Issue #133
Mid-Summer 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
Twelve Big Hits The Editors of RALPH [List] Twelve Reviews, Articles, and Essays that Continue to Receive the Most Hits over the Years at RALPH
The Singing Life
Of Birds
The Art and Science
Of Listening to Birdsong
Donald Kroodsma Houghton Mifflin Study of Physiological Aspects and Aesthetics of Bird Song (with CD)
When All the World
Was Young[B]*
A Memoir
Barbara Holland Bloomsbury Reminiscences of Growing Up in 1940s and 1950s America
In Search of
Maya Sea Traders[B]
Heather McKillop Texas A&M Archaeological Study of Mayan Relics on the Islands of Belize
The Missing Head of
Damasceno Monteiro[B]
Antonio Tabucchi New Directions Murder Mystery Set in 1990s Portugal
Britten and Barber
Their Lives and
Their Music
Daniel Felsenfeld Amadeus Press Critical Introduction to Benjamin Britten and Samuel Barber
My 'Dam Life
Three Years
In Holland
Sean Condon Lonely Planet The Dark Side of Trying to Live (and Work) in a First World Country
Joe McCarthy
My Bloody Life
Isaac Bashevis Singer
My Attorney Bernie
Blossom Dearie
Bob Bruce, Christian Tovar
Angel Martinez, Larry Bolef
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
Manet and Monet and Marx and Freud Timothy J. Clark [Poem] Poetry on Painters and their Mothers
New York Changing
Revisiting Bernice Abbott's
New York
Douglas Levere Princeton Architectural Press/
Museum of the City of
New York
Photos of Changes in New York City Since 1937 - 1939
The Seven Dials Mystery Agatha Christie
Read by Emilia Fox
Audio Partners Reading of the Early Mystery by Dame Christie
For Teens
Joyce Brennfleck Shannon,
Omnigraphics Guide for Teenagers Contemplating Suicide
Pigs Hunting Truffles Barbara Holland [Reading] An Imaginative Essay from Holland's Early Writing Years
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #134
Early Late Mid-Summer 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Animals You Eat X. J. Kennedy [Poem] A Poem for Children
(About Eating Animals)
The Vanished Hands[B] Robert Wilson Harcourt Murder Mystery Set in Seville
My Life in CIA[B]: A Chronicle of 1973 Harry Matthews Dalkey Archive Story of Being a Fake CIA Agent in Paris
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter[B] Carson McCullers Recorded Books Unabridged The 1940 Classic Novel Read by Cherry Jones
Folk Furniture of Canada's Doukhobors,
Hutterites, Mennonites, And Ukrainians*
John Fleming, Michael Rowan University of Alberta Press Simple Furniture from Immigrants to Western Canada
Special Use Vehicles:
An Illustrated History of Unconventional Cars
And Trucks Worldwide
George W. Green McFarland Photographs with Text of
Weird Cars and Trucks
Night Soldiers* Alan Furst Recorded Books Unabridged A Novel about WWII and the Secret Police,
Read by George Guidall
Maquis and Makhorka Alan Furst [Reading] The French Resistance in WWII
Childhood in America, 1945 Barbara Holland [Reading] Life in Innocent Times
Zen Koans
Leonard Garment
Cutting Tools
John Tarrant, Selina,
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
Edweard Muybridge
Horse Photo
September Song
Louise Power
Peter Blind
[Letters] More Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
Mao Zedong[G] Jonathan Spence Viking/Penguin Brief History of Chairman Mao
Stealing a Little Bit
of Beethoven
Carson McCullers [Reading] The Fantasies of a Teenager
in 1930s Georgia
Impressions of New York:
Prints from the New-York Historical Society
Marilyn Symmes Princeton Architectural Press Over 100 Lithographs, Cuts,
and Drawings about New York City
The Starmaker Olaf Stapleton Wesleyan University Press An Early Science Fiction Novel
Talking Big John Bricuth [Poem] Talking in Verse (About Big Things)
Words Brushed by Music: Twenty-Five Years
Of the Johns Hopkins
Poetry Series
John T. Irwin,
