Issue #5
Winter, 1995 - 1996
Title Author Publisher Subject
Self-Experimentation in Medicine Lawrence K. Altman Random House History of Medicine
Untamed Alaska[B] Elizabeth Brown, Carolyn Clark, Editors Thomasson-Grant Natural History of Alaska
The Complete Guide to Safe Sex[B] Ted Mcllvenna The PreVenT Group Public Health and AIDS
Pesticide Alert:[B] A Guide to Pesticides in Fruits and Vegetables Lawrie Mott, Karen Snyder Sierra Club Public Health and Pesticides
Confessions of a PR Man[B] Robert J. Wood NAL Career Opportunities in Public Relations
Portraits of Earth[B] Freeman Patterson Sierra Club Books Photography, Natural History
Russian Art at Hillwood[B] Katrina V. H. Taylor University of Washington Art Collections
The Cup of Forgetfulness Ignacio Schwartz [Reading] Fiction
Banzo! Blaise Cendrars [Reading] History of Brazil and Slavery
A Portrait of Lost Tibet Rosemary Jones Tung Snow Lion History of Tibet
Sweet Dumb Doggie L. W. Milam [Article] Natural History of Dogs
Ellis Island: A Pictorial History Barbara Benton Facts on File History of American Immigration
Fly Love Poem Leslie Seamans [Poem] Modern American Poetry
January 1940 Roy Fuller [Poem] Modern English Poetry
The Partial Vapor Pressure of Khometz Dr. Phage [Article] History, Folklore
The Whisky Priest Graham Greene [Reading] Fiction
Cousin Hans L. W. Milam [Reading] Memoir
Hugh, Madeline, Paul Michael Ingall [Readings] Psychotherapy --- Case Histories
Crabs Judson Jerome [Poem] Modern American Poetry
The Lamed-Vovnik Andre Schwarz-Bart [Reading] Jewish History
The Meaning of Life The Mahabarata [Reading] Poetry of Ancient India
Lifestyles of the Blind and Paralyzed Mark O'Brien [Poem] Poetry, Disabled
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"

Issue #6
Spring, 1996
Title Author Publisher Subject
Beautiful Summer at Camp Alton Michael Ingall [Article] Memoir
Bitterness Virgil Suárez [Reading] Memoir
Deep in the Land of Ultimate Projection Carlos Amantea [Article] History of Baja California
Arizona Traveller's Handbook[B] Bill Weir Moon Travel
The Stranger[B]* Albert Camus Knopf Modern French Fiction
Full of Life[B]* John Fante Black Sparrow Modern American Fiction
De-Architecture[B]* James Wines Rizzoli Criticism of Architecture, Culture
Conversations with Anorexics[B] Hilde Bruch Basic Psychology
Eulogy on the Death of Dickie Dickinson G. J. Fogerty [Poem] Poetry of Obesity
In Flanders Fields* Leon Wolff Time-Life History of WWI
The Hindoo Fly J. R. Ackerley [Reading] Culture Study of India
Hurricanes, Slaves, and Gold David E. Fisher [Reading] History of Colonialism, Slavery
The Battle At Little Bull Run T. F. Bierly [Poem] Psychological Poetry
Middle East on a Shoestring Anon Lonely Planet Travel in the Middle East
The Concerts of Hofmann and Kubelik Osip Mandelstam [Reading] Memoirs of Pre-Revolutionary Russia
Rhinos:[B] Endangered Species Malcolm Penny
Facts on File Natural History
Spiegel:[B] The Man Behind the Pictures* Andrew Sinclair Little, Brown Popular Culture and Biography
The Rituals of Anorexia Nervosa Mara Selvini Palazzoli [Reading] Psychology of Anorexia
Don't Tread on Me: The Selected Letters of S. J. Perelman Prudence Crowther, Editor Viking Arts and Letters
I Never Told Anybody:[N] Teaching Poetry Writing to Old People Kenneth Koch Teachers & Writers Education of Geezers
Two Guys Four Corners[N] Don Imus & Fred Imus Villard Commentary, Juvenalia
All-New Hints from Heloise:[N] A Household Guide for the '90s Anon Perigee Household Hints
Food Festivals of Northern California:[N] Traveller's Guide and Cookbook Bob Carter Falcon Travel & Food Guide
Glenn Gould:[N] The Ecstasy and Tragedy of Genius Peter F. Ostwald Norton Musical Biography
