Reviews, Articles,
Poetry, and Readings:
Midsummer 2003 -
Midsummer 2006

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*Indicates a book that the editors
found to be of especial merit.

Issue #100
Mid-Summer, 2003

Pox:[B] Genius, Madness,
and the Mysteries of Syphilis

Deborah Hayden
A Historical Look the Disease and at Famous Syphilitics

The Portrait of Mr. W. H.[B]
Oscar Wilde
[Hesperus/Trafalgar Square]
Wilde's Vision of Shakespeare
as a Gay Author

On the Lam:[B]
Narratives of Flight in
J. Edgar Hoover's America

William Beverly
[University of Mississippi]
Criminals on the Run
in Books and Films (and Reality)

Measuring America:
How an Untamed Wilderness
Shaped the United States and
Fulfilled the Promise of Democracy

Andro Linklater
How Standards of Measurement
Created America's Cities and States

Schubert's Winterreise:
A Winter Journey in Poetry,
Image, and Song

John Harbison, Susan Youens
A Photographic Journey through
Schubert's Song Cycle

Breath Sweeps Mind*
Jakusho Kwong Roshi
[Sounds True Audio]
Twelve Lectures on Zen Practice

21 Very Best Books
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the Best
Of the Best Books of
The Last Ten Years

100 Best Books
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the 100 Best Books
of the Last Ten Years

15 Best Articles
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the 15 Best Articles
to Appear in RALPH over the Past 10 Years

15 Best Readings
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the 15 Best Readings
to Appear in RALPH over the Past 10 Years

21 Best Poems
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the 21 Best Poems
to Appear in RALPH over the Past 10 Years

21 Best Letters
The Editors of RALPH
Editors' Choice of the 21 Best Letters
to Appear in RALPH over the Past 10 Years

Issue #101
Late Mid-Summer, 2003

In the Cage [B]
Henry James
The Life of a Salesgirl in 19th Century England

The Gooseboy* [B]
A. L. Barker
Contemporary English Novel

Sleeping with the Dictionary[B]
Harryette Mullen
Contemporary American Poetry

The Night Torn with Mad Footsteps [G]
Charles Bukowski
[Black Sparrow]
Contemporary American Poetry

Rainbow's End:
The Crash of 1929
Maury Klein
The Federal Reserve and the Financial Debacle of the 20s

Zombie Hat
Harryette Mullen
Contemporary American Poetry

Fun at the
Democratic Convention, 1968
Paul Krassner
A Comic View of 60s Politics

Paul McCarthy
Interview with the Controversial American Artist

Magic Mushrooms and Other Highs: [N]
From Toad Slime to Ecstasy
Paul Krassner, Editor
Seventy-seven Stories about Getting High

The Dust of Empire*[N]
The Race for Mastery in the Asian Heartland
Karl E. Meyer
[Public Affairs]
Brief History of the Eleven Countries
of the Asian "Heartland"

Hitler Came for Niemoeller: [N]
The Nazi War against Religion
Leo Stein
History of the Imprisonment of Martin Niemoeller

Pieces of Payne
Albert Goldbarth
[Graywolf Press]
Contemporary American Fiction

The Queen Is In The Countinghouse
The Estate of Leslie L. Seamans
Contemporary American Poetry

Down & Out:
The Life and Death of
Minneapolis's Skid Row

Joseph Hart,
Edwin Hirschoff, Photographer
Urban Renewal in Minneapolis --- 1950s & 60s

The Paris Review and RALPH
Hugh Gallagher
Comparison Between the Two Magazines

Issue #102
Late Summer, 2003

Off the Cuffs:[B]
Poetry by and about the Police
Jackie Sheeler, Editor
[Soft Skull Press]
Poetry about Jails, Streets,
Police, Prisoners, Criminals and Woe

Pieces of Intelligence:[B]
The Existential Poetry of Donald H. Rumsfeld
Hart Seely, Editor
[Free Press]
Poetry from Inside the Beltway

Train Wrecks:[B]
A Pictorial History of Accidents
on the Main Line

Robert C. Reed
100 Photographs and Drawings of
American Train Wrecks

Kingdom of Shadows[B]
Alan Furst
[Victor Gollancz]
Spys and Stuff in Pre-WWII Europe

John Weston
Young Love in the Arizona Desert

The Art of War on Land[G]
David G. Chandler
Tactics and Strategy of War through the Ages

William Burroughs and Toad Slime
Paul Krassner
Concerning Paul Krassner's Newest Book

The Selected Poems of Howard Nemerov
Daniel Anderson, Editor
Poems by the American Poet

"Landscape with Figures"
"Near the Old People's Home"
Howard Nemerov
Poetry by the Contemporary American Poet

Dining at the Lineman's Shack[N]
John Weston
Tales of Growing up (and Cooking) in the Arizona Desert

City on Fire[N]:
The Forgotten Disaster that
Devastated a Town and
Ignited a Landmark Legal Battle

Bill Minutaglio
The Destruction of a Texas Port City in 1947

A Version of Love[N]
Millicent Dillon
Contemporary American Novel on Love with one's Psychiatrist

Laurel, Mississippi 1967
Charles Marsh
Growing up in the Segregated South

So Many Books, So Little Time:
A Year of Passionate Reading
Sara Nelson
A Book about Reading Books

Wuthering Heights*
Emily Brontë
Donada Peters, Reader
[Books on Tape]
Taped Reading of the 1847 Classic

Issue #103
Very Early Fall, 2003

The Crucifixion in American Art[B]
Robert Henkes
Examples of Paintings of Crucifixions,
1700s to the Present

Harker's Barns:[B]
Visions of an American Icon
Michael P. Harker; Jim Heynen, Text
Photos of Old Barns of Iowa

Transforming Found Objects into Digital Assemblage
Spencer Drate
Ads, Collages, Post Cards, Disc Covers from Found Art

What Was True[B]:
The Photographs and Notebooks
of William Gedney

Margaret Sartor, Geoff Dyer, Editors
Bleak Shots of India, Hippies, Kentucky,
South Dakota and Brooklyn by the Late Photographer

Between Street and Mirror[B]:
The Drawings of James Ensor
Catherine de Zegher
[The Drawing Center/
University of Minnesota]
Weird and Wonderful Drawings with
Appropriate Comments and Interviews

The Lost King of France:
Revolution, Revenge, and the
Search for Louis XVII

Deborah Cadbury
[Fourth Estate]
Tale of the Two Hundred Year Search
for the Last of the pre-19th Century French Kings

Gettysburg Battlefield:
The Definitive Illustrated History
David J. Eicher, Editor
[Chronicle Books]
Hundreds of Photographs along with Text
from Thirteen Historians on the Famous Battle

A Gaudy Spree[G]:
Literary Hollywood When
The West Was Fun

Samuel Marx
[Franklin Watts]
One Man's History of Hollywood

So Many Books,
So Little Time
Sara Nelson
Author's Comments on Our Review of
Her New Title

Getting Mother's Body*
Suzan-Lori Parks
[Fourth Estate]
Novel Set in West Texas, 1963

George Washington[N]:
A Collection
W. B. Allen, Editor
[Liberty Fund]
The Papers of George Washington

A State of Becoming
Victor David Hanson
[Encounter Books]
An Exegesis on
"Illegal" Immigrants

Bloody Mary[N]
Sharon Solwitz[Sarabande]
Contemporary American Novel

Voices from
The Trail of Tears[N]
Vicki Rozema, Editor
First-Hand Reports of
The Forced Evacuation of
Native Americans

The Plot to Save the World
L. W. Milam
Memories of Building
The First Community Radio Stations

World War I:
A New Kind of War
Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau
Annette Becker
A New View of
The Violence of the War of 1914 - 1918

Issue #104
Early Fall 2003

Radios: The Golden Age
Philip Collins
Memories of American Radio
of the 1940s

Ants at Work[G]: How an
Insect Society Is Organized

Deborah Gordon
[The Free Press]
A Study of Ant Life in the Sonoran Desert

Autopsy Before the Cameras
F. Gonzalez-Cruzzi
On an Autopsy
Recorded for BBC-TV

Glory in a Camel's Eye[B]:
Trekking through the Moroccan Sahara
Jeffrey Tayler
[Houghton Mifflin]
A Forty Day Trek
in the Wadi Sasi

D. J. Levien
Contemporary American Fiction

The Sexual Teachings
of the Jade Dragon[B]:
Taoist Methods for
Male Sexual Realization
Hsi Lai
[Destiny Books]
Erotology from the Mysterious East

The Roots of
Buddhist Psychology*
Jack Kornfield
[Sounds True Tapes]
A Twelve Part Introduction
to the Four Noble Truths
and the Eightfold Path

Twenty-Two Books on Disability
L. W. Milam
Some of the Most
Important Readings on Disability

Empire:* The Rise and Demise
of the British World Order and
the Lessons for
Global Power

Niall Ferguson
[Basic Books]
A Comprehensive Look at
the British Empire

Franz Kafka in Riga
Harry Matthews
Contemporary American Fiction

Poole's Paradise and Bob Poole
Fred Goldrup
Memories of Radio of
the 40s and 50s

"Badlands" and "Cartalk:
A Love Poem"
Jack McCarthy
Contemporary American Poetry

Lizards:[N] A Natural History of
Some Uncommon Creatures,
Extraordinary Chameleons,
Iguanas, Geckos, and More

David Badger, Text;
John Netherton, Photos
[Voyager Press]
100 Color Photographs of Lizards

The Mountains Know Arizona:[N]
Images of the Land and
Stories of Its People

Rose Houk, Text;
Michael Collier, Photographs
[Arizona Highways]
Color Photographs of
Various Arizona Mountains

Passing Trains:[N]
The Changing Face
of Canadian Railroading

Greg McDonnell
[Boston Mills]
Photographs of Canadian
Steam and Diesel Railroads

Alice in Wonderland[N]
Lewis Carroll;
Ralph Steadman, Illustrator
The Famous Children's Story with
21st Century Drawings

The Desert Cries:[N]
A Season of
Flash Floods in a
Dry Land

Craig Childs
[Arizona Highways]
The Famous Naturalist
on Desert Flooding

Platform for California Governor
L. Milam, J. Gallant
Suggested Program for the
135 Candidates for Governor

Stiff: The Curious Lives
of Human Cadavers

Mary Roach
Experimentation with Cadavers

Issue #105
Early Fall 2003

Learning to Fall: [G]
The Blessings of an Imperfect Life
Philip Simmons
Living (and Dying) with ALS

The Ceramics of China:[B]
5000 B.C. to 1912 A.D.
Gloria and Robert Mascarelli
[Schiffer Publishing]
Advice on Collecting Ancient Chinese Pottery

Turn-of-the-Century Photographs
From San Diego, Texas[B]
Sara R. Massey
Ana Carolina Castillo Crimm
[University of Texas]
Photographs from West Texas,
1898 - 1910

The Complete Pebble Mosaic Handbook[B]
Maggie Howarth
How to Build Terraces and
Walkways with Found Stones

At Work: [B] The Art
of California Labor

Mark Dean Johnson
Posters, Murals, Paintings,
Leaflets and Photographs from
California's Worker's Movements

New Directions Anthology of
Classical Chinese Poetry
Eliot Weinberger, Editor
[New Directions]
English Translations from
1000 Years of Chinese Poetry

Toi Derricotte
Giving Birth

The California Governor's Race
The Devil's Cup and
RALPH's Copyright Violation
Shelby Scates, Stewart Allen, Ethan Meleg
Three Letters to RALPH

The Madonnas of President Street[N]
John Sandman
Novel about
New York City's Working Mothers
and Troublesome Daughters

Live a Little, Laugh a Lot[N]
Barb Bancroft
[Wellworth Publishing]
A Thousand Improbable Facts

What We Lost[N]
Dale Peck
[Houghton Mifflin]
Novel about Growing Up Poor

The Meaning of Everything:
The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
Simon Winchester
The Complete History of the OED

A Round-Heeled Woman:*
My Late-Life Adventures
in Sex and Romance

Jane Juska
Adventures in Seeking
an Older Lover

Riddle: Post Op
Alicia Suskin Ostriker
After the Operation

Ticks, Blackflies, and
God's Other Punishments
Philip Simmons
Living in the Summer
in the Great Northeast

The Last Trip of
the Time Machine
H. G. Wells
The Final Passage into the Future

Young Love
Laurie Lee
Young Love in the Hayfields of 1900

Issue #106
Late Fall 2003

The Poems of Dylan Thomas[N]
Daniel Jones, Editor
[New Directions]
20th Century English Poetry

