Issue #211
Early Spring 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Walter Reed Hospital
Injured Vietnam Veterans
Animal Lovers
Cruelty to Animals
Hurricanes and Gold
(and Slaves)
Obscured Businesses
Letter Boxes
Water Closets
Letters We Never Finished Reading
United Nations
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Great Poems The Editors of RALPH[List]Some of the Great Poems
As Published in RALPH Over the Years
To Bury a FriendRobert Boswell[Reading]A Selection from
The Heyday of the
Insensitive Bastards
Bertrand Russell and AristocracyGeorge Steiner[Reading]George Steiner at
The New Yorker
The Bible Is God's Personal Letter to You
When the World Freezes to Death
Bradley Park[Poems]A Literary Review of the Bible
And the End of the World
Re:viewing Egypt
Image and Echo
Xavier Roy, Photographer
Gamal al-Ghitani
(American University in Cairo Press)A Romantic View of Modern-Day Egypt
The IlluminationKevin Brockmeier(Pantheon)The Day When All Our Pains Are (Painfully) Illuminated
Closing the Window
Steps to Living Porn Free
Tim Chester(IVP)A Fundamentalist's Take on
The Habit of Pornography
Invasion of the
Prostate Snatchers
No More Unnecessary Biopsies
Radical Treatment or
Loss of Sexual Potency
Ralph H. Blum
Mark Scholz, M. D.
(Other Press)Some Clues on Preventing Unnecessary Surgery
A Return to Servitude
Maya Migration and
The Tourist Trade in Cancún
M. Bianet Castellanos(University of Minnesota)An Anthropologist Views the Effects of
The Influx of Tourists on
Native Peoples of the Yucatan
Between Terror and Tourism
An Overland Journey across North Africa
Michael Mewshaw(Counterpoint)A Journey across North Africa ---
Fraught with Violence (and the Author's Own Demons)

Issue #212
Mid-Spring 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
One Way Anchor Text Links
Viper's Tangle
What Does It Mean?
Blow Mould
Dead Neon
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Plan Crash
Pope Innocent
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Great Readings The Editors of RALPH[List]Some of the Great Readings from Books Under Review
As Published in RALPH Over the Years
The Secret Life
of Bletchley Park
The WWII Codebreaking Center and
The Men and Women Who Worked There
Sinclair McKay(Aurum)A Portrait of the English Attempts to
Break the "Enigma" Code
The Hidden Legacy
Pierpaolo Mittica(Trolley Books)A Photographic Essay on the After-effects of
The Nuclear Plant that Exploded in 1986
The Living Drylands
Sara Oldfield(MIT Press)Photographs and Commentary on
The Arid Regions of the Earth
Shopping and Dancing in Shanghai S. J. Perelman[Reading]The Pleasures (and Perils) of
Pre-WWII Travel
Freud's Mexico
Into the Wilds of Psychoanalysis
Rubén Gallo(MIT Press)The Outcroppings of Freud's
Influence South of the Border
Outside Looking In
Adventures of an Observer
Garry Wills(Viking)Tales from the Life of
The Noted Journalist
Green Green I Want You GreenFederico García-Lorca[Poem]A Ballad of Love and Death
In Spain
Hiroshima in the MorningRahna Reiko Rizzuto(The Feminist Press)The Author in Research in Japan
(And Discovering Herself in the Process)
The Zaporka
Dr. Phage[Articles]Reports on Two New Idols
From the Past
The Rise and Fall of HitlerStefan Zweig[Reading]The Early History of Nazis in Austria
There's a Road to Everywhere
Except Where You Came From
Bryan Charles(Open City Books)Bumming Around in New York
(And an Eyewitness to the Fall of the Towers)
Arms of the SnakeChristine Boyka Kluge[Poem]Contemporary American Poetry
Enlightening the World
The Creation of the Statue of Liberty
Yasmin Sabina Khan(Cornell University Press)A History of the Dream of
And Construction of the Beacon of Liberty
Stone in a Landslide*Maria Barbal
(Peirene Press)A Story of Growing up Poor in Central Europe

Issue #213
Late Spring 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Morley Baer
Hirotada Ototake
Bookmarks for Belgium
I Never Forget You
Letters We Never Finished Reading
Wicked Rebels
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Abbott Awaits*
A Novel
Chris Bachelder(Louisiana State University Press)How to Raise a Two-Year-Old
And How She May Raise You
Field Note:
February 2004
Peter C. van Wyck[Reading]A Visit to the Original Site
Of the Original Bomb
CaribouPeter C. van Wyck[Reading]Learning How to Talk with the Dene
While They Learn How to
Not Talk with you
All Eyes
A Memoir of Deafness
Bainy B. Cyrus(Bainy B. Cyrus)Growing Up in the World of
Those Who Think They Can Hear
Harare NorthBrian Chikwava(Vintage/Random House)How to Survive
As an Immigrant from Africa
In theCouncil Flats in England
The Highway of the Atom*Peter C. van Wyck(McGill-Queen's University Press)An Eye-Opening Account
Of Those Who (Unwittingly)
Gave Us Our First Atom Bombs
The Ring Is ClosedKnut Hamsun(Souvenir Press)One of the First Existential Novels
From Twentieth Century Norway
NemesisPhilip Roth(Houghton Mifflin Harcourt)A Reworking of Our Earlier
Review of Roth's Latest
Otherwise ElsewhereDavid Rivard(Graywolf)Writings of One of Contemporary
America's Most Startling Poets
Lightning With Stag In Its GlareDavid Rivard[Poem]Stars and Wood-Peckers
Children's VomitChris Bachelder[Reading]How to Deal with the
Outpourings of a Two-Year-Old
Missing Believed Killed
The Remarkable Story of
A Japanese POW Camp Survivor
John Baxter(Arum Books)Life (and Death) in
A Prisoner Camp 1942 - 1945
Andy Warhol
And the Can that
Sold the World
Gary Indiana(Basic Books)A Brief (and Troubled)
Work about a Troubled Artist
White Waters and Black[G]Gordon MacCreagh(University of Chicago)One of the First Original
Nightmare Journeys into Other Worlds