Memoirs of My Nervous Illness* Daniel Paul Schreber Harvard Psychological Autobiography, Lunacy
The Stars®Us Peter Dodge [Poem] Love Poetry
Spared Angola: Memories from a Cuban-American Childhood* Virgil Suárez Arte Público Memoirs
The Odor of Death Abraham Verghese [Reading] Medical
The Vivisection Mambo P. J. Weise [Poem] Poetry of Love
[N]To be found under "New Listings" --- also called "Recent Books"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews" or "More Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit
Issue #7
Summer, 1996
Title Author Publisher Subject
Mexico in 22 Days[B] Steve Rogers, Tina Rosa John Muir Travel
A New History of Early English Drama[B] John D. Cox and David Kasten, Editors Columbia Dramatic History
Vim & Vinegar[B] Melodie Moore Harper Strange Uses for Vinegar
Touched by Fire: A Photographic Picture of the Civil War William C. Davis, Editor Little, Brown Civil War History in Photographs
The Key to Understanding Business Cycles Michael Zahorchak Tide Press Finance and Climate
Credo Aquiles Nazoa [Poem] Modern Latin American Poetry
Song of the Forget-Me-Not Cynthia Weiss [Poem] Disability Poetry
Dear Senator Helms: Carlos Amantea [Letter] Poverty and the Rich
Mother Tongue: English & How It Got That Way* Bill Bryson [Reading] Linguistics
To Orgasm or Not To Orgasm R. R. Doister [Letter] Disability and Sex
San Diego: A Pictorial History Raymond G. Starr Donning History of San Diego
[N]To be found under "New Listings" --- also called "Recent Books"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

Issue #8
Fall, 1996
Title Author Publisher Subject
The Bath Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein [Reading] Medical Properties of Mineral Baths
Kicking Doors Richard Wright [Reading] Anger in the Black Community 1920s
Paris Painters Everett Gee Jackson [Reading] Artists in Mexico
Sometimes I Feel Like Stephen Hawking Must Feel After A Bad Night L. W. Milam [Article] Disability and CPB
Giggling on Granny Wallon's
Herb Wines
Laurie Lee [Reading] Growing up in Rural England, 1900
Die Liedersinger Michael Ingall [Article] Psychological Case History
Honey, Mud, Maggots and Other Medical Marvels* Robert and Michèle Root-Bernstein Houghton Mifflin Ancient Medical Cures
A Love Poem for Wally Miller Who, in a Fit of Despair, Drove His Electric Wheelchair into the Family Swimming-pool L. Lark [Poem] Poetry of Disability
Pulling at Broken Strings Laurie Lee [Reading] Memories of 1900s England Countryside
Nixon: A Psychobiography Vamik D. Volkan,
Norman Itzkowitz, and Andrew W. Dod
Columbia Pschylogy of Richard Nixon
Memoirs of the Eenie-Weenies Dr. Phage [Article] Memories of the 60s
The Reader[N] Bernhard Schlink Pantheon Fiction
Before the Beginning:[N] Our Universe and Others Martin Rees Addison-Wesley History of the Universe
Spies, Black Ties, & Mango Pies:[N] Stories and Recipes from CIA Families All Over the World The Family Advisory Board of the CIA Community Communications Eating Habits Within the CIA Community
Birds of San Diego[N] Chris Fisher and Herbert Clarke Lone Pine Bird-Spotting
Professional Writers in America's Golden Age of Print[N] Ronald Weber Ohio History of Journalism --- 19th Century
Extraordinary People with Disabilities[N] Deborah Kent and Kathryn A. Quinlan Children's Press Disability Heroes
Song to Supp-Hose Ignacio Schwartz [Poem] Love Poem
Traveling Alone Carlos Amantea [Article] Memories of Being Alone on the Road
The Undertaking Thomas Lynch Norton Stories from the funeral biz
Thursday's Universe: A Report from the Frontier on the Origin, Nature, and Destiny of the Universe Marcia Bartusiak Times Some thoughts on the universe
[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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