Issue #101
Late Mid-Summer 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
In the Cage [B] Henry James Hesperus The Life of a Salesgirl in 19th Centuury England
The Gooseboy* [B] A. L. Barker Virago Contemporary English Novel
Sleeping with the Dictionary[B] Harryette Mullen California Contemporary American Poetry
The Night Torn with Mad Footsteps [G] Charles Bukowski Black Sparrow Contemporary American Poetry
Rainbow's End: The Crash of 1929 Maury Klein Oxford The Federal Reserve and the Financial Debacle of the 20s
Zombie Hat Harryette Mullen [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
Fun at the Democratic Convention, 1968 Paul Krassner Reading A Comic View of 60s Politics
Paul McCarthy BOMB [Interview] Interview with the Controversial American Artist
Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: [N] From Toad Slime to Ecstasy Paul Krassner, Editor Seventy-Seven Stories about Getting High
The Dust of Empire*[N] The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland Karl E. Meyer Public Affairs Brief History of the Eleven Countries of the Asian "Heartland"
Hitler Came for Niemoeller: [N] The Nazi War against Religion Leo Stein Pelican The Imprisonment of Martin Niemoeller
Pieces of Payne Albert Goldbarth Graywolf Press Contemporary American Fiction
The Queen Is in the Countinghouse The Estate of Leslie L. Seamans [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
Down & Out: The Life and Death Joseph Hart, Edwin Hirschoff, Photographer Minnesota Urban Renewal in Minneapolis --- 1950s & 60s
The Paris Review and RALPH Hugh Gallagher [Letters] Comparison Between the Two Magazines
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #102
Late Summer 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
Off the Cuffs:[B] Poetry by and about the Police Jackie Sheeler, Editor Soft Skull Press Poetry about Jails, Streets, Police, Prisoners, Criminals and Woe
Pieces of Intelligence:[B] The Existential Poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld Hart Seely, Editor Free Press Poetry from Inside the Beltway
Train Wrecks:[B] A Pictorial History of Accidents on the Main Line Robert C. Reed Schiffer 100 Photographs and Drawings of American Train Wrecks
Kingdom of Shadows[B] Alan Furst Victor Gollancz Spys and Stuff in Pre-WWII Europe
Hunger John Weston [Reading] Young Love in the Arizona Desert
The Art of War on Land[G] David G. Chandler Penguin Tactics and Strategy of War through the Ages
William Burroughs and Toad Slime Paul Krassner [Letter] Concerning Paul Krassner's Newest Book
The Selected Poems of Howard Nemerov* Daniel Anderson, Editor Swallow/Ohio Poems by the American Poet
"Landscape with Figures"
"Near the Old People's Home'
Howard Nemerov [Poems] Two Poems by the Howard Nemerov
Dining at the Lineman's Shack[N] John Weston Arizona Tales of Growing up (and Cooking) in the Arizona Desert
City on Fire[N]: The Forgotten Disaster that Devastated a Town and Ignited a Landmark Legal Battle Bill Minutaglio HarperCollins The Destruction of a Texas Port City in 1947
A Version of Love[N] Millicent Dillon Norton Contemporary American Novel on Love with one's Psychiatrist
Laurel, Mississippi 1967 Charles Marsh [Reading] Growing up in the Segregated South
So Many Books, So Little Time: A Year of Passionate Reading Sara Nelson Putnam A Book about Reading Books
Wuthering Heights* Emily Brontë
Donada Peters, Reader
Books on Tape Taped Reading of the 1847 Classic
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #103
Very Early Fall 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Crucifixion in American Art[B] Robert Henkes McFarland Examples of Paintings of Crucifixions, 1700s to the Present
Harker's Barns:[B] Visions of an American Icon Michael P. Harker; Jim Heynen, Text Iowa Photographs of Old Barns of Iowa
FOUNDation[B]: Transforming Found Objects into Digital Assemblage Spencer Drate Watson-Guptill Ads, Collages, Post Cards, Disc Covers from Found Art
