Issue #197
Mid-Winter 2009 - 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Twisted Spoon Press
Bob Poole & "Poole's Paradise"
My Bloody Life
Cryptic Letters of the Month
Cock Cages
Gravitation and the Stars
Letters We Never Finished Reading
A Wicked Uncle
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
In the American Grain(N) William Carlos Williams (New Directions) Essays on America and American History
Going Green(N)
True Tales from Gleaners,
Scavengers and Dumpster Divers
Laura Pritchett, Editor (Oklahoma) How-to-Do-It on Saving Money
(and Saving the Planet)
Florida's Rivers(N) Charles R. Boning (Pineapple Press) The Sixty Major Florida Rivers
Graded by Type and Ecology
Do Nothing(N)
Inner Peace for
Everyday Living
Siroj Sorajjakool (Templeton Foundation) Readings from and Thoughts on
the Chinese Philosopher Chaung Tzu
Yellowstone Drift(N)
Floating the Past in Real Time
John Holt (AK Press) Living in the Upper Reasches of the Yellowstone River
Dream Street Douglas McCulloh (Icelandia/Heyday) Photographs and the Day-to-Day of
Building a Tickey-Tacky
The Ascent of Money
A Financial History of the World
Niall Ferguson (Penguin) The Dismal Science Enlivened (and Brought Up-to-Date)
Live Nude Girl
My Life as an Object
Kathleen Rooney (University of Arkansas Press) Your Worst Nightmares of
Posing Nude Brought to Life
Diario de Oaxaca
(Oaxaca Diary)
Peter Kuper (PM Press) Two Years in the City of Oaxaca (with Art)
The Amos Oz Reader Amos Oz (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Eighteen of Oz's Stories, Essays, Speeches and Parts of Novels
The River Flows North Graciela Limón (Arte Público Press) Ten or So Pilgrims from Mexico
Stumbling across the Desert
A Novel
Dan Fante (Harper Perennial) Dope and Sex and Vomit and General Squalor
Getting Away with Murder
On the Texas Frontier(B)
Notorious Killings and
Celebrated Trials
Bill Neal (Texas Tech University Press) Even More Squalor on
Texas Ranches and in its Courthouses
Translation is A Love Affair(B) Jacques Poulin (Archipelago) Working in Quebec for
A Doubtful Novelist
The Little Black Book
Of Grisélidis Réal(B)
Days and Nights of
An Anarchist Whore
Jean-Luc Hennig, (Semiotext(e)/MIT) Everything You Don't Want to Know
About the Prostitute Life
American Salvage(B) Bonnie Jo Campbell (Wayne State University Press) Too Many Stories of
the Dopey Life in
the Middle West
B Is for Bad Poetry Pamela August Russell (Sterling) The Title Says It All
Peoples of the Plateau(B)*
The Indian Photographs of
Lee Moorhouse, 1898 - 1915
Steven L. Grafe (University of Oklahoma Press) The Southern Plateau Indians
of the Columbia Basin as as Seen
a Hundred Years Ago
Revolution in Seattle(B)
A Memoir
Harvey O'Connor (Haymarket) A Memorial to the Radicals
of the Seattle General Strike and
the Everett Massacre
Black Glasses Like Clark Kent(B)
A GI's Secret from Postwar Japan
Teerese Svoboda (Graywolf Press) We Are Never Told the Secret
Which Caused the Suicide of
Ms. Svoboda's Uncle
Through the Eyes
Of the Astronauts
Robert Jacobs, et al, Editors (Abrams) Dozens of Photographs from the Years
of the Apollo Space Mission
Malinche(G) Laura Esquivel (Atria) A Reenactment of the Story of
the Náhuatl Who Helped
Hernán Cortés
The Black Room At Longwood(G)
Napoleon's Exile on
Saint Helena
Jean-Paul Kauffmann (Four Walls, Eight Windows) A Reporter Goes to the Bleak Island to
Find the True Story of Its Most Famous Inhabitant
Sweet Dumb Doggie [Article] L. W. Milam A Memento Mori of a Street Dog
