R  A  L  P  H
  The Review of Arts, Literature, Philosophy and the Humanities 
Volume XVII, Number 2 --- Late Summer, 1999

The Eads Bridge at St. Louis,
Assuming The Position, A Memoir of Hustling,
and the Zen of Pain

Still Life With Old Banana Nose
"A forerunner of minimalism, the still life
makes no pretension to grandeur, metaphysical statement,
symbolism, sex, or drama, but rather gives the viewer something else,
especially if he missed dinner."

The Architecture of Howard Van Doren Shaw
"When we read the ominous words --- demolished --- we grieve for
the American architectural past of leisure and luxury now, sadly, destroyed.
However, in the case of Shaw, we can do nothing but cheer...
He was the godzilla of the turn-of-the-century building boom."

Of Giants: Sex, Monsters, and the Middle Ages
"Giants, said Edmund Burke, represent tyranny, cruelty, injustice,
and every thing horrid and abominable.
How far we have travelled, says Cohen,
when the present day monster is a jolly green corporate emblem, assuring the consumers
that a certain brand of frozen vegetables is fresh and enticing.

Photographs from Airborne by Lois Greenfield,
Suicidal Poetry by a Disabled Writer,
and a Primer on Basic Buddhism

Dirty Artists and The Clean Rich:
The Horses Mouth

"...and didn't Manet and Monet talk about their theories of art
until the sky rained pink tears and the grass turned purple ---
didn't Pissarro chop the trees into little bits of glass.
And Seurat put his poor old mother through the sausage machine
and roll her into linoleum."

Our Sweet Old Lady of the Mountains --- Part III
"One time I heard Hubert Selby being interviewed on radio," I tell them.
"He said thinks our lives are made up of two things. 'The first is love. And the second is...'
He paused, and I thought for sure he would say 'hate,' but instead, he said, 'fear.'"

How to Deal with the Priests of the Apocalypse
"Being a birthright Seventh Day Adventist, a lapsed agnostic,
and a former intellectual, I don't scare easily anymore because
the Adventists practically invented and copyrighted the Apocalypse,
Armageddon, the End of the World, Food Nuttiness, and a lot of other screwy
but presently acceptable concepts."

The Man with the Moveless Hair
"Why doesn't our Government destroy all these terrible beasts?" sobbed our Miss B.,
who evidently believed firmly in the omnipresence of her government.
"Probably because our rulers save their powder for us, giving us the honor
of being considered more dangerous than the tigers,"
said the courtly Gulâb-Singh.

Fritz Zorn
"I am young and rich and educated,
and I'm unhappy, neurotic, and alone.''

From "Don Juan" by Lord Byron
How to Eat Your Fellow Passengers
"When the food runs out, they begin, as people will, to contemplate a meal
made up of their companions. First there is Don Juan's dog; then his tutor;
finally, they cast their eyes on "the master's mate" who ---fortunately for him ---
had developed a certain social disease in Cadiz which makes the others loathe to consume him."

All In Greeen My Love Went Riding
"Four tall stags at a green mountain/ the lucky hunter sang before.
All in green went my love riding/ on a great horse of gold/ into the silver dawn.
four lean hounds crouched low and smiling/ my heart fell dead before."

The X-Rated Video Guide
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