Rancho Costa Nada:[N]
The Dirt Cheap Desert Homestead
Phil Garlington
Building a Home for Practically Nothing

Old School[N]
Tobias Wolff
Novel about Prep School and Writers

The Flight of The Garuda:[N]
The Dzogchen Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism
Keith Dowman, Translator
18th Century Buddhist Poetry with Commmentary

Skin Deep:*
Tattoos, the Disappearing West, Very Bad Men, and My Deep Love for them All
Karol Griffin
Autobiography --- Tattooing and Raw Love

Bertha Alyce:*
Mother exPosed
Gay Block
[University of New Mexico Press]
Tale of a True and Unusual Mother/Daughter Relationship

Churches of Minnesota:
An Illustrated Guide
Alan K. Lathrop
[University of Minnesota Press]
Photographs and Architectural Discussion of Minnesota Churches, Old and New

The Lake of Dead Languages[G]
Carol Goodman
Novel about an American Girl's College

Avedon at Work in the American West[B]
Laura Wilson
[University of Texas Press]
Memoirs of an Associate of Avedon during his 1979 - 1983 Assignment in the West

The Sea Around Us:[B]
An Illustrated Commemorative Edition
Rachel Carson
The Famous Naturalist's Exploration of the Sea

Just So Stories[B]
Rudyard Kipling,
Geoffrey Palmer, Reader
[Naxos Audio Books]
Taped Reading of the Famous Children's Stories

"Being a Good Catholic," "Gracie on the Roof" and Terrorism
Nathanael West and R.W. Johnson
Letters to RALPH and the LRB

Zionism and the Shoah
Eric Hobsbawm
Meditation on the Israeli State

Five for Lunch
Curzio Malaparte
On Eating Human Hands for Lunch

A Glass Full of Girls
Robert Kelly
Meditation on a House where the Fireplace is Full of Fur

Issue #107
Early Winter 2003 - 2004

Clarence Thomas:[N]
Fighter with Words
David R. Collins
Biography of Supreme Court Justice

The Firefly Encyclopedia of Birds[N]
Christopher Perrins, Editor
Unabridged Listing of Birds of the World

How I Earned the Ruptured Duck: [N]From Brooklyn to Berchtesgaden in World War II
Leo Bogart
[Texas A&M]
Personal History of a Soldier in WWII

Native State
Tony Cohan
Personal History of Jazz Musician

My Last Sigh*
Luis Buñuel
[University of Minnesota Press]
Autobiography of the Surrealist Filmmaker

Love After War:
Contemporary Fiction from Vietnam
Wayne Karlin
Ho Anh Thai
Short Stories from Viet-Nam

Eternal Treblinka: [G]
Our Treatment of Animals and the Holocaust
Charles Patterson
[Lantern Books]
Animals in the United States
Treated Like Jews in Germany

Great Art Glass Lamps: [B]
Tiffany, Duffner & Kimberly, Pairpoint and Handel
Martin M. May
Examples of Early "Tiffany" Lamps

Thirteen Months To Go: [B] The Creation of the
Empire State Building

Geraldine B. Wagner
[Thunder Bay Press]
Illustrated History of the
Building of the Empire State Building

The Encyclopedia of
Trains and Locomotives: [B]
The Comprehensive Guide to over
900 Steam, Diesel, and Electric Locomotives
from 1825 to the Present Day

David Ross, Editor
[Thunder Bay Press[
Illustrated Listing of Engines of the Last 200 Years

Samuel Beckett,
Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
Gay's Mom's Boobs, and
RALPH and Books about Sex
B. J. Walters, Cye J., David Dies,
Lois Overbeck, Angela Palmer

Letters to RALPH ---
Comments on Previous Articles

The California
Department of Motor Vehicles'
War Against Geezers
L. W. Milam
Elaborate Description of
The California DMV and
Its New and Dangerous Program
of Elder Abuse

Breast vs. Bottle
Edward Tenner
Some Thoughts on Breast-Feeding vs.
Bottle Feeding of Infants

A Tonight's Lecture:
The Effects of Head Wounds
On Foot Soldiers,
A Case Study; The McPoem

Ronald Wallace
Contemporary American Poetry

Issue #108
Mid-Winter 2003 - 2004

All-Time Hits
From the Pages of RALPH
The Editors
Twentry-Five Articles,
Poems, Readings and Reviews
that Consistently Get the Most
Hits at RALPH

Popular Music From Vittula*
Mikael Niemi
[Seven Stories Press]
Contemporary Autobiography from Northern Sweden

The Wright Space
Spencer Hart
[Thunder Bay Press]
Examples of the Architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright

How To Grow World Class Giant Pumpkins
Don Langevin
[AnneDawn Publishing/Norton]
Giant Pumpkin Growing

The Outlaw Sea
William Langewiesche
[North Point]
Thoughts on the Anarchy of the Open Sea

The Eden Express: [G] A Memoir of Insanity
Mark Vonnegut
Seven Stories Press
Autobiography: Going Crazy in the 60s

The Record Setting Trips:[B]
By Auto from Coast to Coast,
1909 - 1916

Curt McConnell
[Stanford University Press]
Eight Record Breaking Early Auto Trips

Yvor Winters:[B] Selected Poems
Thom Gunn, Editor
[The Library of America]
Collection of Winters' Poems

The Russian Moment in World History[B]
Marshall T. Poe
[Princeton University Press]
An Unusual Take on the History of the "Rus"

Anorexia, Dylan Thomas Lawsuit, and
Ethics in Public Relations
Katie H., R. Whipple
Yabba Dabba, C J Elphick

Comments on Recent Articles and Reviews in RALPH

The World Trade Center Reconsidered
William Bryk
Thoughts on the Unloveable Aspects of the WTC

Our One-Fingered Teacher
Mikael Niemi
Bicycle Riding in Northern Sweden

She Was My Night
(Era Mi Noche)
Homer Aridijis
Contemporary Latino Poetry

Issue #109
Very Early Spring 2004

The Best Twelve
The Editors
The Dozen Best Books Issued During the Year 2003

The Worst Twelve
The Editors
The Dozen Worst Books Issued During the Year 2003

The Cave*
José Saramago
Recent Novel by the Portuguese Nobel Prize Winner

S. S. Proleterka
Fleur Jaeggy
[New Directions]
Neo-Existential Novel from Italy

Sex and the Single Stock Trader: How I Made $10,000
in Junk Stocks in Six Months

Terrence "Buck" Mellon
A Get Rich Quick
Stock Scheme from
One of the Mellons

Lindbergh:[G] Triumph and Tragedy
Richard Bak
A Critical Biography of
the Hero of the 1920s

14 - 18:[B] Understanding the Great War
Stéphane Audoin-Rouzeau,
Annette Becker
[Hill and Wang]
WWI Seen through the
Perspective of
Human Suffering

Petals & Thorns:[B]
18 Fairy Tales
Bret Fetzer
[Rampart Books]
Contemporary Fairy Tales

The Haunted House[B]
Charles Dickens
Compilation of Short Stories
by Dickens, Wilkie Collins,
and other Contemporaries

The Dominican Republic,
Lies and History,
The Fessenden Review, and
Suggestions on How to
Promote an On-Line Magazine:
Milengua, Tom Washington,
KuriousNik, "Hotdog" Magazine,
Eva Dale, Patrick Devereaux
Comments on Recent
Articles and Reviews

The Future of Saddam Hussein
A. W. Allworthy
Suggestions for Appropriate Uses
for the Former Dictator

My Best Friend's Ghost
Douglas Cruickshank
Visits from the Grave
of the Author's Late
Newfoundland Dog

The Dog Found
José Saramago
A Few Thoughts by a Mutt

The Creations of Man
José Saramago
The Divine Creation of
the Various Races of Man

Nursing Babies
Kate Gale
Some Thoughts on Nursing Babies
(and Men)

Issue #110
Early Spring 2004

Contemporary Latino Novel

Ring Around the Bases:[N]
The Complete Baseball Stories of Ring Lardner
Matthew J. Bruccoli, Editor
[University of South Carolina]
Forty Baseball Stories by Ring Lardner

Secret Lives of Second Wives[N]
Catherine Todd
Novel about Second Marriages

My Big Fat Queer Life:
The Best of Michael Thomas Ford
Michael Thomas Ford
Essays by a Contemporary Gay Writer

The Blob That Ate Oaxaca
Carlos Amantea
Travels in 1990s Mexico

The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams[B]
Memoirs about Life on an
Native American Reservation

Marjena Satrapi
Autobiography (as Comic Book) of
Growing up in Modern Iran

Red Gold*
Alan Furst
Classic WWII Spy Novel

The Party of Moderate Progress
Within the Bounds of the Law
Jaroslav Hasek
Classic Anarchistic Political Campaign

Bulemia, Ravensbrüeck,
Ulysses Grant, Shelby Foote, Gettysburg
Stanley G. Krieger, Brian Challis,
Evelyn Anderson
Comments on Recent
Articles and Reviews

Mormon Polygamy:
A History[G]
Richard Van Wagoner
[Signature Books]
Classic History of
Morman Marriage Practices

Our Own Devices:*
The Past and Future of
Body Technology

Edward Tenner
Shoes, Desks, Chairs,
and Other Commonplace Devices

Spam Poems
A. W. Allworthy
Poems Drawn from Spam

The Blow-Job Soldiers
Lettie J. Winters
Poem from WWI

Issue #111
MidSpring 2004

At First Sight:[N]
Photography and the Smithsonian
Merry A. Foresta, Editor
[The Smithsonian Institution]
Selection of Photographs from the Smithsonian

Buddha, Volume I:[N]
Osamu Tezuka
[Vertical/NBN, Distributors]
Early History of Buddhism in Comic Book Form

Inside the Mind of God:[N]
Images and Words of Inner Space
Michael Reagan, Editor
[Templeton Foundation Press]
Words and Photographs about the Infinite and Eternal

Sydney Fowler Wright
Very Early Science Fiction

Alone: The Classic Polar Adventure
Admiral Richard E. Byrd
[Island Press]
Journal of Byrd's Time Alone in the Antarctic

Holding the Lotus to the Rock:*
The Autobiography of Sokei-an,
America's First Zen Master

Michael Hotz, Editor
[Four Walls Eight Windows]
Autobiography of One of
the Earliest American Zen Masters

Emanuel Swedenborg's Journal of Dreams[G]
Commentary by Wilson van Dusen
[Swedenborg Foundation]
Dreams and Interpretations by the Classic Mystic

The Mercy Seat:*[B] Collected & New Poems, 1967 - 2001
Norman Dubie
[Copper Canyon]
Contemporary American Poetry

The Romantic Egoists:[B]
A Pictorial Autobiography from the Scrapbooks and
Albums of F. Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald

Matthew J. Brucooli, et. al., Editors
[University of South Carolina]
Fitzgerald Scrapbooks

Memorial for Soldiers Who Died at Loos
Stephen Mika
Letters to RALPH about WWI

Scotty and Hobs
Dr. Phage
The Decline of the New Radicalism

The Candy Stripe Buses
L. W. Milam
Prostitution and Disability

On Eating Your Husband for Dinner
Annie Dillard
The Lives of Praying Mantis's

Norman Dubie
Contemporary American Poetry

Issue #112
Mid-Late Spring 2004

The Yellow Rain[N]
Julio Llamazares
Novel about the Pyrenees

The Kenyon Review:[N]
Poetry, Stories, and Essays
David H. Lynn, Editor
Poems and Essays from the Last
Fifty Years of the Little Magazine

Second-Hand Souls[N]
Nichita Danilov
[Twisted Spoon Press]
New Romanian Poetry

Vintage Amis
Martin Amis
Selections of Fiction and
Journalism of Martin Amis

Vintage Nabokov
Vladimir Nabokov
Fiction and Criticism by Nabokov

John Beowulf
[Trafford Publishing]
Sex in the Laboratories of Microbiologists

Tariki:[G] Embracing Despair, Discovering Peace
Hirouki Itsuki
Essay on Pure Land Buddhism

Mencken's America[B]
S. T. Joshi, Editor
[Ohio University Press]
Selection of Writings
on America by H. L. Mencken

Bullets and Bacilli:[B]
The Spanish-American War
and Military Medicine

Vincent J. Cirillo
[Rutgers University Press]
The Effect of the Spanish-American War
on Military Sanitation and Disease Control

Pagan Time:[B]
An American Childhood
Micah Perks
Growing Up in a 60s
Hippy Commune

Gurus, Reynolds Price,
the Idiots at RALPH, Richard E. Byrd,
Gutson Borglum, and Coast to Coast
by Automobile
Abbie Lee, Raffoste, Mu Hansa, M. Hache,
Tinyia Marie Borglum Hoff, Curt McConnell
Responses to Previous Articles in RALPH

The American People in the Great Depression:* Freedom from Fear
David M. Kennedy
Article and Review about the Depression, FDR,
and the Current American Government

Beggar Your Closet
Flann O'Brien
People Living in Closets

The Gold Coin
Morris Weiss
Turn of the Century Immigrants in New York City

Evangelical Schools and Scholars
H. L. Mencken
The Importance of Evangelical Teaching

"Scene With Blind Angels," "The Angel"
Nichita Danilov
Contemporary Romanian Poetry

Issue #113
Late Mid-Late Spring 2004

The Top Thirty Hits from The Pages of RALPH
The Editors of RALPH
The 30 Most Visited Pages RALPH,
Arranged by Number of Daily Hits.

