Issue #82
Mid-Summer, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Bombing
Of Serbia
Daisy Fried [Poems] Contemporary American Poetry
The Voice of the Poet:[B] Wallace Stevens J. D. McClatchy, Editor Random House Audio Early 20th Century American Poetry
Della Raye:[B] A Girl Who Grew Up in Hell and Emerged Whole Gary Penley Pelican American Mental Institutions Practice; Biography
Outlaw Woman [B] Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz City Lights American Rights Movements in the 1960s
Doctors and Discoveries: Lives that Created
Today's Medicine
John Galbraith Simmons Houghton Mifflin History of Medicine
Meet General Grant W. E. Woodward Horace Liverwright Historical Review by H. L. Mencken
RALPH Poetry, Cheese and Rat Turds Franz Wright, Maria D. Laso [Letters] Poetry in RALPH
In the Service of the King: The Story of My Life Aimée Semple McPherson Boni & Liveright Biographical Review by H. L. Mencken
My Life Isadora Duncan Boni & Liveright Biographical Review by H. L. Mencken
H. L. Mencken on American Literature S. T. Joshi, Editor Ohio University Collection of H. L. Mencken Reviews
Embalming Mom:[N] Essays in Life Janet Burroway Sightline/Iowa Contemporary American Essays
Secular Wholeness:[N] A Skeptic's Paths to a Richer Life David Cortesi Trafford Essays on a Secular Belief System
Burden of Ashes [N] Justin Chin Alyson Gay Memoirs
The Officers' Ward Marc Dugain SOHO Contemporary French Fiction --- WWI
The Architecture of Howard Van Doren Shaw Virginia A. Greene Chicago Review Press Turn-of-the-Century Architecture
Raw Meat Speed Bumps Carlos Amantea [Article] Contemporary Mexican Travel
How to Spell Gary Soto [Poem] Contemporary Latino Poetry
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #83
Late Mid-Summer, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Learning to Fall: The Blessings of an Imperfect Life Philip Simmons Bantam ALS, Autobiography
Sacred India [B] William Dalrymple Lonely Planet The Religions of India
Famous First Bubbles:[B] The Fundamentals of Early Manias Peter M. Garber MIT Rethinking Three Famous Financial Bubbles
Ceramic Water Closets [B] Munroe Blair Shire Four Centuries of Toilets
Letter from Uppland #3 Dr. Phage [Article] Food in Contemporary Sweden
A Black Swimmer Paul Laraque [Poem] Contemporary Poetry from Guinea
Speedbumps, S. J. Perelman, The Crane Report, Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition Michael Sheber, Phil Ehrens, Mike McNamara, Prudence Crowther [Letters] Comments on Reviews and Articles in RALPH
Bureau:[N] The Secret History of the FBI Ronald Kessler St. Martin's History of the FBI
The Death of Sweet Mister*[N] Daniel Woodrell Putnam Contemporary American Fiction
The Compact Peters World Atlas:[N] The Earth in True Proportion Kummerly & Bern, Oxford Cartographers Hammond New Atlas of the Earth
Pain Arthur W. Frank [Reading] Effects of Pain on the Psyche
Ticks, Blackflies, and God's Other Punishments Philip Simmons [Reading] Summer in New England
Untamed Seas: One Woman's True Story of Shipwreck and Survival Deborah Scaling Kiley Mariner Shipwreck in the Atlantic
Poem for Our Dog Afraid of Thunder on a Rainy Day Leroy V. Quintana [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
Novice to Master: An Ongoing Lesson in the Extent of My Own Stupidity* Soke Morinaga Roshi Wisdom Zen Buddhism --- History of a Master
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #84
Late Summer, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Inuksuit:[N] Silent Messengers Of the Arctic Norman Hallendy University of Washington Stone Monuments of the Arctic
The Transformations of Mr. Hadlíz[N] Ladislav Novák Twisted Spoon Press Contemporary Surrealist Literature
