Issue #149
Mid-Summer 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Thirty-Three HitsThe Editors of RALPH [List --- Part I] The items in RALPH that Get the Most Hits
A Danish Photographer
of Idaho Indians:[B]
Benedicte Wrensted
Joanna C. Scherer, Editor Oklahoma A Photographer from the Frontier ---
Early 1900s
The Autobiography of
Benjamin Franklin[B]
Benjamin Franklin
Fredd Wayne, Reader
Audio Partners A Reading of the Original American Autobiography
Black Farmers
In America[B]
John Francis Ficara
University Press of Kentucky Original Photographs of the Now-Vanishing Black Independent Farmer
The Chocolate Soldier P. J. Mierly [Poem] AIDS and the Military
Gravity, Outer Space and Microsoft Word Dr. Phage [Article] Thoughts on Gravity, Disneyland, and Computer Programs
William Faulkner Javier Marías [Reading] The American Writer and the Death of a Daughter
The Story of My Life:[G]
The Restored Classic
Helen Keller Norton The Famous Autobiography Recast
Golda Meir
Louise Gluck's
The Seven Ages
Richard Malmed
[Letters] Letters in Response to Previous Reviews in RALPH
Hiroyuki Itsuki "Tariki"
Fritz Wolff
Patricia Dumond
Miriam Solon
[More Letters] Additional Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Articles and Reviews
The Poem Death
George Washington and
Hessian Soldiers
Toufic Arab
Steven Trimmer
[Even More Letters] Additional Correspondence with RALPH
Meditation in a
New York Minute
Super Calm for
The Super Busy
Mark Thornton Sounds True Fast Book on Quick Meditation Techniques
In Memory
of Hawks
And Other Stories
From Alaska
Irving Warner Pleasure Boat Studio Short Stories from the Wild
The Coming
of Age
In Palo Alto
Christine Hamm [Poem]Poetry about Young America
The Art of
Rockefeller Center*
Christine Roussel Norton The Original Art in Rockefeller Center
The Woman
In the Row Behind
Françoise Dorner Other Press Adultery in the Streets of Paris
Cottage Water Systems*
An Out-of-the-City
Guide To Pumps, Plumbing,
Water Purification, and Privies
Max Burns Cottage Life Books Water for the Out-of-City Dweller
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #150
Late Summer 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
RALPH: The First 150 IssuesThe Editors of RALPH [List] The Most Characteristic Reviews, Poems, and Readings from the Last Twelve Years of RALPH
Keep Your God Waiting[B]
Dynamic Health and Great Sex
Michael Coleman Trafford Pointers on How to Live to Age 120
City of Lights[B] Patrick Neate Riverhead Mystery of a Paki-Londoner
Tracking the Black Dog[B]
Fairy Tales and Historical Legwork
From the Black Dog Institute's
Writing Competitions
Kerrie Eyers, Editor University of New South Wales Press The History of and Thoughts about Depression
Daughters of
The Vicar[B]
D. H. Lawrence Hesperus One of Lawrence's Early Novels
Bobbed Hair and Bathtub Gin[B]
Writers Running Wild
In the Twenties
Marion Meade
Lorna Raver, Reader
Blackstone Four of the most Important American Women Writers of the '20s Revealed
A Reading Diary[B] Alberto Manguel Picador Writings about Reading
The Village Under the Sea[B] Mark Haddon Vintage Contemporary Poetry
The Rainbow Trail[B] Zane Grey
Michael Prichard,
Tantor A Reading of the Famous Author's Novel of the Wild West
Beautiful Dreamer[B] Christopher Bigsby Thomas Dunne/St. Martins Racism and Violence in Tennessee in the Last Century
Nature-Friendly Garden
Creating a Backyard Haven for
Plants, Wildlife, and People
Marlene A. Condon Stackpole A Garden for All Creatures Great and Small
Godbole's Song E. M. Forster [Reading] Music of India
The Condor and the Cows[G]
A South American Travel Diary
Christopher Isherwood Minnesota Isherwood and Companion Traveling through South America