The Blood
Steven Berbeco
Short Story by a Contemporary American Writer

Before, During & After[B]
Hal Sirowitz
[Soft Skull Press]
Contemporary Sexual Poetry

Vintage Naipaul[B]
V. S. Naipaul
Selections of Fiction and Non-Fiction from the Contemporary Author

The War for Righteousness:[B]
Progressive Christianity,
the Great War,
and the Rise of the Messianic Nation
Richard M. Gamble
History of Mainstream
Religious Enthusiasm for WWI
in America

The Condor and the Cows:
A South American Travel Diary
Christopher Isherwood
Travel Journal from
South America,
1947 - 1948

Banker to the Seal-Hunters
Rockwell Kent
Life in Greenland in the 1930s

Art of the Pacific Northwest and
Letter from a Rutgers University Tuke Lover
Mary Elizabeth Patton, Robin
Letters in Resonse to Previous Articles in RALPH

O Lynx, my love,
my lovely lynx
Ezra Pound
Selection from the Pisan Cantos

Reds: McCarthyism in
Twentieth-Century America
Ted Morgan
[Random House]
History of American

Rockwell Kent
[Wesleyan University Press]
An American in Greenland, 1932 - 1933

Issue #114
Very Early Summer 2004

Stardust Melody:[B] The Life and
Music of Hoagy Carmichael

Richard M. Sudhalter
Biography of the American Composer

Acts of Love on Indigo Road*[B]
Jonis Agee
[Coffee House Press]
Contemporary Short Stories about the Middle West

Writers and their Own Words
Virginia Woolf
Writers Writing about their Own Writing

Sex and Violence and the
Federal Communications Commission
L. W. Milam
Suggestions for Solving the Problem of
Sex and Violence on the Air

Vintage Ford
Richard Ford
Seven Short Stories

Gringos in Mexico, Richie Havens
and Malignant Self-Love
Paul Recher, David Blatt,
Sophie Annan, Karla
Letters in Resonse to
Previous Articles in RALPH

Family Reunion:[N]
Poems about Parenting Grown Children
Sondra Zeidenstein, Editor
[Chicory Blue]
Seventy Poems about
Us and Our Children
When They Grow Up

Vintage Hughes[N]
Langston Hughes
Poems and Essays by the Leading
Member of the Harlem Renaissance

The Mrs. Dalloway Reader[N]
Virginia Woolf, Francine Prose, Editor
Introductory Essays and
Full Text of Mrs. Dalloway

The Nun's Tale
Antonio Muñoz Molina
Excerpt from Sepharad

Tales from Rhapsody Home:[G]
Or, What They Don't
Tell You About
Senior Living

John Gould
[Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill]
Memoirs of a
Senior Citizen's Home

Antonio Muñoz Molina
Fictional Tales from
The Sephardim

Bicycles, Cars, and High Art
Harvey Molotch
The Bicycle as the Beginning
Of the Car Culture

Where Stuff Comes From:*
How Toasters, Toilets, Cars,
Computers, and Many Other Things
Come to Be As They Are

Harvey Molotch
Where Things Come from
And How They Affect Our Lives

Issue #115
Very Early Summer 2004

"Hours after Her Phone Call"
"Harmonies for the Alienation
Of My Daughter"
Penelope Scambly Schott
Sandra McPherson
Poems about Parenting
Grown Children

"Letter to a Son I Once Knew"
Sondra Zeidenstein
Carrie Alien McCray
Poems about Parenting
Grown Children

Marion Copeland
History and Current Films,
Books and Studies on Cockroaches

Brilliant Intervals of Horrible Sanity:[B]
One Season in a Progressive School
Elizabeth Gold
Teaching in a High School
In the Ghetto of New York

Fast Times at
The New Millennium
Elizabeth Gold
Teaching in a High School
In the Ghetto of New York

Hard Times at
The It'll Do Tavern
L. W. Milam
Psychology and Disability

Gang-Banging, Fatty Arbuckle,
Facts about Finland, Eddie Fisher,
"Taffy Was A Welshman,
Taffy Was a Thief"
Barry Corbet, Cameron Mitchell,
Harvey and Barbara Porter, Jim Rice
Correspondence about Some of
Our Previous Articles and Reviews

Monstrosities: Bodies and
British Romanticism

Paul Youngquist
Disability, Physical Difference
and Human Rights

Vintage Murakami
Haruki Murakami
Five Stories and
Non-Fiction Pieces by
Haruki Murakami

Lincoln and Whitman:[N]
Parallel Lives in
Civil War Washington
Daniel Mark Epstein
Fiction about Lincoln and
Walt Whitman in
Washington, D. C.

In a German Pension[N]
Katherine Mansfield
Mansfield's Earliest
Short Story Collection (1911)

Guide to Global Hazards:[N]
A Complete Reference Guide to
The Natural Hazards that
Endanger Life on Earth

Robert Kovach,
Bill McGuire
A Guide to Hazards
That Endanger Life
On Earth

The American People in World War II*
David M. Kennedy
A Study of the Political,
Social, and Economic Consequences

Yoga Mala:[G]
The Seminal Guide to
Ashtanga Yoga by
The Living Master

Sri K. Pattabhi Jois
[North Point Press]
Ashtanga Yoga

Issue #116
Early Mid-Summer 2004

Women with Big Eyes*
Angeles Mastretta
Portraits of
Thirty-Nine Women of
Puebla, Mexico

Where the Sky Began:[B]
Land of the Tallgrass Prairie
John Madson
[University of Iowa]
History and Development of
The Great American Prairie

Home Bound:[B]
Growing Up with
A Disability in America

Cass Irvin
[Temple University]
Autobiography of Cass Irvin

You Remind Me of Me[B]
Dan Chaon
Contemporary American Fiction

The Best of Ed Zern*
Ed Zern
[The Lyons Press]
Collection of Writings about
Hunting and Fishing

How to Kick a Duck
Ed Zern
Selection from
The Best of Ed Zern

The Angel of Death
Stanley Elkin
Selection from
The Living End

University Presses, Roaches,
Brilliant Intervals of Horrible Sanity, Fleur Jaeggy,
Lindsay Waters, doktor cockroach,
Elizabeth Gold
Correspondence with RALPH
Concerning Recent
Articles and Reviews

Quitting the Nairobi Trio[G]
Jim Knipfel

Spirit into Matter:[N]
The Photographs of
Edmund Teske

Julian Cox, Editor
Photographs and Writings of
Edmund Teske

Charlotte Sleigh
[Reaktion Books]
A Study of Facts, Movies,
Books and Myths
Concerning Ants

Like the Red Panda[N]
Andrea Seigel
Growing Up in America

There Wasn't Any
Tooth Fairy in Havana
Virgil Suárez
Dental Problems in Cuba
(and the United States)

The Texas
Post Office Murals:
Art for the People
Philip Parisi
[Texas A&M University Press]
Study of 106 Murals
From the WPA

Issue #117
Mid-Summer 2004

Artful Jesters Innovators of Visual Wit and Humor
Nicholas Roukes
[Ten Speed Press]
Strange and Colorful Works of Art

Joanna Scott
The Short (and Strange) Life of the Artist Egon Schiele

Chopin's Move[B]
Jean Echenoz
[Dalkey Archive]
James Bond Spoof

The Things They Carried[B]
Tim O'Brien
[Houghton Mifflin]
Novel About Viet-Nam

The Worst Journey in the World[G]*
Apsley Cherry-Garrard
[Penguin]Travels in Antarctica

Citibank and the Dead
Edw. W. Morbidis
How Citibank Deals with
the Dead (Who Owe Them Money)

Harryette Mullen
Contemporary American Poetry

The Voice of the Poet*
Allen Ginsberg
[Random House Audio]
Live Reading of "Howl" and Other Poems

Seth Glickenhaus
Interview with the Fund Manager on
Iraq and World Affairs

Until the Final Hour
Taudl Junge
The Last Days of Hitler as Described by One of His Secretaries

Molecular Biology, Sarbola, Richie Havens, A Roundheeled Woman, and Victoria Nudlebaum
Barbara Ardinger, Dr. Phage, Veda Hawell, Elizabeth Michal and Rafael Cepeda
Response to Articles and Reviews in RALPH

Why I Am a Whore
Donna Brook
Contemporary Poem about Prostitution

The Buddha in the Jungle[N]
Kamala Tiyavanich
Silkworm/University of Washington
Tales from Pre-Industrial Thailand

What Was She Thinking?[N]
[Notes on a Scandal]
Zoë Heller
Passion in an English High School

Book I
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
[New Directions]
New Poetry by an Old Master

Aunt Elvira
Angeles Mastretta
A Selection from Women with Big Eyes[N]

Issue #118
Early Late Summer 2004

Do-It-Yourself Coffins[B]
For Pets and People
Dale Power
Constructing You Own
(and Other's) Caskets

Randy Taguchi
Contemporary Japanese Novel

George Rodger[B]
An Adventure in Photography
1908 - 1995

Carole Naggar
Biography of One of
the Inventors of Photojournalism

"The Miller's Tale"
Geoffrey Chaucer
Original and Modern English Translation
of the Classic Love Story (with Poker)

"The Last of the Douchebag Warriors"
"The End, The End"
Lloyd Carpenter Pettus
Contemporary American
Religious Poetry

Bonehead English
How to Make
Students Shine

Ignacio Schwartz
The Use of Journals
to Teach Proper English

Lucien Hervé:
Building Images
Olivier Beer
[Getty Publications]
Biography and Photographs
of the European Modernist

Father's Day Love Poem,
Unidentified Book Reviews
Concerning Unnamed Books,
Ed Zern,
Eternal Treblinka,
President Bush and Gettysburg, and
Jane Juska
Seth Siegel, Janet Shalwitz,
John Crigler, Lorraine Zigman,
Poncho, and Mike Johnston

Correspondence about Previous
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Good Cripple[N]
Rodrigo Rey Rosa
New Directions
Contemporary Guatemalan Fiction

Advanced Rut Hunting[N]
Strategies for Taking Whitetails
During Prime Time

Gerald Bethge, Editor
[Lyons Press]
How to Stalk Deer
During Rutting Season

Henry Sidgwick[N]
Eye of the Universe
Bart Schultz
Biography of the Late Victorian
Utilitarian Philosopher

Grade School in England,
1914 - 1916
Henry Green
Public School
During WWI

Land of Giants
Alejandro Winograd
[Terra Australis, Editorial]
A Romantic View
of Land's End

Rats:* Observations on
the History and Habitat
of the City's Most Unwanted Inhabitants
Robert Sullivan
Research and Facts
(and Wit) Concerning
the Common Norwegian Rat

The Exact Location of the Soul[G]
New and Selected Essays
Richard Selzer
[Picador USA]
Sad and Funny Tales
of Practice by an ex-MD

Issue #119
Late Summer 2004

Daily Sex:
365 Positions and Activities
For a Year of Great Sex!