A Friend in Zagreb Shon Meckfessel [Reading] Meeting an Old Man in Zagreb
The Woman
William Carlos Williams [Reading] A Tale of the Log-Splitter from
In the American Grain
Question May Swenson [Poem Modern American Poetry
* = A Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit
(N) = New Titles
(B) = Briefs

Issue #198
Late Winter 2009 - 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Grisélidis Réal
Bob Poole & "Poole's Paradise"
Dog Cancer
Cock Cages
Gravitation and the Stars
Letters We Never Finished Reading
I Am a Princess
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Best of 2009 The Editors of RALPH [List] Ten Great Books of the Year
Revolution 1989*
The Fall of the Soviet Empire
Victor Sebestyen (Pantheon) A Month-By-Month Study
of the Fall of the Russian Imperium
Tooth and Claw
A Mystery
Nigel McCrery (Pantheon) A Bloody Tale of
Murder in the
TV News Department
Spooner Pete Dexter (Grand Central) A Bildingsroman across America
From the Late 1960s
The Pink Lady
The Many Lives of
Helen Gahagan Douglas
Sally Denton (Bloomsbury) The Lady Who Was Savaged
By Richard Nixon in 1950
Your Face Tomorrow
Volume III --- Poison,
Shadow and Farewell
Javier Marķas
Margaret Jull Costa,
(New Directions) Another Ramshackle Novel from the Hands
of the Spanish Master
Jeff in Venice,
Death in Varanasi*
A Novel
Geoff Dyer (Pantheon) A Weird Mix of Venice Art and Indian Artlessness
The Bird of Dawning*
Or, The Fortune of the Sea
John Masefield (National Maritime Museum) A Sterling Saga of the Sea
from the Mid-19th Century
The Genesis of Flight
The Aeronautical History Collection of
Colonel Richard Gimbel
Tom D. Crouch, Editor (Friends of the U. S. Air Force Academy
and the University of Washington)
A Merry Flight over the History of Flight
The Exploding Eye L. W. Milam [Article] The Injection of an Air Bubble
into the Eyeball after Surgery
William Faulkner Javier Marías [Reading] A Biographical Note about
The Author by the Author
The Meaning of History Octavio Paz [Reading] The Evolution of Communist
Thought in the 1930s
Water Picture May Swenson [Poem] Neo-Realist American Poetry
The Underneath Christine Hamm [Poem] Neo-Imagist American Poetry
* = A Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit
(N) = New Titles
(B) = Briefs

Issue #199
Early Spring 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Reginald A Fessenden
Luke Swank
The Maxim Gun
War and Regular People
The Brain of Pooh
Writing as Therapy Letters We Never Finished Reading
Your New Friend
Heartful of Tears
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Twelve or So Hits The Editors of RALPH [List] Twelve Reviews, Readings and Poems
Most Often Accessed by Our Readers
Body Copy
A Novel
Michael Craven (Harper) Another Tough Los Angeles
Private Investigator Story
The Book of Fathers
A Novel
Miklós Vámos (Other Press) Twelve Generations of Hungarians in
Love, Hate, and War
Land of the Lost Souls
My Life on the Streets
Cadillac Man (Bloomsbury) Tales from the Grimy Streets of New York
Erotic Poems* e. e. cummings (Norton) Classic Iambs of Love from
the 20th Century Poet
The Innocent III Abroad Stephen O'Shea [Reading] The 13th Century Pontiff as
a Blood Warrior
The Last of His Mind
A Year in the Shadow of Alzheimer's
John Thorndike (Swallow) Caring for a Parent with
What They Once Called Senile Dementia
The Art of Rockefeller Center[G] Christine Roussel (Norton) Some of the Hidden Etchings and Designs
at the Complex Revealed
Reynaud and Saladin Stephen O'Shea [Reading] Medieval Islam and Christianity
A Novel
