Issue #183
Mid-Winter 2008 - 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
Red Mutiny
Eleven Fateful Days on the Battleship Potemkin
Neal Bascomb (Houghton Mifflin) The Events on the Black Sea, 1905 --- in Detail
Prayers and Rituals a
The Time of Illness and Dying
Pat Fosarelli (Templeton Foundation Press) A Manual for Healthcare Workers
for the Five Major Religions
Presidential Doodles
Two Centuries of Scribbles, Scratches, Squiggles &
Scrawls from the Oval Office
David Greenberg (Basic) Over Fifty Doodles Culled from
Official Presidential Papers
A Persistent Peace*
One Man's Struggle for
A Nonviolent World
John Dear (Loyola Press) The Works for Peace
by a Controversial Jesuit
The Romantic Dogs*
1980 - 1998
Roberto Bolaño
Laura Healy, Translator
(New Directions) Poems by the Late
(and Now-Famous) Novelist
Passage Meditation
Bringing the Deep Wisdom of
The Heart into Daily Life
Eknath Easwaran (Nilgiri Press) Specific Meditations and
Chants for Inner Peace
Democracy's Prisoner
Eugene V. Debs,The Great War,
and the Right to Dissent
Ernest Freeberg (Harvard) The Prison Years of the Early
Twentieth Pacifist and Socialist
Understanding Gregory Bateson
Mind, Beauty, and the Sacred Earth
Noel G. Charlton (SUNY) A Reworking of the Primary Writings of the
Ecologist and Psychological Theorist
The Berlin Stories Christopher Isherwood (New Directions) A Reprint of the Famous
"I Am a Camera" Stories from the 1930s
An American Summer[G] Frank Deford (Sourcebooks Landmark) Novel of a Polio Survivor
and Her Pal
The Barnes Foundation
Violette de Mazia
Jill Fredston and Avalanches
Joseph McCarthy
Joseph Welch
The Tao
The I Ching
Making $$$ in Iraq
Garnish: S. J. Perelman
Christian Dating
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Barry O'Bama and The Vulcans Dr. Phage [Article] How Foreigners Voted
in the 2008 U. S. Election
A Bailout for RALPH Lolita Lark [Article] A Scheme to Make This Magazine
More Like Citibank, Merrill Lynch,
and Lehman Brothers
Getting Breakfast in Auschwitz Peter Berg [Reading] Survival in a Death Camp
Giving Birth to Sophie Maureen Seaton [Reading] How the Baby Names Herself at Birth
Visit to the Convalescent Roberto Bolaño [Poem] Survival on the Streets of Mexico City, 1973
Rain Edward Thomas [Poem] The Last Edwardian in the Trenches, 1918

Issue #184
Early Late Winter 2008 - 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
Seven Great Books of 2008 The Editors [List] Great Books from 2008 as Reviewed in RALPH
Seven Awful Books of 2008 The Editors [List] Ghastly Books from 2008 as Reviewed in RALPH
Mind Beyond Death Dzogchen Ponlop (Snow Lion) The Bardos of Dying in Tibetan Buddhism
Home Girl
Building a Dream House
On a Lawless Block
Judith Matloff (Random House) How to Rebuild a Victorian Mansion in
Drug-Infested West Harlem
Freeman Walker*
A Novel
David Allan Cates (Unbridled) The Picaresque Trip through
Post-Bellum United States
Child 44 Tom Rob Smith (Grand Central Publishing) A Novel about Stalinist Russia and the MGB
Seduced by Modernity
The Photography of
Margaret Watkins
Mary O'Connor, Katherine
Tweedie, Editors
(McGill-Queens University Press) The Life of the 1920s
Master of Modernism
A Natural History of Seeing
The Art and Science of Vision
Simon Ings (Norton) A Fact-Filled Excursion into
How We Look at Things
Seven Wheelchairs
A Life Beyond Polio
Gary Presley (University of Iowa Press) Forty Years in a Wheelchair
Of Prisons and Ideas[G] Milovan Djilas (Harcourt Brace) An Anti-Stalinist Tells of Torture (and Freedom)
A Persistent Peace
John Dear
Touching the Rock
John M. Hull
José Saramago
The Double
Crew List
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Nabokov's Morning Vladimir Nabokov [Reading] A Day in the Life
Of the Author of Lolita
Last Best Chance City David Allan Cates [Reading] Life in a 1860s
Gold Mining Town
Death: The Stages of
the Bardo of Becoming
Dzogchen Ponlop [Reading] How to Know
When to Stop Dying
We Lived Together Kenji Miyazawa [Poem] Traditional Japanese Poetry
March 16 [1996] David Lehman [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
[G] Great Books (or Poems) of the Past
*Indicates a Book of Especial Merit