Atonement[N] Gaétan Soucy Anansi Contemporary French-Canadian Fiction
My Fine Feathered Friend William Grimes North Point Chickens and New York City
World War II: A Photographic History David Boyle MetroBooks Photographs from the European and Pacific Theatres of War
A Woman of Rome* Alberto Moravia Steerforth Italia Post WWII Italian Fiction
The Quest for Immortality:[B] Science at the Frontiers of Aging S. Jay Olshansky, Bruce A. Carnes Norton Current Scientific Beliefs about Aging
The Gospel of the Toltecs[B] Frank Diaz Bear & Co. Shamatic Studies
Portrait of a Burger as a Young Calf:[B] The Story of One Man, Two Cows, and the Feeding of a Nation Peter Lovenheim Harmony Following Meat from Birth to Grinder
The Rejection Slip Blues Carlos Amantea [Article] How Not to Publish a Book
Souls As Big As Fingernails Mordecai Richler [Reading] Interior Politics in Israel
And Why Did I Fail, And Do Not Fail Rebecca S. Wrangle [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
The Childless Mother Poems Becky Birtha [Poems] Contemporary Feminist Poems
Learning to Fall, The Peters World Atlas, RALPH's Poetry Reviews, and Questions of Fellatio/Cunnilingus John G. Simmons, Franz Wright, Joan Houlihan, Barry Corbet [Letters] "The difference between reviewing a book and using it to trumpet one's own melancholic spiritual conclusions."
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #85
Early Fall, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
RALPH's Top Pops The Editors of RALPH [List] The Twenty Reviews that Receive the Most Hits
52 McGs.:[N] The Best Obituaries from Legendary New York Times Writer Robert McG. Thomas Jr. Chris Calhoun, Editor Scribner Classic Obituaries from the New York Times
Minority Report[N] Philip K. Dick Pantheon Classic Science Fiction Story
Love Never Sleeps:[N] Living at Home With Alzheimer's Mary Summer Rain Hampton Roads Caring for an Alzheimer's Patient at Home
Sacred Pain: Hurting the Body For the Sake of the Soul Ariel Glucklich Oxford Seeking Pain in the Search for the Divine
At the Ends of the Earth: A History of the Polar Regions Kieran Mulvaney Island/Shearwater History of Exploration and Exploitation of the Arctic and Antarctic
Jacobson's Organ and the Remarkable Nature of Smell* Lyall Watson Norton A History of the Nose
Photographs at St. Lawrence University[B] Catherine Tedford, Gary D. Sampson, Editors St. Lawrence University Photographs in the Collection of St. Lawrence University
Mountain Biking New Mexico[B] Sarah Bennett Alley Globe Pequot Press 78 Biking Trails in New Mexico
Ethnic Notions:[B] Black Images in the White Mind Robbin Henderson, David Miller Berkeley Art Center 50 "Comic" Artifacts from the Last 150 Years
Pepe the Pensive, Raúl the Rambunctious Carlos Amantea [Article] Friends and Workers from Oaxaca
Portrait of The Cyclops John Banville [Reading] Tales of a Prisoner
A Visit to the Old Peoples' Home John Banville [Reading] An Old People's Home
Alicante Jacques Prévert [Poem] Turn of the Century Poetry
The Black Beast: A German Love Song Franz Werfel [Poem] Mid-Century German Poetry
World War II Revisited R. F. Lacey [Letter] Suffering in WWII
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #86
Mid-Fall, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Trolley[N] Claude Simon New Press Contemporary French Fiction
A Thread Across the Ocean[N]: The Heroic Story of the Transatlantic Cable John Steele Gordon Walker 19th Century History
The Last Barrier[N]: A Journey into the Essence of
Sufi Teaching
Reshad Feild Lindisfarne Books Sufi Practice
My Bipolar Trip in 4-D Lizzie Simon Atria Books Personal History, Bipolar Disorder
The World of the Hummingbird[B] Robert Burton Firefly Natural History
