometimes a Great Notion* Ken Kesey (Recorded Books) The Wonderful Story of
The Epic Lives of a
Logging Family in Oregon

Issue #218
Mid-Fall 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
A Radio/Television Theory
of the American Mind
Blow Molds
Amos Oz
I am a girl
Letters We Never Finished Reading
About to End the Race
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
More Editors Hits for Tomorrow The Editors of RALPH[List]Some More Books
Proposed for our
Upcoming Anthology
Arthritis, Gin, Vinegar,
Raisins and MSM
Sharon Gardner [Reading] Some New and Traditional
Cures for Arthritis
The Brothers Ashkenazi
A novel
I. J. Singer (Other Books) An Epic Tale of Jewish Families
In Lodz, Poland ---
100 Years Ago
Felice Beato
A Photographer on
The Eastern Road
Anne Lacoste
Fred Ritchin, Editors
(Getty Museum) Telling (and Showing) One of the
Early Pioneers in War Photography
Learn World Calligraphy*
Discover African, Arabic, Chinese, Ethiopic, Greek,
Hebrew, Indian, Japanese, Korean, Mongolian,
Russian, Thai, Tibetan Calligraphy, and Beyond
Margaret Shepherd (Watson Guptill)An Elegant Presentation of the Art of
Over Twenty Calligraphies of the World
Family Chronometer
András Gerevoch [Poems] Contemporary Hungarian Poetry
Green Clean
The Environmentally Sound
Guide to Cleaning
Your House
Linda Mason Hunter
Mikki Halpin
(Melcher Media) The Natural Way to Defeat
A "Sick House"
Mummy on the Doorstep Christine Boyka Kluge [Poem] Contemporary (Spooky) American Poetry
The Oriental Wife
A Novel
Evelyn Toynton (Other Books) The Story of Louisa
A Refugee with a Tumor
In the Shadow of Freedom
The Politics of Slavery
In the National Capital
Paul Finkleman
Donald R. Kennon, Editors
(Ohio University Press) Ten Essays on the Effect of Slavery
Smack-Dab in Washington, D.C.
1830 - 1861
The Collywobbles C. A. Amantea [Article] Stomach Aches (and Antibiotics)
in the Early Twenty-First Century
Unlikely Friendships
Forty-Seven Remarkable Stories
From the Animal Kingdom
Jennifer S. Holland (Workman Publishing) Odd Animal Pairings Pictured

Issue #219
Late Fall 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Virgin of Juquila
Breathing in, Dust
Cryptic Letters of the Month
To Read From You
Custom Women's Shoes
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Pastor James Ologbegbekilor
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Stars from 2011 The Editors of RALPH[List]The Best Books
(So Far)
From this Rapidly
Dwindling Year
Edmund Yaghjian
A Retrospective
Paul Matheny,
Sharon Campbell
(South Carolina State Museum) Severl Dozen (Interesting!) Paintings
From this Painter of South Carolina
The Forgotten Waltz
A Novel
Anne Enright (Norton) Love (and Semi-Sordid)
Adultery from Recent Ireland
Shooting from the Hip
Photographs and Essays
J. Don Cook (University of Oklahoma) Sad Indians and Happy Children
From the Plains of Oklahoma
The Undertaker's Daughter Toi Derricotte (University of Pittsburgh Press) Bitter (and Loving) Poetry
About a Scary Father
A Celebration of
The Grand Canyon State
Jim Turner (Gibbs Smith) Many Pictures (And
A Few Platitudes) about
The 48th State
A Novel
Eoin Colfer (Overlook) A Detective Novel
About Murder in the Lowlands of
New Jersey
The Pocho SocietyField Guide to L. A.
Monuments and Murals of
Erased and Invisible Histories
Sandra de la Loza (University of Washington) Seven or Eight Memorable Sites
That Have Not Been Memorialized
The Necessity of Certain Behaviors* Shannon Cain (University of Pittsburgh) Life Studies on Some Wonderful
(Terrible) Families
Memoirs of a Dwarf[G]
At the Sun King's Court
Paul Weidner (University of Wisconsin/
Terrace Books)
Some Fascinating Tales
From the Days (and Nights)
Of Louis XIV
The Time Travellers Jon Gallant [Article] "Conservatives" Being Co-opted
By "Radicals"
Letter from Breslau Prison Rosa Luxemburg [Reading] The Darkness of Night in Prison
Contrasted with the Lightness of Being
On Tending a Drunker Mother Shannon Cain [Reading] When your Mother Comes
To Town on a Bender
In Memoriam A. R. Ammons [Poem] The Sun in Our Lives
It's Not Armageddon Cheryl Dumesnil [Poem] A Fire in the Mountain