Issue #185
Very Early Spring 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
World Made by Hand James Howard Kunstler (Atlantic Monthly Press) Novel about the Coming Financial, Energy, and Housing Apocalypse
Blood River
Journey to Africa's Broken Heart
Tim Butcher (Grove Press) A Modern-Day Pilgrimage through Darkest Africa
Up Against the
Wall Motherf**ker
A Memoir of the '60s,
With Notes for Next Time
Osha Neumann Seven Stories) A Trip Down Memory Lane with One of the Lower East Side 60s Trouble-Makers
An Odyssey of
Pacific Ocean Debris
Bonnie Henderson (Oregon State University Press) The Leavings on a Mile of the Oregon Coastline
This Man's Army
A War in Fifty-Odd Sonnets
John Allan Wyeth (South Carolina) Poetry from the First World War
Best New American Voices 2009
Fresh Fiction from
The Top Writing Programs
Mary Gaitskill, Editor (Harcourt) Fourteen Short Stories from Present-Day
American Writing Classes
Old English Poems
And Riddles
Chris McCully, Editor (Fyfield/
A Selection of Poetry and Puzzles from 7th to 11th Century England
Near Death
In the Arctic
True Stories of
Disaster and Survival
Cecil Kuhne, Editor (Vintage Books) Twelve Stories on the
Worst Journeys in the World
The Possession Annie Ernaux (Seven Stories Press) A Day-to-Day of a Lady
Gone Bonkers over an ex-Lover
In the Grip of
Jill Fredston (Harcourt) Two Experts on the
Terror of Alpine (and
Alaskan) Mountains
Carl Jung
Freeman Walker
The Øresund Fixed Link
Reymundo Sanchez
Eccentric Writers
"Me Is Friendly"
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
The Anatomy of a Review:
Elfriede Jelinek (Seven Stories Press) A Break-Down of the
Process of Reading and
Reviewing a Wretched Novel
How to Make Students Shine
(Despite Themselves)
L.W. Milam [Article] Making Writers Out of
Students Who Are Considered
Too Stupid to Write
John Huston Meets
Jean-Paul Sartre
Elif Batuman [Reading] When Two Existentialsts
Met (and Fought) over Freud
In Mexico
Roberto Bolaño [Poetry] "The Bombs Were Falling
over Mexico City"
Hagar's Last Night
In Abraham's House
Itzik Manger (1901 - 1969) [Poetry] One of the Masters
of Yiddish Poetry (on Infidelity)
[G] Great Books (or Poems) of the Past
*Indicates a Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit

Issue #186
Early Mid-Spring 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
Fifteen Hits The Editors of Ralph [List] Our Most Popular Current
Reviews, Articles, Poems,
and Readings
Tradition Quan Berry [Poem] Female Circumcision
Revolution in Mind
The Creation of Psychoanalysis
George Makari (Harper Perennial) The Birth and Growth of
Freudian Psychoanalysis
As a Friend*
A Novel
Forrest Gander (New Directions) Three Characters in the South Mid-West
In Love and Jealousy and Hate
Hijos del
Gender, Family, and Community
In Rural Mexico, 1730 - 1850
Deborah E. Kanter (University of Texas Press) The Use of the Depósito
As Punishment for Errant Women
In 19th Century Mexico
Soon the Rest
Will Fall
A Novel
Peter Plate (Seven Stories Press) From the Jailhouse to
The Streets of
San Francisco
The Lady Missionary Gail Dendy [Poem] The Arrival of Salvation in Africa
The Last Prince of
The Mexican Empire*
Catherine Mansell Mayo (Unbridled Books) The Last Days of Maximilian
and Carlota in Mexico
Chaucer and "The Parson's Tale"
World Made By Hand
James Howard Kunstler
The Kinsey Report
Tao Te Ching
Letters of Love
Artists from Krakow
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
A Natural History of
Some Uncommon Creatures
Extraordinary Chameleons
Iguanas, Geckos, and More
David Badger, Text
John Netherton, Photos
(Voyager Press) The Beasts of the Desert and Jungles Explained
Mating for Death George Wald [Article] The Final Spasms of Death-Love
Oedipus Rex Sophocles
Ian Johnson
(Richer Resources) Dark Love in the Blight-
Infested City of Thebes
A People's History of
Poverty in America
Stephan Pimpare (The New Press) The Lives and Despairs of the
37,000,000 Poor in the United States
[G] Great Books (or Poems) of the Past
*Indicates a Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit

Issue #187
Late Spring 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
Ten Great Poems The Editors of Ralph [List] Ten of the Best Poems
From Our Last Fifteen Years
Anniversary Serenade
Where the Sea Meets the Desert
Clive James [Poems] Two Poems on Love
In the House of
Beatrice Potter
Raphael Kadushin [Reading] Travels across the Dales
of England
Big Trips*
More Good Gay
Travel Writing
Raphael Kadushin (Terrace Books) Sixteen Gay Stories
From the Ends of the Earth
Eskimo Architecture[G]
Dwelling and Structure in
The Early Historic Period
Molly Lee
Gregory A. Reinhardt
(University of Alaska Press) From Igloos to
Fanciful Ice Structures
Labor Pains and
Birth Stories
Essays on Pregnancy, Childbirth,
And Becoming a Parent
Jessica Powers, Editor (Catalyst Book Press) Twenty-Nine Writers Tell
Their Stories of Labor and Giving Birth
Public Works Art Projects
The Roads of the Romans
The Virgin of Juquila
100 Copies
Pest Control
The Fear of God
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Lonely Planet's
Best in Travel 2009
850 Trends, Destinations, Journeys &
Experiences for the Year Ahead
Geoff Howard, Editor (Lonely Planet) A Gorgeously Illustrated Book
On World Travel
Where Has She Gone? Michael Greenberg [Reading] A Fifteen-Year-Old
In the Psych Ward
Hurry Down
Michael Greenberg (Other Press) An Epic Case of
"Fulminating Mania"
Anecdotes from the World
Of the King of Instruments
Jenny Setchell, Editor (Pipeline Press) Seventy-Two Organists Tell of
Their Worst Performing Experiences
The Secret of
The Great Pyramid
How One Man's Obsession
Led to the Solution of
Ancient Egypt's Greatest Mystery
Bob Brier,
Jean-Pierre Houdin
(Collins) A Theory of the Building of
The Great Pyramid
A Novel
Owen Sheers (Anchor Books) What If the Germans
Conquered England in WWII
Shanghai Girls
A Novel
Lisa See (Random House) Two Chinese Girls Make It
To Los Angeles Before WWII
[G] Great Books (or Poems) of the Past
*Indicates a Book We Found to Be of Especial Merit

Issue #188
Very Early Summer 2009
Title Author Publisher Subject
Twelve Great Letters The Editors of Ralph [List] Twelve of the Best Letters
Sent to Us Over the Last Year
Sex and Bacon
Why I Love Things
That Are Very Bad for Me
Sarah Katherine Lewis (Seal) Love and Poverty and
Great Food (and Sex)
"Pinched Toes"
Deborah Fernández Badillo Arte Público Press Chicano / Latino Poetry
The Story of
Class Violence
In America
Louis Adamic
Jon Bekken, Editor
(AK Press) A History of Labor Strife and
Violent Reaction
Eat, Memory:
Great Writers at the Table
A Collection of Essays from
The New York Times
Amanda Hesser,
(Norton) Twenty-Six More or Less
Famous Writers on Food
The Face
Of War
New Zealand's
Great War Photography
Sandy Callister (Auckland University Press) Almost a Hundred Photographs from
The Great War (and New Zealand)
The Making of
Mr. Gray's Anatomy
Bodies, Books, Fortune, Fame
Ruth Richardson (Oxford) The History of the Making of
The Great Anatomy Book
Another Day
Of Life[G]
Ryszard Kapuscinski (Harcourt Brace Jovanovich) The Civil War in Angola
Brought to Vivid --- and Vicious --- Life
Richie Havens
RALPH's Prescribers
Disability Poetry
Haughty Men
Sprongbox Baby
The Readers of RALPH [Letters] Correspondence with the Magazine
Concerning Previous
Reviews, Articles,
Poems, Readings, and
Letters to RALPH
Towards the End
A Memoir
Diana Athill (Norton) Memories of Fifty Years
In the Publishing World
My Two Polish
And Other Essays
On the Imaginative Life
Witold Rybczynski (Scribner) The Architect's Polish
Ancestors Described
Race, Incarceration,
And American Values
Glenn C. Loury (Boston Review) Incarceration Seen as
Another Form of American Racism
The Stranger Albert Camus [Article] Thoughts about the Classic
Novel of Existentialism
The Mute John Banville [Reading] The Secret of Twins

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