Johns Hopkins Poems by Twenty Poets
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #135
Late Mid-Summer 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
Matchbox Labels:[B] Over 2,000 Elegant Examples from All Over the World Jane Smith Firefly Match-Box Covers Illustrated
Coal:[B] A Human History Barbara Freese
Shelly Frasier, Reader
Tantor Unabridged Audiobook A Very Extensive History of Coal
The Maze[B] Panos Karnezis Picador A Fictional Account of the War in Anatolia, 1922
Event Cities 3:[B] Concept vs. Context vs. Content Bernard Tschumi MIT 640 Page Discourse on the Architect
Recollecting Freud[B] Isador Sadger Wisconsin An Expose from One of the Early Followers of Freud
Call It Sleep*[B] Henry Roth Picador A Reprint of the Classic Immigrant Novel
The Slow Breath of Stone:[B] A Romanesque Love Story Pamela Petro Fourth Estate A Modern Study of the Romanesque Churches in Southern France
Documents of the Cornado Expedition, 1539 - 1542[B] Richard and Shirley Cushing Flint, Editors Southern Methodist University Press Documents of the 1539 - 1542 Coronado Expedition into Present-Day America
Falling for Reality[B] Michael A. Zangardi Publish America A Novel on the Imaginary Meanies
Flea Circus Antony Dunn [Poetry] Contemporary English Poetry
Modern Maid Christine Hamm [Poetry] Contemporary English Poetry
Kaiser Sunset Phil Ehrens [Article] Contemporary Clinical Nightmare
Another Day of Life[G] Ryszard Kapuscinski Harcourt Brace A Visit to the Angolan Civil War, 1975
Kinsey:* Sex the Measure of All Things Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy Indiana University Press The Compleat Life of the Famous Sexologist
The Writers of RALPH, The Problems of the World, Spelling Jackson Pollock Carolyn Creedon, Tina Louise Weber, [Letters] Communication with RALPH about Previous Articles and Reviews
Livestock Hotels: America's Historic Stockyards J'Nell L. Pate TCU Press Stockyards Revealed
Reading Lolita in Tehran Azar Nafisi, Read by Livette Lecat Recorded Books Unabridged Reading of the Contemporary Novel of Life in Tehran
Roads to Forgotten Texas Joyce Pounds Hardy (Poems)
Tommy LaVergne (Photographs)
Texas Review Press Sentimental View of the Old Texas
The Oozing Cyst Blues Milton Erickson,
Jay Haley
[Reading] A Look at Psychological Solutions for Self-Inflicted Pain
Italian masturbazione Peter Finch [Poem] The Pros and Cons of Self-Abuse
The Manor and the Estate* Isaac Bashevis Singer Terrace Books/
University of Wisconsin
Novel about Late 19th Century Jewish Life in Poland
Hannah Coulter Wendell Berry Shoemaker & Hoard Novel about 1940s Farm Life in America
The Word-Consuming
Charles Hopper Webb [Reading] Words and Feelings Realized
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #136
Early Fall, 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches Jill Fredston Harcourt Terrible Avalanches the Author Has Known
Midnight at the Dragon Café[B] Judy Fong Bates Counterpoint Love, Loss and Incest in a Chinese Restaurant
Fats Waller:[B] The Cheerful Little Earful Alyn Shipton Continuum The Life and Songs of the Jazz Pianist
Slave:[B] My True Story Mende Nazer Public Affairs Growing up in Nubia, Enslavement in Khartoum and London
Caliban's Shore:* The Wreck of the Grosvenor
And the Strange Fate of Her Survivors
Stephen Taylor Norton The Mesmerizing Tale of a Ship-wreck from 200 Years Ago
Pushing the Limits: New Adventures in Engineering Henry Petroski Knopf Curiosities of an Engineering Life
"Fifteen Stars" The Editors of RALPH [List] Fifteen Highly Rated Books from the Past Two Years
More Ghost Towns of Texas T. Lindsay Baker Oklahoma Pictures and Histories of Texas Towns Now Gone
Ansel Adams, Seth Glickenhouse, U. S. Post Office Murals Barbara E. Weems, Richard B. Jordan, Tracy Porter [Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews and Articles