What Was True[B]: The Photographs and Notebooks of William Gedney Margaret Sartor, Geoff Dyer, Editors Lyndhurst/Norton Black-and-White Photographs of India, Hippies, Kentucky, South Dakota and Brooklyn by the Late Photographer
Between Street and Mirror[B]:
The Drawings of James Ensor
Catherine de Zegher The Drawing Center/University of Minnesota Ensor Drawings with Appropriate Comments and Interviews
The Lost King of France:
Revolution, Revenge, and the Search for Louis XVII
Deborah Cadbury Fourth Estate Tale of the Two Hundred Year Search of the Last of the pre-19th Century French Kings
Gettysburg Battlefield:
The Definitive Illustrated History
David J. Eicher, Editor Chronicle Books Text by Thirteen Historians on the Famous Battle with Appropriate Photographs
A Gaudy Spree[G]:
Literary Hollywood When the West Was Fun
Samuel Marx Franklin Watts One Man's History of Hollywood
So Many Books, So Little Time Sara Nelson [Letters] Comments on Our Review of the Author's Newest Title
Getting Mother's Body* Suzan-Lori Parks Fourth Estate Novel Set in West Texas, 1963
George Washington[N]:
A Collection
W. B. Allen, Editor Liberty Fund The Papers of George Washington
Mexifornia[N]: A State of Becoming Victor David Hanson Encounter Books An Exegesis on "Illegal" Immigrants
Bloody Mary[N] Sharon Solwitz Sarabande Contemporary American Novel
Voices from the Trail of Tears[N] Vicki Rozema, Editor Blair First-Hand Reports of the Forced Evacuation of Native Americans
The Plot to Save the World L. W. Milam [Article] Memories of Building the First Community Radio Stations
World War I: A New Kind of War Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau
Annette Becker
[Reading] A New View on the Violence of the War of 1914 - 1918
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #104
Early Fall 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
Radios: The Golden Age Philip Collins Chronicle Memories of American Radio of the 1940s
Ants at Work[G]: How an Insect Society Is Organized Deborah Gordon The Free Press A Study of Ant Life in the Sonoran Desert
Autopsy Before the Cameras F. Gonzalez-Cruzzi [Reading] On an Autopsy Recorded for BBC-TV
Glory in a Camel's Eye[B]: Trekking through the Moroccan Sahara Jeffrey Tayler Houghton Mifflin A Forty Day Trek in the Wadi Sasi
Swagbelly[B] D. J. Levien Plume/Penguin Contemporary American Fiction
The Sexual Teachings of the Jade Dragon[B]: Taoist Methods for Male Sexual Realization Hsi Lai Destiny Books Erotology from the Mysterious East
The Roots of Buddhist Psychology* Jack Kornfield Sounds True A Twelve Part Introduction to the Four Noble Truths and the Eightfold Path
Twenty-Two Books on Disability L. W. Milam [List] Some of the Most Important Readings on Disability
Empire:* The Rise and Demise of the British World Order and the Lessons for Global Power Niall Ferguson Basic Books A Comprehensive Look at the British Empire
Franz Kafka in Riga Harry Matthews [Reading] Contemporary American Fiction
Poole's Paradise and Bob Poole Fred Goldrup [Letter] Memories of Radio of the 40s and 50s
"Badlands" and "Cartalk: A Love Poem" Jack McCarthy [Poems] Contemporary American Poetry
Lizards:[N] A Natural History of Some Uncommon Creatures, Extraordinary Chameleons, Iguanas, Geckos, and More David Badger, Text; John Netherton, Photos Voyager Press 100 Color Photographs of Lizards
The Mountains Know Arizona:[N] Images of the Land and Stories of Its People Rose Houk, Text; Michael Collier, Photographs Arizona Highways Color Photographs of Various Arizona Mountains
Passing Trains:[N] The Changing Face of Canadian Railroading Greg McDonnell Boston Mills Photographs over the Years of Canadian Steam and Diesel Railroads
Alice in Wonderland[N] Lewis Carroll; Ralph Steadman, Illustrator Firefly The Famous Children's Story with 21st Century Drawings
The Desert Cries:[N] A Season of Flash Floods in a Dry Land Craig Childs Arizona Highways The Famous Naturalist on Desert Flooding
Platform for California Governor L. Milam, J. Gallant [Platform] Suggested Program for the 135 Candidates for Governor
Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers Mary Roach Norton Experimentation with Cadavers Described
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #105
Mid-Fall 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
Learning to Fall: [G]
The Blessings of an Imperfect Life
Philip Simmons Bantam Living (and Dying) with ALS
The Ceramics of China:[B] 5000 B.C. to 1912 A.D. Gloria and Robert Mascarelli Schiffer Publishing Advice on Collecting Ancient Chinese Pottery
Turn-of-the-Century Photographs from San Diego, Texas[B] Sara R. Massey and Ana Carolina Castillo Crimm University of Texas Photographs from West Texas, 1898 - 1910
The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook[B] Maggie Howarth Firefly How to Build Terraces and Walkways with Found Stones
At Work: [B] The Art of California Labor Mark Dean Johnson CHS/Heyday Posters, Murals, Paintings, Leaflets and Photographs from California's Worker's Movements
New Directions Anthology of Classical Chinese Poetry Eliot Weinberger, Editor New Directions English Translations from 1000 Years of Chinese Poetry
Delivery Toi Derricotte [Poem] Giving Birth
The California Governor's Race The Devil's Cup and RALPH's Copyright Violation Shelby Scates, Stewart Allen, Ethan Meleg [Letters] Three Letters to RALPH
The Madonnas of President Street[N] John Sandman Xlibris Novel about New York City's Working Mothers and Troublesome Daughters
Live a Little, Laugh a Lot[N] Barb Bancroft Wellworth Publishing A Thousand Improbable Facts
What We Lost[N] Dale Peck Houghton Mifflin) Novel about Growing Up Poor
The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary Simon Winchester Oxford The Complete History of the OED
A Round-Heeled Woman:* My Late-Life Adventures in Sex and Romance Jane Juska Villard Adventures in Seeking an Older Lover
Riddle: Post Op Alicia Suskin Ostriker [Poem] After the Operation
Ticks, Blackflies, and God's Other Punishments Philip Simmons [Reading] Living in the Summer in the Great Northeast
The Last Trip of the Time Machine H. G. Wells [Reading] The Final Passage into the Future
Young Love Laurie Lee [Reading] Young Love in the Hayfields of 1900
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #106
Late Fall 2003
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Poems of Dylan Thomas[N] Daniel Jones, Editor New Directions 20th Century English Poetry
Rancho Costa Nada:[N] The Dirt Cheap Desert Homestead Phil Garlington Loompanics Building a Home for Practically Nothing
Old School[N] Tobias Wolff Knopf Novel about Prep School and Writers
The Flight of The Garuda:[N] The Dzogchen Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism Keith Dowman, Translator Wisdom 18th Century Buddhist Poetry with Commmentary
Skin Deep:* Tattoos, the Disappearing West, Very Bad Men, and My Deep Love for them All Karol Griffin Harcourt Autobiography about Tattooing and Raw Love
Bertha Alyce:* Mother exPosed Gay Block University of New Mexico Press Tale of a True and Unusual Mother/Daughter Relationship
Churches of Minnesota: An Illustrated Guide Alan K. Lathrop University of Minnesota Press Photographs and Architectural Discussion of Minnesota Churches, Old and New
The Lake of Dead Languages[G] Carol Goodman Ballantine Novel about an American Girl's College
Avedon at Work in the American West[B] Laura Wilson University of Texas Press Memoirs of an Associate of Avedon during his 1979 - 1983 Assignment in the West
The Sea Around Us:[B] An Illustrated Commemorative Edition Rachel Carson Oxford The Famous Naturalist's Exploration of the Sea
Just So Stories[B] Rudyard Kipling,
Geoffrey Palmer, Reader
Naxos Audio Books Taped Reading of the Famous Children's Stories
"Being a Good Catholic," "Gracie on the Roof" and Terrorism Nathanael West and R.W. Johnson [Letters] Letters to RALPH and the LRB
Zionism and the Shoah Eric Hobsbawm [Reading] Meditation on the Israeli State
Five for Lunch [Reading] Curzio Malaparte On Eating Human Hands for Lunch