Trail of Feathers[B]: In Search of the Birdmen of Peru Tahir Shah Arcade Travels in Peru
The Englishman's Daughter Ben Macintyre Farrar, Strauss and Giroux History, WWI
Spies, Black Ties, & Mango Pies: Stories and Recipes from CIA Families All Over the World The Family Advisory Board of the CIA Community Communications Recipes from the CIA
Confessing Jamie O'Neill [Reading] Confessing the Love of a Soldier
Daughter, The Whistler Dorothy Hewett Poems Contemporary Australian Poetry
The Use of Force William C. Williams [Reading] 1930s Medical Practice
The Charge of the Light Brigade Cecil Woodham-Smith [Reading] 19th Century History
Campus Crusade for Christ Kara Fiess [Letter] Appeal for the Campus Crusade
Why We Age Dr. Phage [Article] The Hamilton-Medewar Treatment of Mortality
At Swim, Two Boys* Jamie O'Neill Scribner Love and the Irish Easter Uprising
Treasury of Favorite Poems Louis Untermeyer MetroBooks Anthology of English Poetry
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #87
Late Fall, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Shy Bladder Syndrome:[B] Your Step-by-Step Guide to Overcoming Paruresis Steven Soifer, et al New Harbinger Medical Guide
Storm Chasers[B]: The Hurricane Hunters and Their Fateful Flight into Hurricane Janet David Toomey Norton History of Hurricanes and Hurricane Predictions
Down to a Soundless Sea[B] Thomas Steinbeck Ballentine Contemporary American Short Stories
Consider the Poet, The Ladder George Hitchcock [Poems] Contemporary American Poetry
After the Quake* Haruki Murakami Knopf Contemporary Japanese Short Stories
Fire of the Five Hearts* Holly A. Smith Brunner-Routledge Caring for Incest Victims
Waiting for Lefty (To Shut Up) Jon Gallant [Article] Contemporary Left-Wing American Politics
Nanaprobe tracers and [Letter] Aliens
The Autobiography of Margaret Oliphant[N] Elisabeth Jay, Editor Broadview Press Autobiography of a 19th Century English Writer
One Hundred Demons[N] Lynda Barry Sasquatch Books Growing Up Comics
Dhammapada Annotated & Explained[N] Max Müller, Jack Maguire Skylight Paths Original Buddhist Teachings
John Sparrow Paul West [Reading] Memoirs of an Oxford Don
Saint Peter Got Smashed A. T. Kendall [Poem] Contemporary American Religious Poetry
Still Here: Embracing Aging, Changing, and Dying Ram Dass Riverhead Disability Autobiograpy
Yoga Mala: The Seminal Guide to Ashtanga Yoga by the Living Master Sri K. Pattabhi Jois North Point Press Illustrated Yoga Instruction Book
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #88
Late Fall, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Studio Case Furniture[N]: The Inside Story Russell Panczenko Elvehjem Museum of ArtFurniture as Art
The One Who Swears You Can't Start Over[N] Ethna McKiernan Salmon Poetry/Dufour Editions Contemporary American Poetry
The Boxer[N]Jurek Becker Arcade Publishing Contemporary German Fiction
Making Life Meaningful[B] Lama Zopa Rinpoche Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archives Tibetan Buddhism Commentary
The Ship and the Storm[B]:Hurricane Mitch andthe Loss of the Fantome Jim Carrier Harcourt/Harvest Hurricane/Naval Disasters
Water Follies[B]: Groundwater Pumping and the Fate of America's Fresh Waters Robert Glennon Island Press The Misues of Groundwater in America
Creatures of the Deep: In Search of the Sea's "Monsters" and the World They Live In Erich Hoyt Firefly Deep Sea Creatures
Disability Rights and Russia Hugh Gregory Gallagher [Article] Disability History in the United States and in Russia
Voices in the Dark: Esoteric, Occult & Secular Voices
In Nazi-Occupied Paris 1940 - 44*
William Patrick Patterson Arete Gurdjieff Classes in Paris during WWII
Icepick Lover William Patrick Patterson [Reading] Gays and Germans in Paris during WWII