Television and Murder, My Bloody Life, the Maoris Katherine Senko, Robert Stassen, Carolyn Creedon [More Letters] Further Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews and Articles
Mrs. Caliban[G] Rachel Ingalls Harvard Common Novel about a Visit from the Friendly Green Giant
Paul Strand Photographs Anne M. Lyden, Editor J. Paul Getty Museum Over Forty Strand Photos (with Copy)
Edward Weston Photographs Brett Abbott, Editor J. Paul Getty Museum Over Forty Weston Photos (with Copy)
Making Love to Lovely Lila (Both of Us Aged 78 or so) Isaac Wrangel [Poem] Love and the Ancients
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #137
Early Mid-Fall, 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Gods Drink Whiskey:*[B] Stumbling Towards Enlightenment in the Land of the Tattered Buddhas Stephen T. Asma Harper San Francisco Study of Life and Buddhism in
Contemporary Cambodia
A Room for the Summer:[B] Adventure, Misadventure, and Seduction in the Mines of the Coeur d'Alene Fritz Wolff Oklahoma Life in the Silver, Lead, and Zinc Mines of Idaho --- 1950s
My Bloody Life: The Making of a
Latino King
Reymundo Sanchez Chicago Review Press Autobiography of a Gang-Banger in the Streets of Chicago
Long Time Coming:[G] Photographic Portrait
Of America: 1935-1943
Michael Lesy, Editor Norton 400 Photographs of the Depression
From the Farm Security Administration
Good Faith Jane Smiley
Richard Poe, Reader
Recorded Books Unabridged Novel of Real-Estate Sharks in the 1980s
Griffin & Sabine
An Extraordinary Correspondence
Nick Bantock Chronicle Books Tenth Anniversary Re-Issue of the Classic Epistolary Novel
At Home with the Rich
The Cathedral at Cuernavaca
George F. Kennan [Reading] Kennan's Memories of a Visit to Mexico
Left Time Dr. Phage [Article] Thoughts on the Demonstrations
At the Recent G8 Meeting
Madame Spivy
A Fly for the Prosecution
The Other RALPH
Michael Pickering,
Barbara K. Ray
Andrew U
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews and Articles
Richie Havens
My Bloody Life
"A friend of the original group"
Carmen Cruz
[More Letters] More Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews and Articles
Molvanîa* Santo Cilauro, et. al. Overlook Press Travel Book about the Obscure Middle South Eastern European Country
Washington Gone Crazy:
Senator Pat McCarran and
The Great American Communist Hunt
Michael J. Ybarra Steerforth History of the Anti-Communist Senator from Nevada
Weegee: Photographs from the
J. Paul Getty Museum
Judith Keller, Editor J. Paul Getty The Scandal Photographer Examined
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #138
Mid-Fall, 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
African Sculpture Warren Robbins
Richard Walters, Translator
Schiffer Guide to African Sculpture in the United States
Testy Mail The Editors of RALPH [List] Over a Dozen Letters that Have Come into RALPH Concerning Our Reviews
Secret Lives of Common Birds[B]
Enjoying Bird Behavior Through the Seasons
Marie Read Houghton Mifflin Pictures of Common Birds
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man*[B] James Joyce
Jim Norton, Reader
Naxos Reading on CDs of the Classic Bildungsroman
Waking Up America
The Possibility of an Earthy Enlightenment
Amidst All the Excess, the Stress,
The Pleasure and the Pain
Ken Taub White Cloud Ersatz Buddhism for America
Being Right Here*
A Dzogchen Treasure Text of
Nuden Dorje entitled
The Mirror of Clear Meaning
James Low Snow Lion 40 Verses of the Original Buddhist Teachings
Making Irish Stew Jerome K. Jerome [Reading] Thoughts on Throwing Everything into the Pot
The Lives of the Kings and
Queens of England*
Antonia Fraser
Wanda McCaddon, Reader
Audio Editions A Thousand or So Years of English Royalty
Carolyn Kizer
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
Girls, Parties, Cars, &ct.