Jane Seddon
A Calendar of
Sexual Positions

Churchill at War[B]:
His "Finest Hour"
In Photographs
1940 - 1945

Martin Gilbert
[Imperial War Museum/Norton]
Photographs of Churchill
During WWII

Images of Beckett[B]
John Haynes,
James Knowlson
Photograhs of
and Commentary on
the Dramatist

The Wrong Stuff[B]
Phil Scott
[Hylas Publishing]
Airplanes that Never Flew

Buddha Da*
Anne Donovan
[Carroll & Graf]
A Novel about
Buddhism in Scotland

Desert Survivor[G]:
The Adventurer's Guide
To Exploring the Great
American Desert

John Annerino
[Four Walls Eight Windows]
Terror in the Desert

Fête, Un Oiseau-Chante
Guillaume Apollinaire
19th Century Expressionist Poetry

Hugh Gregory Gallagher
(1932 - 2004)
L. W. Milam
Memorial to the Disabled Writer

Advanced Rut Hunting,
The Origins of RALPH
W. Jack Mooney,
Alexandra Lind
Correspondence about Previous
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Kaiserschlacht 1918[N]:
The Final German Offensive
Of World War One

Randal Gray
[Praeger Illustrated Military History Series]
Review of the
Last Great Battle of WWI

Spiritual Bathing[N]:
Healing Rituals and
Traditions from
Around the World

Rosita Arvigo,
Nadine Epstein
[Ten Speed/ Celestial Arts]
Bathing Habits Worldwide

Ruining It for Everybody[N]
Jim Knipfel
Autobiography of an
Eccentric Writer

The Pearl Diver
Jeff Talarigo
Novel about Leprosy
in 1940s - 1950s Japan

Twenty-Two Stars
The Editors of RALPH
Twenty-two Great Books
from the Last Year

Issue #120
Very Very Early Fall 2004

Sailing Alone Around the World[B]
Joshua Slocum
Alan Sklar, Reader
[Tantor Media]
Reading of Slocum's Great Round-the-World Solo Voyage

The Family of Pascual Duarte[B]
Camilo José Cela
[Dalkey Archive]
Fictional Memoirs of a Poor Spaniard

The Roads of the Romans[B]
Romolo Augusto Staccioli
[Getty Museum]
Photos and Text of
The World's First
Interstate Highway System

Frontiers of Heaven:
A Journey to the End of China*
Stanley Stewart
[Lyons Press]
Intrepid Adventurer Goes Through
Modern-Day China by Boat,
Rail, Bus and Donkey

Robert Baden-Powell
The Evils of Onanism

Being Right Here:
A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje
Entitled The Mirror of Clear Meaning*

James Low
[Snow Lion]
Translation with Commentary on
The Ancient Tibetan Text

Hunting for Father, Hurricane
L. W. Milam
Memoirs of Growing Up
in Northern Florida

Bedbugs in the Office
Jim Knipfel
Conversation with Exterminator
about Bed-Bugs

Henry Sidgwick,
Sex, Lies, and Menopause,
The Racism of H. L. Mencken,
Drinking with Charles Lindbergh,
and Dogs

Elizabeth Michal,
Dean Milano,
Hugh Gallagher,
Barry Corbet,
Elizabeth Gips
Correspondence about Previous
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Karl Marx [G]
Francis Wheen
The Life and Times of
the 19th Century Writer,
Revolutionary, and Philosopher

History of the Poster[B]
Josef Müller-Brockmann
A Reprint of the
Acclaimed Art Book from 1971

Hey Rube[N]:
Blood Sport, The Bush Doctrine, and
The Downward Spiral of Dumbness

Hunter S. Thompson
[Simon & Schuster]
The Fourteenth Book
of Essays by Thompson

The Great Fire [N]
Shirley Hazzard
Novel about
Post-WWII Japan

Jean-Philippe Toussaint
[Dalkey Archive]
Contemporary French Novel

Issue #121
Early Fall 2004

The Bardo of Becoming: Sipa
Rob Nairn
Excerpt from Living, Dreaming, Dying

Waiting for the End of the World[[B]
Richard Ross
[Princeton Architectural Press]
Treatise, with Illustrations, on
"Bomb Shelters"

Quest for the Secret Nile[B]:
Victorian Exploration
in Equatorial Africa

Guy Yeoman
[Chaucer Press]
Late 19th Century African Exploration and
Search for the Headwaters of the Nile

Living, Dreaming, Dying[B]:*
Practical Wisdom from
The Tibetan Book
Of the Dead

Rob Nairn
Extensive Survey of
ibetan Buddhist Concepts of Death and Dying

Ingrid Caven
Jean-Jacques Schuhl
[City Lights]
Novel about the Lives
and Loves of Rainer Fassbinder

The Mystique of Enlightenment:*
The Radical Ideas of
U. G. Krishnamurti

Uppaluri Gopala Krishnamurti
Sentient Publications
Thoughts and Philosophy of
The Other Krishnamurti

A Round-Heeled Woman,
RALPH Magazine and the Other RALPH, and
Layne Flack,
Chris Yakiecat@aol.com,
Correspondence about
Previous Reviews and Articles in RALPH

World Enough and Time[G]:
The Life of Andrew Marvell
Nicholas Murray
[St. Martin's]
The Life and Poetry of the
17th Century Poet and Politician

Ms. Moffett's First Year [N]:
Becoming a Teacher in America
Abby Goodnough
[Public Affairs/Perseus]
A New Teacher in
New York City Public School

Rosario Tijeras[N]
Jorge Franco
[Seven Stories]
Novel on Love (and
the Drug Wars) in
Present-Day Columbia

Time Stands Still[N]:
Muybridge and
The Instantaneous Photography Movement

Phillip Prodger
Biography of an
Early Photographer

Any Boys Want Flogging?
James Joyce
Discipline in 19th Century
Catholic Schools

The Stranger in Our Midst
Carlos Amantea
The Impact of Television on American Lives

How Terrorism Works
J. Glenn
Theory on the Effectiveness of Terrorism

The Last Day Of the War
Judith Claire Mitchell
Novel on the End of WWI
and the Paris Peace Talks

Issue #122
Mid-Fall 2004

Philip Kaplan
[Naval Institute Press]
An Illustrated History of Battleships

Separate Journeys[B]:*
Short Stories by
Contemporary Indian Women

Geeta Dharmarajan, Editor
[University of South Carolina]
Fifteen Modern Stories from India

Insight Meditation[B]:
A Step-by-Step Course
On How to Meditate

Sharon Salzberg
Joseph Goldstein
[Sounds True]
A Revised Version of the
Pioneering Meditation Program

David Richards Interview
Sandra Ward
Interview on the Stock Market
and the War in Iraq

For Your Eyes Only
Dr. Phage
Adventures of a Geezer at the DMV

Elvis in Italy
Jean-Jacques Schuhl
Passage from Ingrid Caven

Franz Kafka
A Bug Story from
Turn-of-the-Century Europe

Long Way Back to
The River Kwai:
Memories of World War II
Loet Velmans
Autobiography of a Dutch POW
in Japan and Burma

Punishing Recalcitrant Students
C. J. Rawlings [Letter]
Correspondence about Our Previous Review

Michelangelo and the Pope's Ceiling
Ross King
John Lee, Reader
[Books on Tape]
Michelangelo's Painting
the Sistine Chapel

The First Crusade[N]: A History
The Roots of Conflict
Between Christianity and Islam

Thomas Asbridge
The History of Christianity's
First Battle against Islam,
1095 - 1098

Giving Up the Ghost:
A Memoir[N]
Hilary Mantel
Autobiography of the Novelist's
Illness (and Survival)

Langrishe, Go Down*[N]
Aidan Higgins
[Dalkey Archives]
Novel of Love in 1930s Ireland

Issue #123
Very Early Winter 2004 - 2005

The Story of Philosophy:[B]
From Plato to Voltaire
and the French Enlightenment

Will Durant
Grover Gardner, Reader
(Audio Editions)
The Historic 1926 Volume, Part I

Why Some Like It Hot:[B]
Food, Genes, and Cultural Diversity
Gary Paul Nabhan
(Island Press)
A Genetic History of Foods

The Double*
José Saramago
A Novel on Misapprehension
by the Nobel Prize-Winner

The Adventure of English*
The Biography of a Language
Melvyn Bragg
The Battle for the
Survival of English
Over the Last 1,500 Years

A Very Short Introduction
Anthony Storr
Neville Jason, Reader
(Naxos AudioBooks)
The Life and Works of Sigmund Freud

Beheadings Larry Woiwode
Garth Pratten, Gene Allen
Correspondence about Previous
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Posters of the Canadian Pacific[N]
Marc H. Choko
David L. Jones
A Collection of
Railroad Posters
from the Last Fifty Years

The Kalahari
Typing School for Men[N]
Alexander McCall Smith
Lisette Lecar, Reader
(Recorded Books)
A Detective Novel
from Botswana

Taming the Mind[N]
Thubten Chodron
(Snow Lion)
Meditation and
Meditative Practice

Pox:[G] Genius, Madness,
and the Mysteries of Syphilis

Deborah Hayden
A History of
Great Men and "The Pox"

Unfinished People
Ruth Gay
Working Class Jewish
Life in New York

Issue #124
Very Early Winter 2004

The Living Drylands
Sara Oldfield
(MIT Press)
Listing, with Color Pictures, of
the Great Deserts of the World

Scouting for Boys:[B]
The Original 1908 Edition
Robert Baden-Powell
The Earliest Book of Rules for
Clean-Living for Scouts

A Tale of Love and Darkness:*[B]
A Memoir
Amos Oz
Growing Up in Israel

Looking for Trouble
Roque Dalton
Revolutionary Poetry from the 1970s

Death Is Sitting at
the Foot of My Bed
Oscar Hahn
20th Century Latino Poetry

Scattered Shadows:
A Memoir of Blindness and Vision
John Howard Griffin
Memoirs of the author of Black Like Me

First Grade in Israel
Amos Oz
Going to School in 1940s Israel

Marilynne Robinson
A Novel of New
American Realism & Despair

The Art of War on Land[G]
David G. Chandler
An Exegesis on War
and Destruction

Posters of the
Canadian Pacific
Railroad, RALPH
Gil Wheaton,
Ralph Ginzburg
Correspondence about
Previous Reviews and Articles

Earth from Space[N]
Andrew K. Johnson
A Collection of
Photographs of the
Earth from Satellites

Eskimo Architecture[N]
Dwelling and Structure in the
Early Historic Period

Molly Lee
Gregory A. Reinhardt
(University of Alaska Press)
Houses of the Innuit
and Others from the Far North

The Freedom
Outlaw's Handbook:[N]
179 Things to do
'Til the Revolution

Claire Wolfe
How to Survive
National and

The Last Sideshow
Hanspeter Schneider
Pictures from
Gibsonton, Florida
Home to Retired
Sideshow Characters

Issue #125
Mid-Winter 2004 - 2005

Ten Great Books of 2004
The Editors of RALPH
Ten of the Best Books
that Have Come to
RALPH in the Last Twelve Months

Fifteen Good Books of 2004
The Editors of RALPH
Fifteen of the
Second Best Books
that Came to RALPH in
the Last Twelve Months

Ten Years of RALPH
The Editors of RALPH
Thoughts on Creating an
On-Line Book Review Magazine

The Star of Algiers [B]
Aziz Chouaki
[Graywolf Press]
Novel about Growing Up in
Postwar Algiers

Ed McBain
[87th Precinct Mystery]
Detective Novel

Jim Crace
Contemporary English Novel

Bryson's Dictionary of
Troublesome Words:
A Writer's Guide to Getting it Right
Bill Bryson
A Charming Listing of Words
that May Trouble You

Bill Bryson
Some Thoughts about
the Word "Data"

On My First Son
Ben Jonson
17th Century Poem on the
Loss of a Son

Inventions of Farewell: [G]
A Book of Elegies
Sandra M. Gilbert,
Poems about Death

Readings of Books on Radio
Francisco Huneeus
Letter about a
Previous Article in RALPH

The Ballad of Hans and Jenny
Aquiles Nazoa
Love Affair between
Hans Christian Anderson and
Jenny Lind

Georgia O'Keefe and New Mexico:
A Sense of Place
Barbara Buhler Lynes
Leslie Poling-Kempes
Frederick W. Turner
Thoughts and Paintings
of the Artist in New Mexico

Sailing to the Horizon:
The Restless Journey and
Tragic Sinking of a Tall Ship

Pamela Sisman Bitterman
University of Wisconsin]
Memories of the Last
Days of the Sofia

The Vivesection Mambo
P.J. Weise
Poem about Deep and Penetrating Love

Issue #126
Late Winter 2004 - 2005

21 Hits
The Editors of RALPH
Articles, Reviews, Poems,
Readings and Letters that Continue
to Receive the Most Hits

AIDS and Big Brother
Paula Peterson
Story of Two People
with AIDS

The Day The Aliens
Took the Boy Apart
Robert Kelly
Science Fiction Story
about Two Aliens and a Boy