In Memory of Hawks
Jack Estes
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
The Maori
Reynolds Price
Clancy Greene
Ruth Deming
[Letters] More Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
The Mercy Room Gilles Rozier Little, Brown Novel about Life and Love (and Terror) in Vichy France
A Passage to India* E. M. Forster
Sam Dastor,
Audio Partners A Reading of the Classic Story of the Raj in India
An Episode in
The Life of a
Landscape Painter*
César Aria New Directions A Startling Novel about Johan Moritz Rugendas in Argentina
Don't Kidney Now L. W. Milam [Article] Living with a UTI in Mexico
Writers Nancy Crampton,
Quantuck Lane Press Photographs of 104 Famous Writers
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #151
Very Late Summer 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Russian Anarchists Paul Avrich AK Press Kropotkin, Bakunin, and the End of the Revolution
Written Lives[B]* Javier Marías New Directions Twenty-Six Writers Briefly Described ---
Joyce, Nabokov, Faulkner et al
The Cloud-Spotters Guide[B]
The Science, History, and
Culture of Clouds
Gavin Pretor-Pinney Perigee A Young Person's Guide to the Nimbus
The Last Town
On Earth[B]
Thomas Mullen Random House Modern American Novel
Viruses vs. Superbugs[B]
A Solution to the
Antibiotics Crisis?
Thomas Häusler Macmillan A Solution for the
Disaster Awaiting from
Drug-Resistant Bugs
When I Was Elena[B] Ellen Urbani Hiltebrand Permanent Press A Peace Corps Volunteer
in Guatemala
Human Traces[B] Sebastian Faulks Random House A Novel about 19th Century Psychiatry
Wu Wei* Tom Crawford Milkweed Editions Contemporary Northwest Mystical (Albeit Realistic) Poetry
The Dead Cat:
A. Pablo Iannone [Reading] A Suicide Who Dies
(and Continues Living)
Now Let Us Praise
The Very Old
(And the Very
L. W. Milam [Article] The Old and All Their
Detached Retinas
Ringside Seat
To a Revolution
An Underground Cultural History of
El Paso and Juárez: 1893 to 1923
David Dorado Romo Cinco Puntos Press El Paso and the Mexican Revolution
William Faulkner
Novels, 1926 - 1929:*
Flags in the Dust
William Faulkner The Library of America A Complete Edition of the Author's Early Novel Sartoris
Arresting Time:
Erich Lessing*
Reportage Photographs
1948 - 1973
Alastair Crawford, Editor Quantuck Lane Press/Norton 400 Photographs from Lessing's Works
The Nature-Friendly Garden and
Divine Intervention in the RALPH Mailroom
Susan Wallis
Marlene A. Condon
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews
Maori Moko

The Middle East Holy War

A Round-Heeled Woman

Paula Guy
Larry Walsh
Liliana Komorowska Ahmed
[More Letters] Further Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews
Letter to Dufu in Chengdu Tom Crawford [Even More Letters] Correspondence with the Master Poet
St Paul's Architecture
A History
Jeffrey A. Hess
Paul Clifford Larson
Minnesota A Look at Early St. Paul Buildings
Stiff:[G] The Curious Lives
Of Human Cadavers
Mary Roach Norton What Really Happens to Us
When We Cack
The Eradication of Yellow Fever Jack McCallum [Reading] Leonard Wood and
the Spanish-American War
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #152
Very Early Fall 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
The First Be-InEva Diaz [Reading] John Cage, Merce Cunningham,
and Other Radical Artists at Black Mountain
Starting at Zero: Black Mountain College
1933 - 1957
Caroline Collier
Michael Harrison
Kettle's Yard/
The World of Art at
Black Mountain College
The Practices of
The Six Yogas
Of Naropa[B]
Glenn H. Mullin,
Snow Lion Various Commentators on the
11th Century Buddhist Monk
Brooklyn Is[B]
Southeast of