Adam Schwartzman (Pantheon) Portrait of a Young Artist of Ghana
Louis H. Sullivan
And the 19th-Century Poetics
of Naturalized Architecture
Lauren S. Weingarden (Ashgate) A Look at the American Architect as
a Student of Ruskin
FDR v. The Constitution
The Court-Packing Fight and
The Triumph of Democracy
Burt Solomon (Walker & Co.) Roosevelt's 1937 Plan to
Expand the Supreme Court
The Psychotherapist
Is Always Late[G]
Les Triangles de Chloé
Gaëtan Brulotte
David Tucker, Translator
[Reading] Adventures in Psychotherapyland
* = A Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit
(N) = New Titles
(B) = Briefs
(G) = Great Reviews of the Past

Issue #200
Mid-Spring 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Enrico Dandolo
The Doge of Venice
Oil from Iraq
The Effects of War
Charles Bukowski on Boils
Subscriptions to RALPH in Foreign Currencies
I Love You
Prince Al
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
OUR 200th ISSUE:
The Best of the Best
The Editors of RALPH [List] Fifteen of the Most Worthy Books
Reviewed on Our Pages over the
Last Few Years
OUR 200th ISSUE:
Some Also-Rans
The Editors of RALPH [List] Thirty Almost Equally Worthy Books
OUR 200th ISSUE:
A Dozen Stinkers
The Editors of RALPH [List] Twelve or so Ghastlies
We Reluctantly Reviewed
OUR 200th ISSUE:
Editors' Picks
The Editors of RALPH [List] The Best Articles, Poems,
and Readings from
Our First Five Years
OUR 200th ISSUE:
The Paradox of Paradoxes
The Editors of RALPH [List] A Selection of
Fifteen of Our Favorite Paradoxes:
Questions of the Ages ---
Posed But Never Exposed
Bad Cop
New York's Least Likely
Police Officer Tells All
Paul Bacon (Bloomsbury) The Harold Lloyd of the
15th Precinct Tells All
The Black Girl Next Door
A Memoir
Jennifer Baszile (Touchstone/S&S) Growing up Rich (but
Misunderstood) in Palo Verdes
The Unwanted Sound of
Everything We Want[B]
A Book about Noise
Garret Keizer (PublicAffairs) Everything You Don't Want to Know about
Screeching, Howling, Buzzing, Sirens,
Motors, Drones and Whistles
Daughters of Zion[B]
A Family's Conversion to Polygamy
Kim Taylor (Rogue Hill) Everything You Don't Want
to Know about Having
400 or 500 In-Laws
La's Orchestra Saves the World[B]
A Novel
Alexander McCall Smith (Pantheon) The Guy Who Invented
"The #1 Ladies Detective Agency"
on Life in WWII Britain
First Light:[B]
Five Photographers Explore
Yosemite's Wilderness
Charles Cramer, et. al. (Heyday Books) An Exquisite Collection of
Photographs of Hidden Yosemite
"On the Death of Mr Barker of Hammon,
and his wife who dyed both together"
George Herbert [Poem] An Exquisite Exposition on
the Death of a Loving Couple
Revolutionaries: A New History
of the Invention of America
Jack Rakove (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) The Thesis Being that the
Revolutionaries of 1776
Were Not Very Revolutionary at All
In the Time of the Lime Trees Olga Tokarczuk [Reading] The Limes that Grow on
the Jeszkotle to Kieice Road
The Partial Vapor
Pressure of Khometz
Dr. Phage [Article] The Difference Between
the Letter KHET and
the Letter MEM
Primeval and Other Times* Olga Tokarczuk
Antonia Lloyd-Jones, Translator
(Twisted Spoon) The Lives (and Deaths) of
a 20th Century Polish
Dancing Under
the Red Star[G]
The Extraordinary Story of
Margaret Werner, the Only
American Woman to
Survive Stalin's Gulag
Karl Tobin (Water Brook) Years of Enforced Isolation
in Gorky --- and in the Gulags
Meeting D. T. Suzuki Jacob Needleman [Reading] "What is the Self?"
"Who is asking the question?"