A Home at the
End of the World[B]
Michael Cunningham
Novel about Two Men
and a Woman (and a Baby)

The Best American
Nonrequired Reading[B]
Dave Eggers, Editor
Houghton Mifflin
Twenty-Three Contemporary
Stories and Articles

Caesar's Column[B]
Ignatius Donnelly
19th Century
Science Fiction Story
about America

The Cataract Blues
L. W. Milam
A Contrary View
of the Popular Operation

Memoirs of a Dwarf
at the Sun King's Court*
Paul Weidner
[Univeristy of Wisconsin/
Terrace Books]
Novel about the Life at
the Court of Louis XIV

Garden Insects of North America:
The Ultimate Guide to Backyard Bugs
Whitney Cranshaw
The Compleat
Bug Guide

Maori Tattoos
Reginald A. Fessenden
The Deluged Civilization of
The Caucasus Isthmus

Michael Hicks,
Dimitri Atkins
Letters about Previous
Articles or Readings

Love, When I Die
Aquiles Nazoa
Writing on Love and Death
by the Venezuelan Poet

Once Upon a
More Enlightened Time:
Hansel and Gretel
James Finn Garner
Mother Goose for
the Politically Correct

The Story of
a Boy's Hunger

Nigel Slater
[Gotham Books]
Growing up in
50s and 60s England

Bugs, Bites,
and Bowels [G]
Dr. Jane Wilson Howarth
Guide to the Most
Dangerous Bugs and
Diseases Worldwide

Issue #127
Late Late Winter 2004 - 2005

The Great War: An Imperial History
John W. Morrow, Jr.
WWI as a Continuation of Colonial Wars

Lost and Found:[B]
My Life in a
Group Marriage Commune

Margaret Hollenbach
[University of New Mexico Press]
Life in The Family

Angry God:[B]
Recollections of My Life
with John Peabody Harrington

Carobeth Laird
[University of New Mexico Press]
Living with one of the Masters of Anthropology

Foundations of Tibetan Buddhism
H. E. Kalu Rinpoche
[Snow Lion]
Principles of Buddhist Practice

The Mystery of Cloomber
Arthur Conan Doyle
One of the Early Mysteries of
the Creator of Sherlock Holmes

Of Molecules and Men
Francis Crick
[Prometheus Books]
The Foundation of Genetics

Michael Ingall
L. Lark
A Memorial to one of
the Earliest Writers for RALPH

Memories of a Medical Family
Michael Ingal
Stories from the Life of Michael Ingall

Weird RALPH, My Bloody Life,
Jean Genet
Correspondence about Earlier
Reviews and Article in RALPH

Shiva Goes Surfing
off Newfoundland
The Estate of
Francis S. Pickens
Poetry about Mother Love

The Maimed
Hermann Ungar
[Twisted Spoon Press]
Novel from the
Weimar Republic

Issue #128
Very Early Spring 2005

Thirteen Ways of
Looking at a Blackbird
Wallace Stevens

1950s American Verse

John Clare
Mid-19th Century
English Poetry

The Twenty-Five
Truths of Life
Barry Corbet
(1935 - 2004)
A Memoir of Dying

An Education Française
(In Stalinist Russia)
Jacques Dorme
Memories of
Stalinist Russia

My Dearest Dust
Lady Catherine Dyer
Research on a 17th Century
English Grave

On Literature
Umberto Eco
Essays on
Western Literature

Before Adam
Jack London
Early 20th Century Fiction

Cataract Operations,
The Dream of Death,
Ta Moko,
Tin Boxes
Champion C. Cox,
Hank Motkowski,
Correspondence about
Earlier Reviews and
Articles in RALPH

New Media:
1740-1915 Lisa Gitelman
Geoffrey B. Pingree,
[MIT Press]
Thoughts on the Realities
of the Current Media

Way to Paradise*
Mario Vargas Llosa
Two Biographies from
the 19th Century

Terror, Death,
and Pity
James Joyce
Thoughts on
the Perfect Death

Requiem for
a Lost Empire
Andreï Makine
The Russian Revolution

The Rise and
Fall of Synanon[G]
Rod Janzen
[Johns Hopkins]
Study of Cults and
their Aftermaths

Wandering Star
J. M. G. Le Clézio
Novel about
the Diaspora

Issue #129
Spring 2005

Evidence of
The Foundering of
A Pact with the Devil
Alexander Kluge
Pentagon Plan to
Dye the North
and South Poles

Death of an Effendi[B]
Michael Pierce
[Poisoned Pen Press]
Mystery Set in Egypt

Bury the Lead[B]
David Rosenfelt
[Mysterious Press]
Serial Killers Afoot
in New Jersey

The Ultimate Letter
Barry Corbet
Letter from
the Grave to
Old Friends

Further Notes on
"My Dearest Dust"
by Lady Catherine Dyer
Victor Perry[Article]
Final Correspondence on
Dyer's Gravestone Poem

In the Shadow of Fame:
A Memoir by the Daughter
of Erik H. Erikson

Sue Erikson Bloland
Memories of the
Child Psychologist

Jorie Graham
For the Love of God & Irishmen
Jonathan Booker
Branden Willard
Correspondence about
Earlier Reviews and
Articles in RALPH

Dent in the
Magnetosphere over
the South Atlantic
Alexander Kluge
The Insurance Policies

Snakes and Earrings
Hitomi Kanehara
Novel on Modern
Japanese Sadists and
Tattoo Artists

Tropical and
Subtropical Trees:
An Encyclopedia*
Margaret Barwick
[Timber Press]
Exhaustive Listing with
Pictures of over
1000 Trees of the Tropics

Wales Half Welsh
John Williams, Editor
Trafalgar Square]
Seventeen Stories
from Wales[N]

Issue #130
Late Late Spring 2005

The Best of the Best
The Editors of RALPH
The Most Popular
Readings, Reviews, Poems,
and Letters from
the Early Years

The Devil's Blind Spot[B]:
Tales from the New Century*
Alexander Kluge
[New Directions]
173 "stories" or aperçus
from the German director

The Street Law Handbook[B]:
Surviving Sex, Drugs
and Petty Crime

Neeraja Viswanathan
What to Do
(and Not to Do)
When You're Caught Red-Handed

Edition 69[B]
Vítezslav Nezval
Jindrich Styrsky
[Twisted Spoon Press]
Readings and Collages
from the Surrealist Group
of Czechoslovakia --- 1929 - 1935

The James Deans[B]
Reed Farrel Colemar
Another about Moe Praeger,
the Tough Detective
from Brooklyn

The Lost Mother[B]
Mary McGarry Morris
A Family Surviving
the Depression in
New England

Happy Baby*
Stephen Elliott
Growing Up in the
American Juvenile
Justice System

Hard Line:
Life and Death
on the U.S. -
Mexico Border

Ken Ellingwood
"Operation Gatekeeper"
and the Mexican Poor

Finding a Lion in
Your Bedroom
Lt. Colonel J. H. Patterson, D.S.O.
Adventures in a
Railway Coach,
Uganda, 1899

The Laws of
Invisible Things
Frank Huyler
Novel about a Physician
and the Ultimate Virus

Lady Catherine Dyer,
The Gumbo-Limbo Tree,
$1,500,000.00 Willed to RALPH
Nasdijj, Victor Perry,
Maggie Butler, Mrs Jennifer Wilson
Correspondence about
Earlier Reviews and
Articles in RALPH

The Man-Eaters of Tsavo*
Lt. Colonel J. H. Patterson, D.S.O.
[Lyons Press]
Adventures in
Colonial Uganda

Journeys in Microspace[G]:
The Art of the
Scanning Electron Microscope

Dee Breger
Elegant Photographs
from Microspace

Surviving as a
Musician In Birkenau
Szymon Laks
A Young Musician
Incarcerated in a
Concentration Camp

What I Did on
My Winter Vacation
Dr. Phage
Surviving a Harsh Winter
in Southern California

Issue #131
Early Summer 2005

Time and Responsibility:
The Ideas Behind the World's
Slowest Computer
Stewart Brand
An Experimental Concept
Concerning the Future of
The Now

Tar and Feathers[B]
Dorothy Nelson
[Dalkey Archive]
Novel from Ireland about
The Usual Drunks and
Passive Aggressives

Niall Griffiths
Another Novel from Ireland
About the Usual Drunks
and Passive Aggressives

Chicano Sketches[B]
Mario Suárez
[University of Arizona]
A Gentle View of
Hispanic Life from
The Last Century

The Chocolate Soldier
P. J. Mierly
AIDS and the Soldier

Winston Churchill Conducting
A War from the Bedroom
Paul Addison
The Wartime
Tribulations of Churchill

Churchill: The Unexpected Hero
Paul Addison
Churchill and WWII

High Noon in the Cold War:
Kennedy, Khrushchev, and
The Cuban Missile Crisis

Max Frankel
[Ballantine Books]
Two Weeks of Nightmare
from 1963

Tibetan Buddhism, WWI,
Disability, Onanism
Deils Johnson Bernard Leach
Correspondence about Earlier
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

A Long Long Way*
Sebastian Barry
Novel about the
Irish in WWI

The Mafia and
Jon Gallant
Thoughts on the Internet
Gone Astray

It's 'Nudnick,'
Not 'Noodnick'
William Cole, George Plimpton
Interview with S. J. Perelman

Fifteen Old Friends
from Previous Issues
The Editors of RALPH
Fifteen Articles, Reviews and Readings
from the Early Days of RALPH

The Redeemer
Siegfried Sassoon
Poetry about WWI

Edition 69
Jindrich Strysky
A Selection from Writings
of the Prague Dadaist

Hari Kunzru
A Hindu Creates
Computer Havoc

Ha Jin
Novel about Medicine
in Mao's China[N]

Issue #132
Very Early Mid-Summer 2005

Aliens and Gas Stations

Enrico Pea
Ezra Pound, Translator
Novel from 1930s Italy

Enchanted Vagabonds[B]
Dana Lamb
[Classic Adventure/
Long Riders Guild]
Depression-Era Exploration
of the Mexican Coastline

Ballad of Another Time[B]
José Luis González
[University of Wisconsin]
Novel from Puerto Rico

The Chattanooga Choo-Choo:
The Ballad of Cora Lee
Jhaid Jackson
Contemporary Railroad
Love Poem

Dzogchen Essentials
Marcia Binder Schmidt
[Rangjung Yeshe]
Holy Book
Attacked by Termites

The Smiles that
Come in the Night
Laurie Lee
Growing up in the Midlands
A Hundred Years Ago

Jung Stripped Bare
By His Biographers,
Sonu Shamdasani
[Karnac Books]
Thoughts on Biographers
of Carl Jung

Nuns, Hoagy Carmichael,
Clarence Thomas, Victor Suárez
Maricela Rodriguez, William Britton,
Pat Arnold, David Tenquist
Correspondence about Earlier
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Last Places on Earth
Eric Meola,
Romantic Photographs
From Around
the World

Ode to the Potato,
Ode to My 1977 Toyota
Barbara Hamby
Contemporary American Poetry

The Writer as Traitor
Jean-Paul Sartre
Writing as an
Anti-Social Act

Issue #133
Mid-Summer 2005

Twelve Big Hits
The Editors of RALPH
Twelve Reviews, Articles, and
Essays that Continue to Receive
the Most Hits

The Singing Life of Birds
The Art and Science
Of Listening to Birdsong

Donald Kroodsma
[Houghton Mifflin]
Study of Physiological Aspects and
Aesthetics of Bird Song (with CD)

When All the World
Was Young[B]*
A Memoir
Barbara Holland
Reminiscences of Growing Up
In 1940s and 1950s America

In Search of
Maya Sea Traders[B]
Heather McKillop
[Texas A&M]
Archaeological Study of Mayan Relics
on the Islands of Belize

The Missing Head
of Damasceno Monteiro[B]
Antonio Tabucchi
[New Directions]
Murder Mystery Set in 1990s Portugal

Britten and Barber
Their Lives and Their Music
Daniel Felsenfeld
[Amadeus Press]
Critical Introduction to
Benjamin Britten and Samuel Barber

My 'Dam Life[G]
Three Years In Holland
Sean Condon
[Lonely Planet]
The Dark Side of Trying to Live
(and Work) in a
First World Country

