Darling, While You're Up Would You Get Me A Pencil Test
A Response to
The Review of
The X-Rated
Video Guide


REF: The X-Rated Video Guide

"Pencil Test" is, of course, the term animators use to refer to a hand drawn flipbook used to try out animation sequences.

How this relates to the porno industry is beyond me. Were you just trying to see if anyone was paying attention?

--- Phred445@aol.com



Dear Phred:

We here at RALPH never worry about whether people are paying attention, because, mostly, they never do.

This is the exact quote from the X-Rated Video Guide:

    PENCIL TEST: An objective method of determining the droopiness or sag in the female breast. The girl stands erect, back and shoulders to a wall. She raises one breast (or someone else does) and places a pencil under the breast. While continuing to hold the pencil by its end, the breast is allowed to fall. Then the pencil is released. If the pencil falls to the floor, breast-wise you have a firm little chickie.

The reviewer of the book states, further, and finally,

    Since I have a bit of puritan left in me, I was not eager to quote from this in RALPH. But, of course, since you sent in the question, it had to go in the next "Letters" column.

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