Issue #201
Late Spring 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Adrienne Rich
The Winter War
Music of the Middle Ages
One in a Million, Baby
Burkina-Faso Gold Mine
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
African Taxi Opera Douglas Cruickshank [Article] Getting around Uganda in an Overloaded Taxi
The Best American Travel Writing --- 2009 Simon Winchester,
(Mariner) True Stories from around the World
The Blue Tattoo
The Life of Olive Oatman
Margot Mifflin (Nebraska) The Life of a Victorian Woman
with a (Blue) Tattoo on her Chin
Upgraded to Serious [B] Heather McHugh (Copper Canyon Press) Contemporary American Poetry
Is Life Like This?[B]
A Guide to Writing
Your First Novel in
Six Months
John Dufresne (Norton) A Point-by-Point Guide to Making a Novel
A Bomb in Every Issue[B]
How the Short, Unruly Life of
Ramparts Magazine
Changed America
Peter Richardson (The New Press) A History of the Explosive
Magazine from the Sixties
My Men[B] Malika Mokeddem (Nebraska) The Autobiography of
the Great Feminist from Algeria
Difficult Days David Lodge [Reading] Notes from a Fictional Writer's Life
The Edge of Physics
A Journey to Earth's Extremes
To Unlock the Secrets of the Universe
Anil Ananthaswamy (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt) Some of the More Obscure Elements of
Astrophysics Examined
My Life in an Indian
Boarding School
Adam Nordwall
(Adam Fortunate Eagle)
(Oklahoma) Life in a BIA School
Justine velocisima Oliver Welden [Poem] Love Poem from Chile
Revolution on Paper
Mexican Prints 1910 - 1960
Mark McDonald, Editor (Texas) Diego Rivera
José Clemente Orozco
David Alfaro Siqueiros
and 32 Others
Prisons of Poverty* Loïc Wacquant (Minnesota) How Prisons are Taking over from the Ghetto
The Demonic Myth of
"The Prison-Industrial Complex"
Loïc Wacquant [Reading] The Growth of Prisons Caused
by Some Other Factors
A Woman's Journal of
Struggle and Defiance in
Occupied France
Agnès Humbert (Bloomsbury) Four Years as a Prisoner of the Nazis
Washington Sculpture:*
A Cultural History of
Outdoor Sculpture in
The Nation's Capital
Hames M. Goode (Johns Hopkins) Over Five Hundred Sculptures
Illustrated and Explained

Issue #202
Early Summer 2010
Title Author Publisher Subject
Wisawa Szymborska
A Graduation Speech
My Bloody Life (Reymundo Sanchez)
Chrome Hairpin Tables
Hopping to Hear
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Edward Lear:
Egyptian Sketches
Jenny Gaschke (National Maritime Museum)Sketches and Water-colors by
the Famous Rhymster
Points of View
Capturing the 19th Century in Photographs
John Falconer,
Louise Hide, Editors
(The British Library)200 Classic Black-and-White Photographs
from the 19th Century
I Am Not Sidney Poitier Percival Everett (Graywolf)A Riotous Novel about Growing Up as
Not a Movie Star
Scenes from
La Cuenca de
Los Angeles*
Y Otros Natural Disasters
Susana Chávez-Silverman (University of Wisconsin)A Spanglish Version of Love and Loss
In San Francisco (and the World)
Rhyming Life & Death
A Novel
Amos Oz
Nicholas de Lange
(Mariner)The Famous Author Gives
A Reading on Tel Aviv (and Finds Love)
(Sort Of)
Making Poems
Forty Poems
with Commentary
by the Poets
Todd Davis
Erin Murphy
(Excelsior/University of New York)Poems, Each with Narrative by the Writer
Audition Ryu Murakami
Ralph McCarthy, Translator
(Norton)A Scary Novel about A Woman's Revenge
A Colossal Failure of Common Sense
The Incredible Inside Story of
The Collapse of Lehman Brothers
Larry McDonald,
Patrick Robinson
(Ebury Press)The Story, as Told by One
Who Was Near (But Not
Too Near) the Top
The Collected Poems
Of Dylan Thomas:
Original Edition
Introduction by Paul Muldoon (New Directions)Almost 100 Poems
By the Welch Writer
And Orator
Meteorites Caroline Smith, et al (Firefly)A Short Volume on Some of
These Thousands of Extraterrestrial Visitors
Florida's Great Ocean Railway
Building the Key West Extension
Dan Gallagher (Pineapple Press)Flagler's Folly in
Photographs and Drawings
Human Rights in African Prisons[G] Jeremy Sarkin, Editor (Ohio University Press)Essays on the Countries You Should
(And Should Not) Get Arrested in
Mitsubishi GalanteJon Gallant[Article]How the Writer's Family
Came into the Auto Business
Busto- and Lip-Inflated
Blow-Arriba Dolls
Susana Chávez-Silverman[Reading]Going Malling Filled con
Mi Peor Fobia
A Lifetime of Pickles and Lard SandwichesTed Kooser[Reading]Growing up in Iowa
100 Years Ago
From the TowerHeather McHugh[Poetry]21st Century American poetry
Signs You Are Ovulating
What We Think About
The Missing Girl
Christine Hamm[Poetry]21st Century American poetry
* = A Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit
[G] = Great Reviews of the Past

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