Joe McCarthy
My Bloody Life
Isaac Bashevis Singer
My Attorney Bernie
Blossom Dearie
Bob Bruce, Christian Tovar
Angel Martinez, Larry Bolef
Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews

Manet and Monet and
Marx and Freud
Timothy J. Clark
Poetry on Painters
and their Mothers

New York Changing
Revisiting Bernice Abbott's New York
Douglas Levere
[Princeton Architectural Press/
Museum of the City of New York]
Photos of Changes in New York City
Since 1937 - 1939

The Seven Dials Mystery
Agatha Christie
Read by Emilia Fox
[Audio Partners]
Reading of the Early Mystery
by Dame Christie

Suicide Information For Teens
Joyce Brennfleck Shannon,
Guide for Teenagers Contemplating Suicide

Pigs Hunting Truffles
Barbara Holland
An Imaginative Essay from
Holland's Early Writing Years

Issue #134
Early Late Mid-Summer 2005

The Animals You Eat
X. J. Kennedy
A Poem for Children
(About Eating Animals)

The Vanished Hands[B]
Robert Wilson
Murder Mystery Set in Seville

My Life in CIA[B]:
A Chronicle of 1973
Harry Matthews
[Dalkey Archive]
Story of Being a Fake CIA Agent in Paris

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter[B]
Carson McCullers
[Recorded Books Unabridged]
The 1940 Classic Novel
Read by Cherry Jones

Folk Furniture of Canada's Doukhobors,
Hutterites, Mennonites, And Ukrainians*
John Fleming, Michael Rowan
[University of Alberta Press]
Simple Furniture from Immigrants to Western Canada

Special Use Vehicles:
An Illustrated History
of Unconventional Cars

And Trucks Worldwide
George W. Green
Photographs with Text of
Weird Cars and Trucks

Night Soldiers*
Alan Furst
[Recorded Books Unabridged]
A Novel about WWII and
the Secret Police,
Read by George Guidall

Maquis and Makhorka
Alan Furst
The French Resistance in WWII

Childhood in America, 1945
Barbara Holland
Life in Innocent Times

Zen Koans
Leonard Garment
Cutting Tools
John Tarrant, Selina Dezele@aol.com,
Correspondence with RALPH about Previous Reviews

Edweard Muybridge
Horse Photo
September Song
Louise Power, Peter Blind
More Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews

Mao Zedong[G]
Jonathan Spence
Brief History of Chairman Mao

Stealing a Little Bit of Beethoven
Carson McCullers
The Fantasies of a Teenager
in 1930s Georgia

Impressions of New York:
Prints from the New-York Historical Society
Marilyn Symmes
[Princeton Architectural Press]
Over 100 Lithographs, Cuts,
and Drawings of New York City

The Starmaker
Olaf Stapleton
[Wesleyan University Press]
An Early Science Fiction Novel

Talking Big
John Bricuth
Talking in Verse
(About Big Things)

Words Brushed by Music:
Twenty-Five Years
Of the Johns Hopkins
Poetry Series

John T. Irwin, Editor
[Johns Hopkins]
Poems by Twenty Poets

Issue #135
Mid-Summer 2005

Matchbox Labels:[B]
Over 2,000 Elegant Examples
from All Over the World

Jane Smith
Match-Box Covers Illustrated

A Human History
Barbara Freese
Shelly Frasier, Reader
Tantor Unabridged Audiobook
A Very Extensive
History of Coal

The Maze[B]
Panos Karnezis
A Fictional Account of
The War in Anatolia, 1922

Event Cities 3:[B]
Concept vs. Context vs. Content
Bernard Tschumi
640 Page Discourse
on the Architect

Recollecting Freud[B]
Isador Sadger
An Expose from
One of the Early Followers of Freud

Call It Sleep*[B]
Henry Roth
A Reprint of the
Classic Immigrant Novel

The Slow Breath of Stone:[B]
A Romanesque Love Story
Pamela Petro
[Fourth Estate]
A Modern Study of
the Romanesque Churches
in Southern France

Documents of the
Cornado Expedition, 1539 - 1542[B]
Richard and Shirley Cushing Flint, Editors
[Southern Methodist University Press]
Documents of the
1539 - 1542 Coronado Expedition
into Present-Day America

Falling for Reality[B]
Michael A. Zangardi
[Publish America]
A Novel on the Imaginary Meanies

Flea Circus
Antony Dunn
Contemporary English Poetry

Modern Maid
Christine Hamm
Contemporary English Poetry

Kaiser Sunset
Phil Ehrens
Contemporary Clinical Nightmare

Another Day of Life[G]
Ryszard Kapuscinski
[Harcourt Brace]
A Visit to the
Angolan Civil War, 1975

Sex the Measure of All Things
Jonathan Gathorne-Hardy
[Indiana University Press]
The Compleat Life of
the Famous Sexologist

The Writers of RALPH,
The Problems of the World,
Spelling Jackson Pollock
Carolyn Creedon,
Tina Louise Weber
Communication with RALPH
about Previous Articles and Reviews

Livestock Hotels:
America's Historic Stockyards
J'Nell L. Pate
[TCU Press]
Stockyards Revealed

Reading Lolita in Tehran
Azar Nafisi,
Read by Livette Lecat
Recorded Books Unabridged
Reading of the Contemporary Novel
of Life in Tehran

Roads to Forgotten Texas
Joyce Pounds Hardy (Poems)
Tommy LaVergne (Photographs)
[Texas Review Press]
Sentimental View of the Old Texas

The Oozing Cyst Blues
Milton Erickson,
Jay Haley
A Look at Psychological Solutions
for Self-Inflicted Pain

Italian masturbazione
Peter Finch
The Pros and Cons of Self-Abuse

The Manor and the Estate*
Isaac Bashevis Singer
[Terrace Books/ University of Wisconsin]
Novel about Late 19th Century
Jewish Life in Poland

Hannah Coulter
Wendell Berry
[Shoemaker & Hoard]
Novel about 1940s Farm Life in America

The Word-Consuming Thing
Charles Hopper Webb
Words and Feelings Realized

Issue #136
Early Fall, 2005

In the Grip of Avalanches
Jill Fredston
Terrible Avalanches
the Author Has Known

Midnight at the Dragon Café[B]
Judy Fong Bates
Love, Loss and Incest
in a Chinese Restaurant

Fats Waller:[B]
The Cheerful Little Earful
Alyn Shipton
The Life and Songs
of the Jazz Pianist

My True Story
Mende Nazer
[Public Affairs]
Growing up in Nubia,
Enslavement in Khartoum and London

Caliban's Shore:*
The Wreck of
the Grosvenor and the
Strange Fate of Her Survivors

Stephen Taylor
The Mesmerizing Tale of a
Ship-wreck from 200 Years Ago

Pushing the Limits:
New Adventures in Engineering
Henry Petroski
Curiosities of
an Engineering Life

Fifteen Stars
The Editors of RALPH
Fifteen Highly Rated Books
from the Past Two Years

More Ghost Towns of Texas
T. Lindsay Baker
Pictures and Histories of
Texas Towns Now Long-Gone

Ansel Adams
Seth Glickenhouse
U. S. Post Office Murals
Barbara E. Weems,
Richard B. Jordan,
Tracy Porter
Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews and Articles

Television and Murder
My Bloody Life
the Maoris
Katherine Senko,
Robert Stassen,
Carolyn Creedon
[More Letters]
Further Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles

Mrs. Caliban[G]
Rachel Ingalls
[Harvard Common]
Novel about a Visit from
the Friendly Green Giant

Paul Strand Photographs
Anne M. Lyden, Editor
[J. Paul Getty Museum]
Over Forty Strand Photos
(with Copy)

Edward Weston Photographs
Brett Abbott, Editor
[J. Paul Getty Museum
Over Forty Weston Photos
(with Copy)

Making Love to Lovely Lila
(Both of Us Aged 78 or so)
Isaac Wrangel
Love and the Ancients

Issue #137
Early Mid-Fall, 2005

The Gods Drink Whiskey:*[B]
Stumbling Towards Enlightenment in
the Land of the Tattered Buddhas

Stephen T. Asma
[Harper San Francisco]
Study of Life and Buddhism in
Contemporary Cambodia

A Room for the Summer:[B]
Adventure, Misadventure, and Seduction
in the Mines of the Coeur d'Alene

Fritz Wolff
Life in the Silver, Lead,
and Zinc Mines of Idaho --- 1950s

My Bloody Life:
The Making of a Latino King
Reymundo Sanchez
[Chicago Review Press]
Autobiography of a Gang-Banger in
the Streets of Chicago

Long Time Coming:[G]
Photographic Portrait Of America:

Michael Lesy, Editor [Norton]
400 Photographs of the Depression
From the Farm Security Administration

Good Faith
Jane Smiley,
Richard Poe, Reader
[Recorded Books Unabridged]
Novel of Real-Estate Sharks in the 1980s

Griffin & Sabine
An Extraordinary Correspondence
Nick Bantock
[Chronicle Books]
Tenth Anniversary Re-Issue of the
Classic Epistolary Novel

At Home with the Rich,
The Cathedral at Cuernavaca
George F. Kennan
Kennan's Memories of a
Visit to Mexico

Left Time
Dr. Phage
Thoughts on the Demonstrations
At the Recent G8 Meeting

Madame Spivy
A Fly for the Prosecution
The Other RALPH
Michael Pickering,
Barbara K. Ray
Andrew U
Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles Richie Havens

My Bloody Life
"A friend of the original group"
Carmen Cruz
[More Letters]
More Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles

Santo Cilauro, et. al.
[Overlook Press]
Travel Book about the
Obscure Middle South Eastern European Country

Washington Gone Crazy:
Senator Pat McCarran and
The Great American Communist Hunt

Michael J. Ybarra
History of the Anti-
Communist Senator from Nevada

Photographs from the
J. Paul Getty Museum

Judith Keller, Editor
[J. Paul Getty]
The Scandal Photographer Examined

Issue #138
Mid-Fall, 2005

African Sculpture
Warren Robbins
Richard Walters, Translator
Guide to African Sculpture in the United States

Testy Mail
The Editors of RALPH
Over a Dozen Letters that
Have Come into RALPH Concerning Our Reviews

Secret Lives of Common Birds[B]
Enjoying Bird Behavior Through the Seasons
Marie Read
[Houghton Mifflin]
Pictures of Common Birds

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man*[B]
James Joyce
Jim Norton, Reader
Reading of the Classic Bildungsroman

Waking Up America
The Possibility of an Earthy Enlightenment
Amidst All the Excess, the Stress,
The Pleasure and the Pain

Ken Taub
[White Cloud]
Ersatz Buddhism for America

Being Right Here*
A Dzogchen Treasure Text
of Nuden Dorje entitled
The Mirror of Clear Meaning

James Low
[Snow Lion]
40 Verses of the
Original Buddhist Teachings

Making Irish Stew
Jerome K. Jerome
Thoughts on Throwing Everything into the Pot

The Lives of the Kings and
Queens of England*
Antonia Fraser
Wanda McCaddon, Reader[Audio Editions]
A Thousand or So
Years of English Royalty

Carolyn Kizer
Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews

RALPH and Girls,
Parties, Cars, &ct.
Michael Pickering
[More Letters]
Additional Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews

James Low
My Bloody Life
Ruth Rickard, glen bisono
Isaiah Mendoz
[Even More Letters]
Further Correspondence about
Reviews (Or Lack of Them)

Just Enough Liebling
Classic Work by the Legendary
New Yorker Writer
A. J. Liebling
[North Point Press]
Essays by the New Yorker Writer

How to Make English Tea
(From the Thames)
Jerome K. Jerome
Selection from Three Men in a Boat

The 9th Amendment of
the U. S. Constitution
Robin Harris
Thoughts on "Strict Constuctivists"

A Funny Thing Happened
On My Way to Old Age
Life Changes After 50
Stanley C. Baldwin
Thoughts on Ageing by
the Christian Writer

How the Hero of France
Became a Convicted Traitor and
Changed the Course of History

Charles Williams
The Life of the
Ill-Fated President of
Vichy France

Skin Deep[G]
Tattoos, the Disappearing West,
Very Bad Men, and
My Deep Love for them All

Karol Griffin
The Lives and Loves
of a Tattoo Artist

Three Men in a Boat
(To Say Nothing of the Dog)
Jerome K. Jerome
Martin Jarvis, Reader
[Naxos AudioBooks]
The Classic Story of
Boating up the Thames