Cold Collation Prasenjit Maiti [Poem] Contemporary Indian Poetry
Holly Smith, Disability and Russia, The Whaleship Essex Holly Smith, L. Lark, Edmond W. Crane [Letters] Letters on Previous Reviews
Love and the Flowers Jeremy D. Colon [Poem] Contemporary American/Spanish Poetry
Pied Piper: The Many Lives of Noah Greenberg James Gollin Pendragon Press The Biography of Noah Greenberg
Literary Agents and the TLS NB [Reading] Article about "The Rejection Slip Blues"
Martinis, Chocolate, and Tangerines M. F. K. Fisher [Reading] Secret Foods
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #89
Late Late Fall, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Ripe[N] Roy Jacobstein Wisconsin Contemporary American Poetry
California Plain:[N] Remembering Barns Morley Baer StanfordPhotographs of Old California Barns
Speer:[N] The Final Verdict Joachim Fest Harcourt Biography of Nazi Architect Albert Speer
The Chrysler Building: Creating a New Icon Day by Day David Stravitz Princeton Architectural Photographic History of Construction of the Chrysler Building
The Eden Express: A Memoir of Insanity Mark Vonnegut Seven Stories Memories of Madness and Hippiedom
Paris 1919: Six Months that Changed the World* Margaret MacMillan Random House Day-By-Day Account of the Forging of the Versailles Treaty
Lydia Cassatt Reading the Morning Paper Harriet Scott Chessman Plume Historical Novel of the Expressionist Painter
Double Down Frederick and Steven Barthelme Harcourt Autobiography of Two Gambling Addicts
Selected Prose and Prose-Poems of Gabriela Mistral[B] Stephen Tapscott University of Texas Biography of the Turn-of-the-Century Chilean Poet
Music of A Life[B] Andreď Makine, Arcade Novel of Russian Musician and Exile
The Holy Longing:[B] The Hidden Power of Spiritual Yearning Connie Zweig Tarcher/Putnam Spiritual Practice and Counselling
Lab Rat: A Medical Memoir Jon Gallant [Article] The Horrors of Sciatica
Georges Clemenceau at Versailles Margaret MacMillan [Reading] France and the Versailles Peace Treaty
About the Tale of an Old Bay Fisherman Curtis Robbins [Poem] The Poetry of Lipreading
When Billy Collins Met Anne Sexton Jack Conway [Poem] Contemporary American Poetry
Moon Dog Song Angel Peréz [Poem] Contemporary Hispanic Poetry
Hortense Powdermaker, Anti-Matter, Diplomatic Cargo Boxes, and More on the Poetry of Louise Glück John Newlove, E. Terrell, Rick Hunter, Hon. Dr. John Cabora Letters Letters to RALPH
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #90
Early Winter, 2002
Title Author Publisher Subject
Editors' Picks The Editors of RALPH [List] Ten Important New Books
Media Violence and its Effect on Aggression: Assessing the Scientific Evidence Jonathan L. Freedman University of Toronto Studies on Television Violence
The Best American Mystery Stories: 2002 James Ellroy, Editor Houghton Mifflin Twenty Mystery Short Stories
Lusitania: An Epic Tragedy Diana Preston Walker The Sinking of the Lusitania
Where the Roots Reach for Water Jeffrey Smith North Point Personal History of Depression
Antarctica:[B] Exploring the Extreme, 400 Years of Adventure Marilyn J. Landis Chicago Review Press Antarctic Explorations over Four Centuries
King Solomon's Mines[B] H. Rider Haggard Broadview Literary Texts Classic African Adventure Tale
The Territory of Men[B] Joelle Fraser Villard Memoir of Growing Up as a Hippie
A Geezer in Paradise Carlos Amantea [Article] Travels Through Mexico
Mary White William Allen White [Reading] Essay on the Death of a Daughter
A Simple Method for Creating An Infinity Supply of Energy; The Chrysler Building Eugene Terrell, David Stravitz [Letters] Letters to RALPH
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"

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