Responses to
Our Reviews
of Wasted
and Wind

To Ralph, etc.
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     You're an idiot.

Laura and Scott Marshall

Dear Ralph:

I was delighted to discover your fine publication on the Web. It was your use of Jerome K. Jerome's work which drew me in. Subsequent perusal of your other offerings urge me to inquire after a subscription to this fascinating journal. Please be so kind as to send information regarding this matter.

Thank you,


For a reading of Jerome K. Jerome, go to
RALPH Issue #I

Dear Ralph:

So much for your reviewer's "science puffery" theory about Jan DeBlieu's book Wind. It just won the John Burroughs Medal for excellence in natural history writing. Incidentally, Rachel Carson is a previous winner of this award.

Lissa Warren
Houghton Mifflin Co.

For our review of Wind, go to
RALPH Issue #R

To Ralph:

Your review of Wasted by Marya HornbachER is totally inaccurate.
For one thing you can not even get her name right.
I suggest that you re-read this selection, as you obviously missed the point.

Erin Malone
Middlesex University