Percival Everett
Novel about a Black Cowpoke

Issue #139
Late Late Fall, 2005

Out of the Blue[B] A Journey Through The World's Oceans
Paul Horsman
[MIT Press]
Color Photographs and
Text from the Various Oceans

Small Island[B]
Andrea Levy
Novel about Black Jamaicans
in England during WWII

Firekeeper*[B] Selected Poems
Pattiann Rogers
Illusionist Poems from
the 21st Century

The Persistence of Memory[B]
Tony Eprile
A Novel about Jewish Life
in South Africa Before and During
the Truth Commission

Lost Christianities
Bart D. Ehrman
A Discussion of Which Christianity
Won Our During the First and Second Centuries

Lost Christianities*
The Battles for Scriptures and
The Faiths We Never Knew

Bart D. Ehrman
Extensive Examination of Documents
from 50 AD - 250 AD Concerning the
Origins of Modern Christianity

The Year All the Clowns Were Executed
Pattiann Rogers
Contemporary American Poetry

The Worst Hard Time
The Untold Story of Those
Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl

Timothy Egan
[Houghton Mifflin]
Life in the Dust Bowl 1930 - 1938

To Swat or Not to Swat
Robin D. Gill
[Paraverse Press]
Elegant Disquisition on
Flies and the Most Traditional
Japanese Poetry

A House at the Edge of Tears
Vénus Khoury-Ghata
Going Mad in Beirut
During the Civil War

All the Time In the World[G]
Hugo Williams
[Akadine/Common Reader]
Travel Book from
Forty Years Ago

Two American Blacks
And a Jamaican in WWII
Andrea Levy
American vs. Jamaican
Blacks in England, 1941 - 1945

Angry Letters to RALPH
My Bloody Life
Don Mussell
Craig Caudill
Marie M Collazo
Response to Previous Letters and
Reviews in RALPH

Contemporary American Pottery
Contemporary American Poetry
Benjamin Britten and the Nuns of Paoli
[More Letters]
Francisco Huneeus
Barbara J Gill
Kevin A. Hluch
More Responses to Previous
Letters and Reviews in RALPH

The Benefits of Chronic Pain
Darlene Cohen
A Discussion of the
Rewards of Pain

Poet Power[G]
The Complete Guide to
Getting Your Poetry Published
Thomas A. Williams

The Secret of M. Dulong
Colette Inez
True Story of an Orphan
Brought to the U. S. before WWII

Luke Swank
Modernist Photographer
Howard Bossen, Editor
[University of Pittsburgh Press]
Selected Examples (with Commentary) of the
20s and 30s Photographer[N]

Issue #140
Early Winter 2005 - 2006

Out of Your Mind*
Essential Listening from
The Alan Watts Audio Workshop

Alan Watts
[Sounds True]
Twelve Discs of Thoughts of
The Eastern Philosopher

Astronomical Enigmas
Life on Mars, The Star of Bethlehem &
Other Milky Way Mysteries

Mark Kidger
[Johns Hopkins]
Textbook on Natural and
Unnatural Phenomena

Goodbye Columbus and
Five Short Stories[B]
Philip Roth
[Library of America]
Early Works of the Famous Author

From Baghdad to Brooklyn[B]
Growing Up in a
Jewish-Arabic Family
In Midcentury America

Jack Marshall
[Coffee House Press]
Bildungsroman of a
Sephardic/Arabic Youth

Cry Ruth
Latino Kings
Dan Malone
Nancy Turbeville
Robin Gill
Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Articles and Reviews

Waking Up in America
Black Lips, Black Skin
Ken Taub
More Correspondence with RALPH
About Previous Articles and Reviews

How to Become a Saint
Nathanael West
Albert Camus
Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Carlos Amantea
Even More Correspondence about
Earlier Reviews and Letters

Master of the Sea*
José Sarney
Novel about Lives and
Fantasies of the Fishermen of Northern Brazil

Daring Steps Toward Fearlessness
The Three Vehicles of Buddhism
Ringu Tulku
[Snow Lion]
A Study of the
Three Main Schools of Buddhism

State Houses:
America's 50 State Houses
Susan Thrane
[Boston Mills Press]
An Illustrated Overview of
American State Capitols

The RALPH Top Hits 2005
The Editors of RALPH
Fifteen Articles, Readings, Reviews,
Letters and Poems that
Continue to Receive the Most Hits

The Psychotherapist is Always Late
Chloé's Triangles
Gaëtan Brulotte
David Tucker, Translator
Classic Reading on the
Paradox of Psychotherapy

Two Vestal Virgins
James Joyce
Two Dublin Women (with Prunes)
Atop Nelson's Pillar

Issue #141
Mid-Winter 2005 - 2006

Vendetta: FBI Hero Melvin Purvis's
War Against Crime, and J. Edgar Hoover's
War Against Him

Alston Purvis
[Public Affairs]
Biography of the FBI Agent
Who Shot Dillinger

The Blast
Alexander Berkman
[AK Press]
Reproduction of Articles from
The Anarchistic Magazine of 1916 - 1917

Making a Better World:
Public Housing, the Red Scare, and
The Direction of Modern Los Angeles

Don Parson
An Exhaustive Survey of Public Housing in L. A.
and How Anti-Communism Gummed It All Up

Consuming Visions[B]:
Mass Culture and the Lourdes Shrine
Suzanne K. Kaufman
[Cornell University Press]
How Lourdes Developed as
An Early Example of
The Consumer Culture

True Happiness[B]:
Cultivating a Life of
Unconditional Joy and the
Power to Benefit Others

Pema Chödrön
[Sounds True]
CDs Recorded During a RetreatA
t Gampo Abbey Monastery in Nova Scotia

The Coming Race[B]
Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Science Fiction from 1871

Knoxville Tennessee --- 1915
James Agee
Early 20th Century Nostalgia

Middle School Children and
My Bloody Life
Lolita Lark
The Effect of Realist Literature
On Junior High School Children

Birdsongs and
The Latino Kings
Thomas O'Rourke
Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles

State Capitols
A Geezer in Paradise
jane x anderson
[More Letters]
Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles

Prison Ashram Project
Letters from Prisoners
The Black Dog of Melancholia
Bo Lozoff
Kerrie Eyers
[Even More Letters]
More Correspondence with RALPH about
Previous Reviews and Articles

The Mordida
Carlos Amantea
[Article] Mexico and "The Poor Man's Lawyer"

Bertha Alyce[G]:
Mother exPosed
Gay Block
[University of New Mexico Press]
A Revealing Biography of Mother/
Daughter Angst

Spanish Places
B. E. Marsh
Living in 1960s Spain

Terrors of the Table:
The Curious History of Nutrition
Walter Gratzer
A Slightly Skewed History of
Food and Eating

The Memory Of Running*
Ron McLarty
Novel about Fat, Bicycles, and
A Mad Sister

Issue #142
Late Winter 2005

Sunday Afternoon on a
Highway in New Jersey
Cheryl B.
Poem about a Visit to
An Abortion Clinic

BBC's Bach Christmas
L. W. Milam
[Special Feature]
Commentary on the BBC's
Ten Day Bach Festival

The Sudden View
A Mexican Journey
Sybille Bedford
[Harper & Brothers]
Travel in Rustic Mexico
in the 1950s

Menis Koumandareas
[Dalkey Archive]
Novel about April-December Romance
in Modern Day Athens

The British Soldier
In india ---1750 - 1914

Richard Holmes
Letters and Articles about the
British Raj and the Common Soldier

Party in the Blitz
The English Years
Elias Canetti
[New Directions]
Memoirs of an Expatriate
in England During WWII

I, Fatty
Jerry Stahl
Novel Recreating the Life of
Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle

Revolution in the
Fourth Grade
Dr. Phage
[Article] Memories of Childhood
Revolutionary Activities

Edward Muybridge
O. J. Simpson
Paul Bowles
The Good Cripple
Kenneth Lisenbee
Steve Reiss
Correspondence with RALPH
Concerning Previous Articles and Reviews

The Hong Kong Blues
Saramago's The Double
Another Threat to Sue RALPH
Bob Phillips
Jacqueline Torres
More Correspondence with RALPH
Concerning Previous Articles and Reviews

Cho-Cho Pleas
Jack Stangle
Washington Gone Crazy
Russ Locascio
Betty Mile
Even More Correspondence with RALPH
Concerning Previous Articles and Reviews

Paul McCarthy Interview
Artist Interview
Thoughts of the Contemporary Artist

Mexican Bandits
Mexican Donkeys
Patzcuaro, Mexico
Sybille Bedford
Mexico as It Existed
Fifty Years Ago

New Poetry
Clare Pollard, Editor
[Pen & Ink Press ]
Nineteen Modern English Poets

Wall-to-Wall America[G]
Post Office Murals
In the Great Depression
Karal Ann Marling[Minnesota]
WPA Post Office Art

Issue #143
Late Late Winter 2005 - 2006

Opening the Door
to Bön
Latri Geshe Nyima Dakpa [Snow Lion]
History and Practice of
The Bön School of Buddhism

The Devil[B]
Leo Tolstoy
[Hesperus Classics]
A Russian Manor Lord
Caught in the Toils of Passion

Look at the Dark[B]
Nicholas Mosley
[Dalkey Archive]
Novel about a Weird and
Trying Retired Anthropologist

The Mammy*[B]
Brendan O'Carroll
Novel on Laughter and Tragedy
and the Family, Dublin --- 1976

The Sancy Blood Diamond
Power, Greed, and the Cursed History of
One of the World's Most Coveted Gems

Susan Ronald
European History and One of
the "Cursed" Jewels

The Disappearing Man
Ray Gonzalez
The Chaos of Modern Life

Roses are Red
Lord Gerald Berners
Posies and Noses

The Company of Ghosts
Lydie Salvayre
[Dalkey Archive]
Novel about Growing Up with
a Deranged Mother in France

The Death of Ivan Ilyich
Leo Tolstoy
Novel on Death and Dying
in 19th Century Russia

Maori Tattoos
Hessian Mercenaries &
The Civil War
Anne Woolfrey
Ron Longarelli
Letters to RALPH about
Previous Articles and Reviews

Hunter S. Thompson
Hugh Gregory Gallagher
Tim Wells
Keisha Little
Judy Richter
More Letters to RALPH about
Previous Articles and Reviews

Sybille Bedford
"Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer"
Maggie Butler
Bob Schuck
Even More Letters to RALPH about
Previous Articles and Reviews

Nudism, Multiple Personality Disorder
and the Hi-Rise Novel
Paul Magee
The Relationship between Nudism
and Modern Morals

Mexican Buses
Sybille Bedford
Writings about Mexico in the 1950s

Stephen T. Asma
Modern-day Cambodia

The Ballad of Reading Gaol
Oscar Wilde
[Two Rivers]
Modern Rendering of the
Wilde Poem

A Passion to Win
Sumner Redstone
[Random House]
Autobiography of the
Business Magnate

Waking the Dead
Cleo Wolfus
Anti-Zombie Group in the
Pacific Northwest

War and Peace
Nicholas Mosley
The Ineffable Strangeness
of the Current World

Establishing Congress
The Removal to Washington, D. C. and
The Election of 1800

Kenneth R. Bowling
Dondal R. Kennon,
The Move to the
District of Columbia in 1800

Issue #144
Early Early Spring 2006

In Defense of Animals:
The Second Wave
Peter Singer, Editor
[Blackwell Publishing]
PETA and Animal Abuse in the West

The Illustrated Art of War[B]
Sun Tzu
The 2,500 Year Old Manual on War,
Translated and Illustrated

Gustave Flaubert
[Hesperus Press]
The First Romantic Novel
of the Author of Madam Bovary

A Photographic Picture of
the Civil War
William C. Davis, Editor
[Little, Brown]
The First of the Great Wars in Photographs

Aquiles Nazoa
A Paean to Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Neruda, and Manuel Fauré

Don't Look Back*
Karin Fossum
A Wonderfully Grisly Murder Mystery
from Norway

Farm Motors:[G]
Practical Hints for Handy-men
J. Brownlee Davisson &
Leon Wilson Chase
Practical Farm Machinery for the Layman

Walter Gratzer
The Secret of Losing Weight

How to Analyze Slops
William Rathje and Cullen Murphy
What to Do When Faced with
a Mess of Old Pottage

My Bloody Life
Big Liars
Correspondence about Previous
Reviews and Articles in RALPH

Diabetes and 2DG
Dr. Phage
[More Letters]
More Correspondence about
Reviews and Readings in RALPH

Lincoln's Melancholy:
How Depression Challenged
A President and
Fueled His Greatness

Joshua Wolf Shenk
[Houghton Mifflin]
Some Thoughts on the Clinical Problems
of Our 16th President

That Sure Is My Little Dog
Eleanor Lerman
Modern American Poetry

My Vision
Leslie Seamans
Modern American Poetry

Fountain of Youth
Walter Gratzer
The Search for Eternal,
Chemical Youth

The Automobile is a Wheelchair
Pedro Reyes
Talk with the Modernist on Decay and Rebirth

Post-Soviet History Unfolds*
Eleanor Lerman
[Sarabande Books]
Contemporary American Poetry

Robin Harris
Cognition and Chance

What Goes Up:
The Uncensored History of
Modern Wall Street as Told by
The Bankers, Brokers, CEOs,
And Scoundrels Who
Made It Happen

Eric J. Weiner
[Little Brown]
200 CEOs, Investors,
and Mavens of Wall Street
Tell about the Last Fifty Years

Issue #145
Early Spring 2006

Doing the Tarantella at the Barnes Foundation
L. W. Milam
Memories of Classes at
the Famous Art Institute

Some Church[B]*
David Romtvedt
[Milkweed Editions]
Contemporary Poetry from Wyoming(!)