Michael Pickering [More Letters] Additional Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews
James Low
My Bloody Life
Ruth Rickard
glen bisono
Isaiah Mendoz
[Even More Letters] Further Correspondence about Reviews (Or Lack of Them)
Just Enough Liebling
Classic Work by the Legendary
New Yorker Writer
A. J. Liebling North Point Press Essays by the New Yorker Writer
How to Make English Tea
(From the Thames)
Jerome K. Jerome [Reading] Selection from Three Men in a Boat
The 9th Amendment of the U. S. Constitution Robin Harris [Article] Thoughts on "Strict Constuctivists"
A Funny Thing Happened
On My Way to Old Age
Life Changes After 50
Stanley C. Baldwin IVP Thoughts on Ageing by the Christian Writer
Pétain: How the Hero of France
Became a Convicted Traitor and
Changed the Course of History
Charles Williams Palgrave The Life of the Ill-Fated President of Vichy France
Skin Deep[G]
Tattoos, the Disappearing West,
Very Bad Men, and My Deep
Love for them All
Karol Griffin Harcourt The Lives and Loves of a Tattoo Artist
Three Men in a Boat
(To Say Nothing of the Dog)
Jerome K. Jerome
Martin Jarvis, Reader
Naxos AudioBooks The Classic Story of Boating up the Thames
Wounded Percival Everett Greywolf Novel about a Black Cowpoke
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #139
Late Late Fall, 2005
Title Author Publisher Subject
Out of the Blue[B]
A Journey Through
The World's Oceans
Paul Horsman MIT Press Color Photographs and Text from the Various Oceans
Small Island[B] Andrea Levy Picador Novel about Black Jamaicans in England during WWII
Selected Poems
Pattiann Rogers Milkweed Illusionist Poems from the 21st Century
The Persistence of Memory[B] Tony Eprile Norton A Novel about Jewish Life
in South Africa before and during the Truth Commission
Lost Christianities Bart D. Ehrman [Reading] A Discussion of Which Christianity
Won Our During the First and
Second Centuries
Lost Christianities*
The Battles for Scriptures and
The Faiths We Never Knew
Bart D. Ehrman Oxford Extensive Examination of Documents
from 50 AD - 250 AD Concerning the
Origins of Modern Christianity
The Year
All the Clowns
Were Executed
Pattiann Rogers [Reading] Contemporary American Poetry
The Worst Hard Time
The Untold Story of Those Who
Survived the Great American Dust Bowl
Timothy Egan Houghton Mifflin Life in the Dust Bowl 1930 - 1938
To Swat or
Not to Swat
Robin D. Gill Paraverse Press Elegant Disquisition on Flies and the Most Traditional Japanese Poetry
A House at the
Edge of Tears
Vénus Khoury-Ghata Graywolf Going Mad in Beirut during the Civil War
All the Time
In the World[G]
Hugo Williams Akadine ---
Common Reader
Travel Book from Forty Years Ago
Two American Blacks
And a Jamaican in
Andrea Levy [Reading] American vs. Jamaican
Blacks in England,
1941 - 1945
Angry Letters to RALPH
My Bloody Life
Don Mussell
Craig Caudill
Marie M Collazo
[Letters] Response to Previous Letters and
Reviews in RALPH
Contemporary American Pottery
Contemporary American Poetry
Benjamin Britten and the Nuns of Paoli
[More Letters] Francisco Huneeus
Barbara J Gill
Kevin A. Hluch
More Responses to
Previous Letters and
Reviews in RALPH
The Benefits of
Chronic Pain
the Rewards of PDarlene Cohen [Interview] A Discussion of the Rewards of Pain
Poet Power[G[
The Complete Guide to
Getting Your Poetry Published
Thomas A. Williams Sentient Self-Publishing
The Secret of
M. Dulong
Colette Inez Wisconsin True Story of an Orphan Brought to the U. S. before WWII
Luke Swank
Modernist Photographer
Howard Bossen, Editor University of Pittsburgh Press Selected Examples (with Commentary) of the 20s and 30s Photographer
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #140
Early Winter 2005 - 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Out of Your Mind*
Essential Listening from the
Alan Watts Audio Workshop
Alan Watts Sounds True Twelve Discs of Thoughts of the Eastern Philosopher