A Glass Full of Girls Robert Kelly [Reading] Meditation on a House where the Fireplace is Full of Fur
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #107
Early Winter 2003 - 2004
Title Author Publisher Subject
Clarence Thomas:[N] Fighter with Words David R. Collins Pelican Biography of Supreme Court Justice
The Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds[N] Christopher Perrins, Editor Firefly Unabridged Listing of Birds of the World
How I Earned the Ruptured Duck: [N] From Brooklyn to Berchtesgaden in World War II Leo Bogart Texas A&M Personal History of a Soldier in WWII
Native State Tony Cohan Broadway Personal History of Jazz Musician
My Last Sigh* Luis Buñuel University of Minnesota Press Autobiography of the Surrealist Filmmaker
Love After War: Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam Wayne Karlin
Ho Anh Thai Editors
Curbstone Short Stories from Viet-Nam
Eternal Treblinka: [G] Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust Charles Patterson Lantern Books Animals in the United States Treated Like Jews
Great Art Glass Lamps: [B] Tiffany, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint and Handel Martin M. May Schiffer Examples of Early "Tiffany" Lamps
Thirteen Months To Go: [B] The Creation of the
Empire State Building
Geraldine B. Wagner Thunder Bay Press Illustrated History of the Building of theEmpire State Building
The Encyclopedia of
Trains and Locomotives: [B] The Comprehensive Guide to Over
900 Steam, Diesel, and Electric Locomotives
from 1825 to the Present Day
David Ross, Editor Thunder Bay Press Comprehensive Illustrated Study of Trains of the Last 200 Years
Samuel Beckett,
Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
Gay's Mom's Boobs, and
RALPH and Books about Sex
B. J. Walters, Cye J., David Dies, Lois Overbeck, Angela Palmer Letters to RALPH Comments on Previous Articles
The California Department of Motor Vehicles' War Against Geezers L. W. Milam [Article] Elaborate Description of California DMV and Its New Program of Elder Abuse
Breast vs. Bottle Edward Tenner [Reading] Some Thoughts on Breast-Feeding vs. Bottle Feeding of Infants
A Tonight's Lecture: The Effects of Head Wounds On Foot Soldiers, A Case Study; The McPoem Ronald Wallace [Poetry] Contemporary American Poetry
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #108
Mid-Winter 2003 - 2004
Title Author Publisher Subject
Twenty-Five All-Time Hits From the Pages of RALPH The Editors [List] Twentry-Five Articles, Poems, Readings and Reviews at RALPH that Consistently Get the Most Hits
Popular Music From Vittula* Mikael Niemi Seven Stories Press Contemporary Autobiography from Northern Sweden
The Wright Space Spencer Hart Thunder Bay Press Examples of the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright
How To Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins Don Langevin AnneDawn Publishing/Norton Giant Pumpkin Growing
The Outlaw Sea William Langewiesche North Point Thoughts on Anarchy at Sea
The Eden Express: [G] A Memoir of Insanity Mark Vonnegut Seven Stories Press Autogbiography: Going Crazy in the 60s
The Record Setting Trips:[B] By Auto from Coast to Coast, 1909 - 1916 Curt McConnell Stanford University Press Eight Record Breaking Auto Trips
Yvor Winters:[B] Selected Poems Thom Gunn, Editor The Library of America Collection of Winters' Poems
The Russian Moment In World History[B] Marshall T. Poe Princeton University Press An Unusual Take on the History of the "Rus"
Anorexia, Dylan Thomas Lawsuit, and Ethics in Public Relations Katie H., R. Whipple Yabba Dabba, C J Elphick [Letters] Comments on Recent Articles and Reviews
The World Trade Center William Bryk [Reading] Thoughts on the Unloveable Aspects of the WTC
Our One- Fingered Teacher Mikael Niemi [Reading] Bicycle Riding in Northern Sweden
She Was My Night (Era Mi Noche) Homero Aridijis [Poems] Contemporary Latino Poetry
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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