Exploring Haydn:[B]
A Listener's Guide to
Music's Boldest Innovator

David Hurwitz
[Amadeus Press]
Several Compositions of the
18th Century Master Examined

Boss Tweed:[B]
The Rise and Fall of
The Corrupt Pol Who Conceived
The Soul of Modern New York

Kenneth D. Ackerman
Carroll & Graf
Boss Tweed Examined
(with Microscope)

Travels with My Chicken
A Man and His Companion
Take to the Road

Martin Gurdon
[Lyons Press]
A Chicken-Head on the Road

The Periodic Table of the Couples
Douglas Cruickshank
What American Couples Do
(and Are)

Faith, Hope and Chastity
Jonathan Margolis
What Christianity Has Done
to the Orgasm

All the Fishes Come Home to Roost:
An American Misfit in India
Rachael Manija Brown
Trying to Grow Up in India
Neurotic and Lonely

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
G. Edward White
Biography of the
Supreme Court

Animal Rights
From Baghdad to Brooklyn
M. Butler
Jack Marshall
Letters to Ralph about Previous Reviews

Michael Bader
Anniversaries and RALPH
Elementary Education
Victor M. Ives
P. Hayes
Khalida Bhat
More Letters to RALPH
Aabout Previous Reviews

The War of the Worlds
James Newberry
Even More Letters
to RALPH about
Previous Reviews

The Wonderful One-Hoss Shay
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Peom about Inevitability

A Fractured Mind
My Life with
Multiple Personality Disorder

Robert B. Oxnam
MPD Discussed, at Length

David Romtvedt
The Meaning of the Stars
(in Wyoming)

At First Sight:[G]
Photography and The Smithsonian
Merry A. Foresta, Editor
[The Smithsonian Institution]
Great Photographs from the Smithsonian

Vipers' Tangle
François Mauriac
Loyola Classics
The Saga of a Rich, Bitter Man

Issue #146
Mid-Spring 2006

Beasts of No Nation
Uzodinma Iweala
Novel about a Boy Soldier of Africa
A Visit to the Morgue
Devin Carless
A Chance to Work in a Body Shop

The Making of an Ink-Stained Wretch[B]
Half a Century Pounding the Political Beat
Jules Witcover
[Johns Hopkins]
Confessions of a Life-Time Reporter

Leonard Wood[B]
Rough Rider, Surgeon,
Architect of American Imperialism

Jack McCallum
[New York University Press]
Biography of the Ambitious
American Colonial Officer

Lullaby of Birdland[B]
The Autobiography of
George Shearing

George Shearing
Autobiography of the Famed Piano Player

Encounters with the Invisible
Unseen Illness, Controversy,
and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dorothy Wall
[Southern Methodist University Press]
CFS Discussed (and Exposed)

Conversations on Consciousness
What the Best Minds Think
about the Brain, Free Will,
and What It Means to Be Human

Susan Blackmore
Interviews with the
Masters of Brain-Science

The Rise and Demise
of the British World Order
and the Lessons for Global Power

Niall Ferguson
[Basic Books]
A Quick (and Good) Summary
of British Imperialism

My Fundamentalist Education
A Memoir of a Divine Girlhood
Christine Rosen
Autobiography of One Raised
in the School of the Divine

Jennifer Michael Hecht
[University of Wisconsin Press]
Poem of Jokes

Talking with the Govenor
David Romtvedt
[Milkweed Editions]
Poem about State Fairs,
Poets, and Politics

Mother Meera
Beauty and Schizophrenia
Shambhavi Sarasvati
Hal Davis
Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews and Articles

Route 66
My Bloody Life
Lil Shorty
Tony Lombardo
More Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews and Articles

My Bloody LIfe
Da Princess
Even More Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Reviews and Articles

The Philosophy of Consciousness
Thomas Metzinger
Studying Consciousness and its Effect
on the Consciousness

Blue Days, Black Nights
Ron Nyswaner
A Confessional Autobiography
About Love and Drugs

Suicide and the Emergency Room
Ron Nyswaner
Revealing Episode of Attempted Suicide

The Tijuana Titanic
R. A. Fessenden
The Great Ship Sinking
(Just off Popotla)

Shooting Star
The Brief Arc of
Joe McCarthy
Tom Wicker
Short Biography of the

Issue #147
Late Late Spring 2006

Eighteen Hits
The Editors of RALPH
Our Choices of the Greatest Books
(and Recorded Books)
of Late 2005 - Early 2006

What Good Are the Arts?
John Carey
An Extended Disquisition
on the Place of the Arts
in Our Lives

Talking with the Turners[B]
Conversations with
Southern Folk Potters
Charles R. Mack
[University of South]
Recorded Interviews with
Great Southern Pot Makers

The Gateless Barrier[B]
Zen Comments on the
Mumonkan Zenkei Shibayama

Forty-Eight Zen Koans Explained

Confessions of
Forbidden Love
Tom Hathaway
[Dandelion Books]
An Extended (and Lascivious)
Treatise on Mother-Son Love

In the Company
Of the Courtesan
Sarah Dunant
[Random] Passion and Violence
in 16th Century Venice

Czech Food
John Banville
The Awfulness of
Dumplings Explained

The Enemy of God
Robert Daley
[Otto Penzler]
Perfecionism in Christian and Jewish Religion

W. Eugene Smith Interview]
Philippe Halsman
The Pittsburgh Project of 1957

Our Words Are No Longer
Engraved in Stone;
They're Graved In Light
R. R. Doister
The New Realities of Electronic Writing

Growing Old With Jesus
Stanley C. Baldwin
Response to Our Review of
Baldwin's Book On
Christianity and Aging

Ed Zern
Iridescent Light
Jill Hamilton
Betty Batchelor
[More Letters]
Additional Responses to
Previous Reviews in RALPH

RALPH and Lolita Lark
Alexandra Lind
[Even More Letters]
Further Correspondence with RALPH

Missing Person
Eleanor Lerman
Poem on a Lost Sister

The Life of
Samuel Johnson
James Boswell
Boswell's Take On Samuel Johnson's Nervous Tics

Dream Street[G]
W. Eugene Smith's
Pittsburgh Project
Sam Stephenson, Editor
Biography of the
Noted Photographer of the 1940s - 1950s

Surviving as a
Musician in Birkenau[G]
Szymon Laks
Life in a Concentration Camp

The New Holy Crusades
Mark Reich
Iraq, Inner Cities,
and Holy Wars

Two Years Before the Mast
And Other Voyages
Richard Henry Dana, Jr.
[Library of America]
The Classic Travel Book Revisited

Issue #148

Arizona Traveller's Handbook[G]
Bill Weir
An Ill-Found Appreciation of the 48th State

Why Keep Books
Carlos María Domínguez
Why Should We Keep Books
That We Have Already Read

The House of Paper
Carlos María Domínguez
Novel about Fanatic
Book Reader and Collector

And Be A Villain[B]
Rex Stout
[Audio Editions]
A Reading from a
Classic Nero Wolfe Mystery

Ferris Wheels[B]
An Illustrated History
Norman Anderson
[Popular Press]
Classic Norias Rediscovered

Sacco & Vanzetti[B]
John Davis, Editor
Letters on and
Articles about
the Famous Anarchists

Scabs and Leprosy
William Burroughs
Life in Lima, Peru, 1953

The Chrysler Building[G]
Creating a New Icon
Day by Day

David Stravitz
[Princeton Architectural]
The Building of the
New York City Icon

Monologue of a Dog
Ensnared in History
Wislawa Szymborska
Hitler's Dog

You Too Can Invest in
Foreign Real Estate
C. A. Amantea
The Pleasures and Pain of
Mexican Real Estate

L. W. Milam
Growing up with
Hurricanes as Old Friends

Javier Marías
Sir Michael Howard
Susan Wallis
Nigel Andrews
Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Articles
and Reviews

Maori Moko
Irene Hsi
[More Letters]
More Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Articles and Reviews

Round-Heeled Woman
Penny Clemson
Michael Shortt
[Even More Letters]
Even More Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Articles
and Reviews

A History of Reading[G]
Alberto Manguel
Writings about Reading

Edward R. Murrow
And the Birth of
Broadcast Journalism

Bob Edwards
[Tantor Media]
The First and Most Famous
Broadcast Journalist

Shostakovich Symphonies
and Concertos:
An Owner's Manual
David Hurwitz
[Amadeus Press]
A Brief on the
Fourteen Symphonies and
Concertoes of Dmitri Shostakovish

Monologue of a Dog*
Wislawa Szymborska
Poems from the Nobel Prize Winner

A Tale of Two Cities*
Charles Dickens
[Audio Partners]
Reading of the Novel of
Pre-Revolutionary London and Paris

A Few Words on the Soul
Wislawa Szymborska
The Soul Explained (Soulfully)

Issue #149
Mid-Summer 2006

Thirty-Three Hits
The Editors of RALPH
[List --- Part I]
The items in RALPH that Get the Most Hits

A Danish Photographer
of Idaho Indians:[B]
Benedicte Wrensted
Joanna C. Scherer, Editor
A Photographer from the Frontier ---
Early 1900s

The Autobiography of
Benjamin Franklin[B]
Benjamin Franklin
Fredd Wayne, Reader
[Audio Partners]
A Reading of the Original
American Autobiography

Black Farmers
In America[B]
John Francis Ficara,
[University Press of Kentucky]
Original Photographs of the Now-Vanishing
Black Independent Farmer

The Chocolate Soldier
P. J. Mierly
AIDS and the Military

Gravity, Outer Space
and Microsoft Word
Dr. Phage
Thoughts on Gravity, Disneyland,
and Computer Programs

William Faulkner
Javier Marías
The American Writer and
The Death of a Daughter

The Story of My Life:[G]
The Restored Classic
Helen Keller
The Famous Autobiography

Golda Meir
Louise Gluck's
The Seven Ages
William B. Hanegan
Richard Malmed
Letters in Response to
Previous Reviews in RALPH

Hiroyuki Itsuki "Tariki"
Fritz Wolff
Patricia Dumond
Miriam Solon
[More Letters]
Additional Correspondence with RALPH
about Previous Articles and Reviews

The Poem Death
George Washington and
Hessian Soldiers
Toufic Arab
Steven Trimmer
[Even More Letters]
Additional Correspondence with RALPH

Meditation in a
New York Minute
Super Calm for
The Super Busy

Mark Thornton
[Sounds True]
Fast Book on Quick Meditation Techniques

In Memory
of Hawks
And Other Stories
From Alaska

Irving Warner
[Pleasure Boat Studio]
Short Stories from the Wild

The Coming of Age
In Palo Alto
Christine Hamm
Poetry about Young America

The Art of
Rockefeller Center*
Christine Roussel
The Original Art in Rockefeller Center

The Woman
In the Row Behind
Françoise Dorner
[Other Press]
Adultery in the Streets of Paris

Cottage Water Systems*
An Out-of-the-City Guide To Pumps, Plumbing,
Water Purification, and Privies

Max Burns
[Cottage Life Books]
Water for the Out-of-City Dweller


[N]To be found under "New Listings"
[B]To be found under "Brief Reviews"
[G]Great Reviews of the Past
*Indicates a book that we found of especial merit

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