Issue #214
Early Summer 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
Headpots of Arkansas
James Low
Raymundo Sanchez
Have the Desire
Chrome Hairpin Table
Letters We Never Finished Reading
The Race of Life
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Fifteen Great Books The Editors of RALPH [List] Our Favorite Titles
From the First Six
Months of 2011
The Quotable Krishnamurti Robert Epstein, Editor (Quest Books) Six Hundred Short Quotes from
The Speeches of the Late Master
The Last Muster
Images of
The Revolutionary War Generation
Maureen Taylor (Kent State University Press) Seventy Photographs of Those Who
Survived America's First Civil War
Little Did I Know
Excerpts from Memory
Stanley Cavell (Stanford) The Autobiography of a Self-made
Musician and Philosopher
The John Lardner Reader
A Press Box Legend's
Classic Sportswriting
John Schulian, Editor (Bison Books) Some of the Great Essays from
A Master of the Sports Genre
Sentinel of the
Outer Solar System
Barrie W. Jones (Cambridge University Press) The Now-No-Longer Planet
Reviewed and Remembered
Train Dreams* Denis Johnson (Farrar, Straus & Giroux) A Sweet Tale of
Growing Up (and Surviving)
In Idaho Country
Combat Trauma
A Personal Look at
Long-Term Consequences
James D. Johnson (Rowman & Litlefield) Sixteen Veterans Recall
Their Bouts with PTSD
Visitation* Jenny Erpenbeck (New Directions) A Novel about Life in a House
In the Brandenburg Mountains
My Fine Feathered Friend[G] William Grimes (North Point) A Chicken Gets Loose in Astoria
And Becomes a Folk Hero
Pets J. Gallant
L. Milam
[Article] How Americans Treat
And Are Treated by Their Pets
Now Pitching for Bartletts John Lardner [Reading] The Origin of the Great Philosophical Mot
"I Shudda Stood in Bed"
An Early Flight Denis Johnson [Reading] In Which Our Hero
Goes on a Ride
in a Scary Bi-Plane
Bottom Arthur Rimbaud [Poetry] John Ashbery's Translation
The Bad Sonnet Ronald Wallace [Poem] Great Poems of the Past
*One of Our Editors' Favorites
[G] Great Books of the Past

Issue #215
Mid-Summer 2011
Title Author Publisher Subject
H. L. Mencken
Cryptic Letters of the Month Diploma
Life in Thailand
Pat Robertson
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve Hits The Editors of RALPH [List] The Readers' Favorites
Jack London
Jeanne Campbell
Reesman et al,
(University of Georgia Press) A Selection of 200 of the
Photographs from the early
20th Century writer
Accidental Historian
Tales of Trash and Treasure
Monte Akers (Texas Tech University Press) A Civil War Buff Tells Us
More than We Might Want to Know
About "Re-enactments"
Llano Estacado*
An Island in the Sky
Stephen Bogener,
William Tydeman
(Texas Tech University Press) A Visit (with Exquisite Photographs)
To One of the Most Barren Places on Earth
from unwritten histories* Eugenijus Ališanka (Host) Abstract Expressionistic Poetry
From Lithuania
Paul Zweig (Other Books) Seduced by the French
Language, Culture, and
Deaf in DC
A Memoir
Madan Vasishta (Gallaudet University Press) From India to Gallaudet
(Through Simple Persistence)
Aaaaw to Zzzzzd
The Words of Birds
North America, Britain, and Northern Europe
John Bevis (MIT) The Songs of Some
1200 Birds
Lester Higata's
20th Century*
Barbara Hamby (University of Iowa) Twelve Great Stories
From Hawai'i
Jeff Wall:
Picture for Women
David Campany (Afterall Books) A Tribute to a Bizarre
Some Might Say Misguided
Frontiers of Heaven[G]
A Journey to
The End of China
Stanley Stewart (Lyons Press) A Wonderful Journey
Through All of China
Dr. Phage [Article] A Journey Through the Mysteries
Of the Electronic Age
One Day
After Saturday
Gabriel García Márquez [Reading] The Mass with
Father Anthony Isabel
The Tiger John Vaillant [Reading] The Terror and the
Wonder of the Siberian
Amur Tiger
not exactly a poem Eugenijus Ališanka [Poem] A Poem about
Not a Poem
star wars Eugenijus Ališanka [Poem] life in the full moon
is a flood seas of blood
mountains of chocolate

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