the Island:
Travel Notes
James Agee Fordham University Press The Writer Visits
Brooklyn, 1938
AA Gill Is Away* A. A. Gill Simon & Schuster The Famous Travel Writer in Africa, the Sudan, Japan, and Van Nuys
Courthouses of
Mary Logue
Doug Ohman
Minnesota Historical Society County Courthouses and Appropriate Statues Investigated
Pornographia: A Matriarchal Society A. A. Gill [Reading] The Travel Writer
Makes a Nasty Film
Berthold Brecht [Poem] The Dramatist/Writer
Explains Los Angeles 1946
Truth is a
Pathless Land
J. Krishnamurti Sounds True CDs The Late Philosopher on
The Observer and the Observed
A Dead Cat
Blasphemers at RALPH
Rachel Suarez
[Letters] Response to Reviews and
Readings in RALPH
This Bloody Life zach strobeck [More Letters] Even More Responses to
Reviews and Readings
(stepwise technique))
Michael Raduga [Even More Letters] Even more Responses to RA:PH's Reviews and Letters
Marshall McLuhan
Eric McLuhan
W. Terrence Gordon
Ginko Press The Philosopher of Media
In Twenty Bound Folios
Publish and Perish:
Three Tales of
Tenure and Terror
James Hynes Picador Novel about Wars at
Academic Conferences
Dr. Phage [Article] The Perils of Home Plumbing (and Plumbers
J. Bruller's 21 Recettes Pratiques
de Mort Violente
H. L. Mencken [Reading] Suicide as Seen by the
Editor of The American Mercury
The Encyclopedia
Of World War I:
A Political, Social,
and Military History
Spencer C. Tucker
ABC-Clio 175 Historians with
1200 Essays on WWI
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #153
Mid-Fall 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Guide to Aging[G]
What Everyone
Needs to Know
Christine K. Cassel, Editor New York University What Every Geezer or
Would-Be Geezer
Needs to Know
Snapshots of Bloomsbury
The Private Lives of
Virginia Woolf and
Vanessa Bell
Maggie Humm Rutgers University Press Astonishing Home Photographs
of the Bloomsbury Set
Buddhist Meditation
for Beginners[B]
Jack Kornfield Sounds True A Compendium of Advice
for the Mystical Novice or
The Novice Mystic
A Military History
G. E. Wood Potomac Just What It Says:
A Bloody History of
Mud, No Less
The Discomfort Zone[B] Jonathan Franzen HighBridge The Author Reads
His Most Recent,
An Autobiography
Butterfly Boy
Memories of a
Chicano Mariposa
Rigoberto González University of Wisconsin Growing Up Gay ---
And Chicano
Islamic Calligraphy Sheila S. Blair Edinburgh University Press An Exhaustive Survey
of Arabic Script
Animal Quackers L. W. Milam [Article] Lives of Young Pekins ---
Fifty Years Ago
Death of a
M. C. Beaton
Graeme Malcom,
Audio Partners Another Hamish Macbeth Mystery
The Year They Tried
To Block The Deputy
Warren Hinckle [Reading] A Charming Rendering of The Deputy's
Earliest Performance in New York
Martin Gilbert
Mark Thornton
Sarcastic Reviews
Francis Wakefield
Fiona Hayhoe
[Letters] Responses to Reviews and Articles in RALPH
Disability and Pain
Darlene Cohen
Andrew Cooper [Letter] Response to a Reading in RALPH
On Teaching James Kimprell [Poem] Love in the Classroom
Rural English
Copulation --- 1780
Verlyn Klinkenborg [Reading] Rural Love-Life in
18th Century England
Timothy;* Or, Notes of
An Abject Reptile
Verlyn Klinkenborg
Josephine Bailey, Reader
Tantor Media A Fine Rendering of
The Voice of the Turtle
The Wisdom of Wilderness
Experiencing the
Healing Power of Nature
Gerald G. May HarperSanFrancisco The Late Writer's Take on
Christian and Psychological
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #154
Late Fall 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Everyman*[B] Philip Roth
George Guidall,
Recorded Books The Famed Author's Novel
On Death and Dying
(And Ageing Lust)
The Life Cycles