Issue #220
Early Winter2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Somme, The Coward
Hugh Cecil
Heathen and the Bible
Cryptic Letters of the Month
Letter from Timothy F. Geithner
PET stretch blow moulding
Letters We Never Finished Reading
I have just two days to leave
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Hits The Editors of RALPH[List]Reviews, Articles, Poems and Readings
Called Up Most Often at Our Server
The Anatomy of Addiction*
Sigmund Freud, William Halstead,
And the Miracle Drug Cocaine
Howard Markel (Pantheon)Revelations about Cocaine Addiction
And Two 20th Century
Medical Pioneers
Bernard Maybeck*
Architect of Elegance
Mark Anthony Wilson (Gibbs Smith)The Great California Architect
Pictured and Described
Dog Days
A Year in the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile
Dave Ihlenfeld (Union Square Press)A Year of Misery
Driving About in a
Hot Frankfurter
As If We Were Prey Michael Delp (Wayne State University Press)Eight Stories from the Heartland
New Stories from the Midwest Jason Lee Brown,
Jay Prefontaine,
(Ohio University/Swallow)Twenty Stories, Including Ones by
Chris Leslie Hynan, Carol K. Howell,
Kim Brooks and James Magruder
My Dyslexia Philip Schultz (Norton)The Poet Discovers
(At Fifty-Eight!)
Why He Had Trouble Reading
Call Me When You Land* Michael Schiavone (The Permanent Press)A Single Mother
Raising a Fifteen-Year-Old Boy
Kafka's Leopards Moacyr Scliar (Texas Tech University Press)Going to Prague
On a Bet and
Meeting K. (in Person)
The Somme
The Coward[G]
A. D. Gristwood (South Carolina)Two Books on Trench Warfare
By an Unknown English Writer
The High Halloween DaysDr. Phage[Article]Halloween in a Kosher (Almost)
Group Home
Field RationsMike Ervin[Reading]Detail on your Standard Food
During a Demonstration for ADAPT
You Can't ChopYour Mama
Up in Massachusetts
Not Even If You're Tired
Of Her Cuisine
Michael Brown[Poem]Restrictions on Matricide
In New England
Shiva Goes Surfing
Off Newfoundland
Francis S. Pickens[Poem]Falling in Love
In Northern Waters

Issue #221
Mid-Winter2011 - 2012
Title Author Publisher Subject
Ford Foundation Grant
Timothy --- or, Notes of an Abject Reptile
Georges Lemaitre
Cryptic Letters of the Month
Dog Walkers
Hello, Honey
Rubber Belts
Letters We Never Finished Reading
United Nations Compensation
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Why Oh Why? The Editors of RALPH[List]Our Favorite
And So It Goes
Kurt Vonnegut:
A Life
Charles J. Shields (Henry Holt) The Life of the Author of
Slaughterhouse Five
The Centaur in the Garden* Moacyr Scliar (Texas Tech University) Growing Up with a Half-a-
Horse Body in Brazil
The Kress Collection
At the Denver Art Museum
Angelica Daneo (University of Oklahoma) A Hundred Paintings, Panels, Drawings
And Sculptures from the Pre-Renaissance
Dumb Luck Lesley Choyce (Red Deer) A Lottery Ticket for
$3,000,000 --- and How It Screws You Up
[Sic]: A Memoir* Joshua Cody (Norton) Getting Cancer in Mid-Life
And Surviving
New and Selected Stories
Sallie Bingham (Sarabande) Stories on Bickering and
June/December Love
The Other Walk:
Sven Birkerts (Graywolf Press) Essays on Writing and
Children and Writing and
Ladders and Writing
The Spiritual Doorway To the Brain
A Neurologist's Search For the God Experience
Kevin Nelson (Dutton) Out-of-Body and
Near-Death Experiences and
Scientific Explanations to
Shoo Them All Away
The Past from Above[G]
Aerial Photographs of
Archaeological Sites
Georg Gerster
Charlotte Trümpler, Editors
(The J. Paul Getty Museum)250 Arhceological Sites
As Photographed frm Above
The Concert-Going Life Dr. Phage [Article] How to Sneak into
The Rich Seats from
The Aerie
A Vision Of Dying Joshue Cody [Reading] The Vision from
Your Death-Bed
Self Diagnosis and Treatment
Andrea Cohen[Poems] Surviving Earthquakes
And Marriage
At Lolita's Cafe Carlos Amantea [Reading] Hanging Out in a Low-Life Bar
On the Coast of Mexico

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