Even Yet
Response to
Our Review
Of Wasted

Dear Ralph:

My friends told me to read your review of WASTED. I have read it. I would like to register my strongest complaint about the ignorance of your writer.
Where did you find such a hard-hearted creep? "Anorexia," in case you don't know, is a disease. We do not choose to do it. For you to make fun of our sickness is like making fun of an old lady in a walker who has fallen down in the street. We suffer from one of the most cruel diseases on earth --- a disease that doesn't let us enjoy what everyone else is stuffing in their mouths.
Are there no limits to your sick humor? In one of your articles about us (I couldn't find it in RALPH, thank the Lord, but my friend read it to me), you said that the "Anorexics of America are threatening to rise up and march on RALPH and do a Eat-In and then a Barf-In in front of our offices." That kind of talk is sick, mister, and you make me sick. I'd like to rub your nose in it, just like I do my dog when he makes a stinky mess on the rug. That's all you deserve, you sick-o.


Dear Colleagues!

I have familiarized with the information on your magazine placed in a network the Internet and has decided (solved) to send there clause. On all questions connected to its (her) contents and registration I ask to address on my e-mail :

Sincerely yours,

--- Dmitry Beloborodov
Chairman of Council
of Young Scientific
Tomsk State University

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