Astronomical Enigmas
Life on Mars,
The Star of Bethlehem &
Other Milky Way Mysteries
Mark Kidger Johns Hopkins Textbook on Natural and Unnatural Phenomena
Goodbye Columbus and
Five Short Stories[B]
Philip Roth Library of America Early Works of the Famous Author
From Baghdad to Brooklyn[B]
Growing Up in a Jewish-Arabic Family
In Midcentury America
Jack Marshall Coffee House Press Bildungsroman of a Sephardic/Arabic Youth
Cry Ruth
Robin Gill Haiku
Latino Kings
Dan Malone
Nancy Turbeville
Robin Gill
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Articles and Reviews
Waking Up in America
Black Lips, Black Skin
Ken Taub
[Letters] More Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Articles and Reviews
How to Become a Saint
Nathanael West
Albert Camus
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Carlos Amantea
[Letters] Even More Correspondence about Earlier Reviews and Letters
Master of the Sea* José Sarney Aliform Novel about Lives and Fantasies of the Fishermen of Northern Brazil
Daring Steps Toward Fearlessness
The Three Vehicles of Buddhism
Ringu Tulku Snow Lion A Study of the Three Main Schools of Buddhism
State Houses:
America's 50 State Houses
Susan Thrane Boston Mills Press An Illustrated Overview of American State Capitols
The RALPH Top Hits 2005 The Editors of RALPH [List] Fifteen Articles, Readings, Reviews, Letters and Poems that
Continue to Receive the Most Hits
The Psychotherapist is Always Late
Chloé's Triangles
Gaëtan Brulotte
David Tucker, Translator
[Reading] Classic Reading on the Paradox of Psychotherapy
Two Vestal Virgins James Joyce [Reading] Two Dublin Women (with Prunes) Atop Nelson's Pillar
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #141
Mid-Winter 2005 - 2006
Title Author Publisher Subject
Vendetta: FBI Hero Melvin Purvis's
War Against Crime, and
J. Edgar Hoover's War
Against Him
Alston Purvis Public Affairs Biography of the FBI Agent Who Shot Dillinger
The Blast Alexander Berkman AK Press Reproduction of Articles from the Anarchistic Magazine of 1916 - 1917
Making a
Better World
Public Housing, the Red Scare, and
The Direction of Modern Los Angeles
Don Parson Minnesota An Exhaustive Survey of Public Housing in L. A.
and How Anti-Communism Gummed It All Up
Consuming Visions[B]: Mass Culture and the Lourdes Shrine Suzanne K. Kaufman Cornell University Press How Lourdes Developed as an
Early Example of the Consumer Culture
True Happiness[B]: Cultivating a Life of
Unconditional Joy and the
Power to Benefit Others
Pema Chödrön Sounds True CDs recorded during a retreat at
Gampo Abbey monastery in Nova Scotia
The Coming Race[B] Edward Bulwer-Lytton Wesleyan Science Fiction from 1871
Knoxville Tennessee
--- 1915
James Agee [Reading] Early 20th Century Nostalgia
Middle School Children and
My Bloody Life
Lolita Lark [Article] The Effect of Realist Literature
On Junior High School Children
Birdsongs and the
Latino Kings
Thomas O'Rourke
[Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles
State Capitols
A Geezer in Paradise
jane x anderson [More Letters] Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles
Prison Ashram Project
Letters from Prisoners
The Black Dog of Melancholia
Bo Lozoff
Kerrie Eyers
[Even More Letters] More Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles
The Mordida Carlos Amantea [Article] Mexico and "The Poor Man's Lawyer"
Bertha Alyce[G]:
Mother exPosed
Gay Block University of New Mexico Press A Revealing Biography of Mother/
Daughter Angst
Spanish Places B. E. Marsh Syren Living in 1960s Spain
Terrors of the Table:
The Curious History
of Nutrition
Walter Gratzer Oxford A Slightly Skewed History of
Food and Eating
The Memory
Of Running*
Ron McLarty Viking Novel about Fat, Bicycles, and
A Mad Sister
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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