Of Butterflies[B]
Judy Burris
Wayne Richards
Storey From Egg to Maturity,
A Visual Guide to 23
Common Garden Butterflies
My Nautical Career Dr. Phage [Article] A Week in the
Wilds of a Cruise Ship
Dining Room
A Visit from Ms. Death Oscar Hahn [Poem] Lying in the Arms
Of the Grim Reaper
James A. Garfield Ira Rutkow Times Books A Medical View of the Death
Of the Thirteenth
American President
Biased Comments in RALPH
Sacco and Vanzetti
Terry Wiley
Richard Newby
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH
About Previous Reviews and Articles
Tom Cruise and
Sumner Redstone
Daisy Lee Myers, RN [More Letters] Even More Correspondence with RALPH
About Previous Reviews and Articles
Memoirs of
John Glassco Viking/Compass Two Years with Artists
in Paris (1928 - 1930)
Moon Dog Song Angel Pérez [Poem] Love on the Tracks
To Madrid
John Lanchester [Reading] The Truth Behind
NASA's Various Missions
Uneasy Listening:
Pacifica Radio's
Civil War
Matthew Lasar Black Apollo Press The Varied (and Endless) Wars
At Pacifica Foundation/KPFA
Paris Review
Interviews, I
Introduction by
Philip Gourevitch
Picador Sixteen Writers and Editors in Interview
Pepys' Diary* Samuel Pepys
Kenneth Branagh,
HighBridge Classics The Life and Loves
(And Business and Seductions)
Of the 17th Century Gentleman
Recalling War Robert Graves [Poem] The 1938 Poem about
World War One
The Instruction Manual
For Receiving God
Jason Shulman Sounds True 108 Truisms for
Receiving the Divine
Who Will Be Fed? A. A. Gill [Reading] The Starvation of the Dinka of Africa
Unholy Ghost[G]
Writers on Depression
Nell Casey, Editor Morrow Various Novelists Tell of
The Black Dog
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #155
Early Winter 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Billy Wong Michael Ingall [Article] Dr. Ingall's Memories of One of His More Eccentric Patients
Dancing Under the Red Star[B]
The Extraordinary Story of Margaret Werner,
the Only American Woman to Survive Stalin's Gulag
Karl Tobin Water Brook Ten Years in the Gulag
Hebrew Illuminations[B] Adam Rhine
Louise Temple
Sounds True The Twenty-Two Letters of Hebrew Rendered in Color
Penetrating Wisdom:[B]
The Aspiration of Samantabhadra
The Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche Snow Lion Commentary on an Obscure
Text of Tibetan Buddhism
My Chaos Theory Steve Watkins Southern Methodist University Modern American Short Stories
The DNA Detectives
How the Double Helix Is Solving
The Puzzle of the Past
Anna Meyer Thunder's Mouth Press Ancient DNA Research
Moscow Stories* Loren Graham Indiana University Press An American Researcher in Moscow, 1963 - Present
A Ten-Year-Old in Hernia Operation Philip Roth [Reading] The Fears of the Young
Michael Ingall Lolita Lark [Article] Memories of the Late Psychiatrist
Tomorrow in the Battle
Think on Me[G]
Javier Marías New Directions A Book on Love & Death from Spain
Time at War Nicholas Mosley Dalkey Archive A British Writer Remembers WWII in Africa and Italy
Owls Cynthia Berger Stackpole The Memorable (and Sometimes Disgusting)
Living Habits of Owls
Falling in Love with Rosemary Nicholas Mosley [Reading] Memories of Love and War in 1940s England
Dorothy Parker,
The Instruction Manual
for Receiving God
Wanda Felix
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH
About Previous Reviews
Maori Hongi TeHamua Nikora [More Letters] More Correspondence
With Ralph About
Previous Reviews
The Road to
Real-Estate Wealth,
Of the King Who Had Even
[Even More Letters] Even More Correspondence
With Ralph about Previous Reviews
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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